A super late post of my Holy Week 2013. I guess it is better to post this late than never, right?
I usually spend our Holy Week with the whole family including our relatives at my grand parents place. We sleep there for a day or two to have some family bonding and of course a time of meditation and reflection together.

Just a simple thought and realization:

Ang ganda pala talaga sa bukid namin. =))) I remembered before when I was a kid, I usually spend my whole summer in our bukid. It is where I experienced the simplest life when all I need to think is when will I swim, or when will I play or even when will I hike with my cousins. Naabutan ko pa yung time na the only means of transportation from the city to our bukid was a boat. It takes us 2 hours to reach the city from our bukid. I also remembered those times when the whole barrio doesn't have electric current nor lights. It's really hard especially at night.
As time passes by our place was being discovered and industrialized. Many people whether local or foreigners buy lots in our barrio. The biggest attraction that was built in our place was Monte Maria. It is where Fr. Suarez usually go to have his healing masses every Sundays. But Monte Maria was transferred now in Tagaytay. Beaches and resorts have dominate the place too. In fact my grandparents are living beside my tito/lolo's resort. There were many beautiful resorts in our place which until now has been continuing to develop and one of which is my Tito Danny's Kamantigue Resort.

Tingloy. I just love the view at the Monte Maria building rooftop. 
Look at my hair :) Thank you sun for making me experience this colored hair thing which my mom doesn't want me to have :(
Relatives and siblings! Look at them as they search and catch seashells and jellyfishes. 
Sheep by the beach. 

I guess I'm lucky enough to spend most of my summer days relaxing by the beach and watching the sun rise and sun set not far from home.

How was your summer? So far so good? :)

Last April 10 was definitely a long and tiring day for me. I woke up early because I took the entrance exam in LPU Batangas. The exam was not that hard that's why I found it easy to ace it! :) That day was also the start of enrollment for incoming freshmen students. My mom said that since we're already there why not I get enrolled right after. I was thinking during that time na "Gora na ang Dentistry. Keri naman ang 6 years ano? :(((. Give-up na ang Med-Tech?". Okay. I'll go for it! I know that after these years doctor na din ako sa wakas! Yes! =))) Sarap ng feeling. We went to the College of Dentistry office and was entertained by the Dean's secretary. I was curious then and asked her kung ilan ang graduates na Dentistry students this year. She said "5". OhmyGod! 5? I was alarmed. By that time nag fifill-up na ako ng forms. Wala ng bawian 'to. Okay, 5. Siguro naman after six years kasama ako sa gagraduates, diba? I know I can do this! I also asked her kung ilan na kaming naka enroll na Dentistry students. She said I was the 11th. OmyGod for the second time. WHAT?! and I asked her again, "Ilan po ang taga- SBC?" She said "Ikaw pa lang". For real?! I really need to adjust to the new environment. Good thing I already have one friend and also my classmate named Justine who's also a Dentistry student. Hayy, buti na lang. :) I guess Dentistry students will make it a group of 30 plus students, hopefully. :) Cross your fingers with me? 

After the enrollment we went to Mons' Dedication day. It was like Parents' Night plus Awards Night. I was inspired by the speeches of the Cum Laude graduates and Top-notchers of the CAMP ( College of Allied Medical Professions). Standing ovation for them. I was inspired to get a title when I graduate in College but I know it is not easy and will never be easy for a Dentistry student.
with one of my close friends, Yram. I saw her during the enrollment. Though she'll take up the course Medical Laboratory Science we'll still manage to bond together because we were enrolled in the same school.
I borrowed this sash from my cousin who just graduated as a Medical laboratory scientist earlier. I thought before that this will be my future. Since I was a kid whenever someone asks me what I want when I grow up
I'll tell them I want to be a DOCTOR someday. Why? Because I want to cure my own sickness. Even when I was in my third year HS, I already planned that when I go to college I'll take up Medical Laboratory Science as my pre-med course. When I was in 4th year, everything changed. Everyone influenced me especially my relatives. I have a tita who's a dentist. She told me to take up the course Dentistry because none of her 3 children took it and nobody will replace her. I was like, huh? You're giving me your job? I realized after that conversation that "why not grab the opportunity? It's a blessing!" My mom told me that it's a good sign and chance. I told myself that I guess I should grab it! Though I won't be the doctor I thought I would be, at least I will be a doctor I deserve to be. I should grab it and be thankful for God has given me a choice that I would never regret for He has better plans for me.
with the real owner of the sash and title, Ate Monique. Congrats! :)


During the morning we have all the time to shop for pasalubongs in Shenzhen, China. We went to a shopping place ( I don't know the name :( ) and I guess that's the most famous there because even though it's still early many Chinese and tourists flock there to shop and dine. The place is really meant for shoppers that's why I belong there. The place offers different clothes which are "in" right now. I love how the place looks because it looks like as if we were in Times Square, New York during that time. How I wish I could go there.

While the oldies were having their shopping we joined the crowd in playing the fruit slicer game. HAHAHA. We were all entertained. I hope there's something like this in the Philippines. It's really cute. ;) Spot ME!

After the shopping we went back to the hotel to pack-up our things. We had our mini pictorial first before we leave the hotel.

Mama with cousins
at the hotel's lobby. Thanks Green Tree Hotel :)

We took a bus in going to HK airport but before that we first went to the HK immigration. We arrived at the airport at around 4 pm. I took my outfit shots too in HK International Airport. Credits to my fashion sis&cousin Mimi for taking my outfit pictures.

How did we survived our 8 hours stay in the airport? Well, we did enjoyed lots of things. 

1. Posing beside foreigners. HAHAHA. Eto talaga. Super nakakaloka kami nina Mimi at Mama. Photobomb level 100001. I cannot post all the pictures here. Sobrang dami po :)))

2. EAT! :D
Blueberry and Banana muffins for dinner.

3. Take pictures and roam around.
So there's a shooting happening. I hope I was captured and featured in Hong Kong tvs. HAHAHA =))

After we were checked-in picture taking wasn't still over! I saw this sign and didn't have second thoughts in posing and taking picture in it.

The pictures say it all. Thank you so much Hong Kong. I love you. I will definitely go back there if I have again my savings.