Last week Paulo and I celebrated our monthsary in Lipa. We almost tried eating in all the restaurants and cafes in Batangas City (I'm not kidding) and of course, those places that we constantly go back to are our favorite ones- Wanam sa Bukid (pancit wanam, yangchow rice, lumpiang shanghai & club house) being our most favorite. It was raining during that day and we don't know where to have our lunch (plus we're really hungry) so we decided to go to our favorite, "Fat grill". The foods in Fat grill are affordable and budget friendly knowing that they serve big servings. My favorite is their Krispy Kare- Kare while Paulo's favorite is Fat Boy's Liempo. After we had our lunch I told him that I want to go somewhere that we haven't go to in Lipa. I know there are a lot of places to go in Lipa as well as restaurants and food parks but the thing is that we're already full if we're going to eat again or we'll have to wait for like 3 hours for the food parks to open. Paulo told me to search in facebook some cafes in Lipa and I landed in Wizardy Cup Cafe page. It's a Harry Potter themed cafe located conveniently at the 2nd floor of NGC Plaza Building. 
I'm not really a fan of Harry Potter but this cafe was a surprise for me. I didn't expected it to look like this when we arrived. Of course, there were a lot of picture taking spots (There were no other customers that's why Paulo and I had the cafe all by ourselves) wherein you'll feel like, at some point, you're part of the Harry Potter story. They offered us costumes too (infairness, amoy bagong laba naman sya) para feel na feel talaga yung moment. Haha! One picture taking spot in the cafe reminded Paulo of his London experience last year. Ang lakas daw maka London ng cafe na yun. :)  
Thank you, love, for my cute bag. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. 
Of course we didn't went there just to take pictures (although we spent most of our time taking panoramas that Paulo wasn't able to ace when he's about to take mine huhu haha) we also ordered their best selling butterbeers and ham & cheese sandwiches. I love their butterbeer and I'm sure my partner loved it too. The ham & cheese sandwich tasted nothing special but it's justifiable for its price. We actually wanted to try more dishes from their menu (they're offering all day breakfast which surprised me!!) but we're still full from our lunch date. We'll make sure to be back and bring some friends with us the next time we go there. 
Pwede na bang endorser?? Haha! By the way, this is not a sponsored post. This is just something I wanted to post here on the blog because I liked on how our pictures turned out. Should Paulo and I start our food blog? or better yet, food vlog? You should see his reaction every time he eat and taste different pork and beef dishes versus his reaction every time I force him to eat veggies and fish!!! :P
I think we just started giving a try to this food blog and review thing. Comment down below your thoughts about it or any suggestions of any restaurants that we should check out! If you guys want to follow our food and road trip adventures, just click on SP Adventures from the categories on the sidebar or visit my instagram account and view my baboy highlights! Hahaha! We're always pigging out, literally! See you in my next posts! :)


Here's a new wish list that I made for this coming month. I'm currently eyeing a lot of urban boho apparels (hence the title) and I want to share with you some of my cute picks from Shein. :) I can't wait to style and play with the pieces I ordered in Shein. Visit their profile for more fashionable finds and discounts! :)
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Recently my eldest cousin informed me that she had chosen me to be her maid of honor on her wedding this coming November. I was surprised and overwhelmed to be taking a big responsibility on the most special day of her life. Being a maid of honor entails so many responsibilities. I have to be the head in planning the bridal shower, be her confidant in times when problems arise, help her in organizing the other stuffs in the absence of the groom and a wedding planner and most importantly lead the other bridesmaids- communicate and coordinate with them to make the whole event a success. Having said that, one of my responsibility is to help the bride choose the dresses of her bridesmaids. Choosing a dress and styling a look are the things that I personally love doing and I’m pretty sure that I can help my Ate Ghen (the bride) with those kinds of stuffs.

One brand that was recently introduced to me that I know could help me choose the most ideal bridesmaid dresses is Okdress. They have a wide range of dresses to choose - prom dresses, wedding dresses, homecoming dresses and wedding party dresses. Luckily one of their specialty is bridesmaid dresses. I’ve browsed the site and I have so many favorites because almost everything is beautiful. I didn’t know that ombre blue A line dresses look nice for a bridesmaid dress.

You can personally check out their website and pick your own preferred dresses. I already have my suggestions for the bride and I hope she’ll consider the designs that I picked. :) 

See you in my next posts! :)


As a blogger who's been keeping up a blog for almost 5 years now I think I probably am experienced or have an idea already in taking good pictures and posing for photos. A lot of people have been asking me since then on who take my pictures and to answer that question, if it's not my youngest brother who is always bribed to take my photos (HAHA!!) , it is my cousin who has the same passion as me. But now that I have Paulo who I know doesn't need a bribe to take my pictures because it's his passion daw (I don't know if he's doing this because he has a fashion blogger girlfriend and he has to do it? Haha) my blogging life became easier in getting really great shots (He's a pro!). But for these pictures that I had in my recent trip, it's not the brother nor the cousin nor the boyfriend who took these shots but no other than the best friend! Haha Yup, it's my bff! Let's see on how this shoot of us turned out and let me give you some tips on how to achieve those pictures for your blog! :)  
Let's start with posing. Tip # 1, try doing the stolen shot pose. Look up, turn right or turn left poses, look down you name it, people are so good in doing these poses haha! Let's take this look up pose as an example. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to look up and be blinded by the sun. Try getting a pair of sunnies and pose as if you're putting or removing it. This pose makes you look effortlessly chic and sexy.  
Tip # 2, try doing the sit like a madame pose. This is most applicable if the chair or couch that you're going to sit is cute enough to highlight and bring the shot in the next level. This is one of my favorite pose! :P 
Tip # 3, look thin/slim/short in pictures. One thing that I noticed is that taking pictures in a higher angle makes me look thinner or small. This is applicable both in standing pictures and selfies. As for this picture, standing between two large subjects in a picture can make you look thinner as well. Just remember to place the camera in your level, not too high nor too low.

Another tip for a thinner look is show your collar bones! Wear semi-plunging tops and dresses like this from Shein or an off shoulder top that will highlight your collar bones but will hide your arms. ;) 
In contrary to the third one, one best way to make you look taller in pictures is that shoot on a lower angle (Not below the knee shot because you'll end up looking big and not tall in the pictures) Another trick is that take a portrait shot to draw attention and focus on the subject instead of a landscape one. 
In order to take nice pictures you have to take risks and face some embarrassing moments. I'm really used to this already haha! When I was still in my first 3 years in blogging I'm really having a hard time shooting outfit pictures in public places because people were staring and sometimes laughing at what I was doing. But to tell you honestly, I have already overcame my fear of those stares and have the guts now to take my pictures anywhere as long as it's going to be worth it in the end. Try it with friends! It's going to be super fun! So for tip # 5, take risks for the gram! Noreen and I had quite a hard time shooting in the spiral rooftop stairs of Camp Netanya but was really satisfied on how the pictures turned out after. I mean, it's steep and I'm wearing a maxi dress but it doesn't matter anymore because I didn't slipped nor almost slipped anyway haha
Tip # 6, make the most out of the place. Since I was in Camp Netanya when we took these photos I didn't really had a hard time having nice pictures. I mean, you can just literally sit or stand in one place and you're good to go. Every spot is worth the picture and memory. Make the most out of it because you never know when you're going to go back again. Besides, you paid for it and always remember to keep yourself satisfied with what you paid for. ;)
Tip # 7. Aside from the poses and pictures that you're in it, allow a little space of your memory to occupy the beautiful scenic spots and details of the place. Try taking pictures in different angles and perspectives. Take post card picture-like photos. You'll never regret and always remember the beauty of the place that you went to. 
Tip # 8, Smile! Smiling and just merely enjoying the whole thing that you're doing is actually the key to a perfect instagram and blog picture. You don't have to be in that fierce look all the time. 
Tip # 9,  Wear something fancy. Fashion blogging and being an influencer thought me to dress up fearlessly. I discovered what style I'm into and what style flatters my body type. You all know how I love maxi dresses because it doesn't only accentuates my height but it makes me feel confident every time I wear it. I ordered this Shein floral maxi dress for our beach trip and I'm really glad on how it fitted me. Its fabric is 100% viscose and it's one of the comfiest dress I have in my closet. I also love the fact that my dress matches the place. You can avail this same dress by clicking checking out Shein's website. Thank you Shein for my dress
Dress from Shein- $29 or Php 1,450
If you're taking outfit shots or touristy shots here's my last and most important tip, get a 100% trusted and supportive friend who will patiently take your photos (even if it means climbing a tree to get a high angle shot or kneeling or even planking to get that low angle shot!!!) But guys, be sure to return the favor! :) I'm lucky I have my bff and for the first time that she took my pictures, I'm really happy and satisfied with the outcome! Well trained na after 500 plus pictures! HAHA Thank you, Noreen! 


Shopping is a passion of mine, I enjoy discovering extraordinary brands that not only simplify my life as a student, fashion blogger and of course passionate shopper. One thing that I cannot stand however is discovering great brands that do not deliver to my address. It can be pretty annoying to spend time browsing a website, filling your cart, only to get a red light when it’s time to pay.

Thanks to Parcel Forwarding Services, shoppers now have options, but finding a company that you can trust is the challenge. Using almost had saved a lot on shipment, free consolidation and storage added value etc. Recommended to those who liked to use and purchase original products from US and to ship other part of the world.....

Who is Parcel Forwarding Company and How Can It Help Me Shop?

 USgoBuy is a great US parcel forwarding service that gives a tax-free US address in Portland, Oregon and they don’t charge for storage till your 60 days are up. There is also no charge in the consolidation or for repackaging, making them one of the cheapest services available. However, they do charge $5 for 5 photos per package and their Buy For Me or Personal shopper service costs 10% of the item’s value which is reasonable when compared to other services.

  Currently USgoBuy ships via USPS, DHL, Aramex and FedEx; accepting payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Web money and My E-wallet to pay for fees online. When using Credit Card, you are given the estimate in USD however, the card itself is charged in CNY (Chinese Yuan), giving you a higher rate in FX fees. Interestingly, USGoBuy gives a high-level estimate of your shipment costs before consolidating & repackaging your goods. Once you’ve paid, they process your package and ship it, refunding any extra credit back to your payment method or e-Wallet account. Just for your info, there are only two ways to charge the E-wallet, one is through the Western Union, and the other is Wire Transfer.

Packaging done by their warehouse staff is the best I've seen and they carried out personalized instructions well. Their customer service is a little weak, though, and it can take a while to get your point across. You can see their reviews on TrustPilot where they maintain good ratings.
Interested in getting USA address? See more details

*This is a sponsored post for Usgobuy.