Trick or Treat
My day started with an early trick or treat. I am always looking forward to events like these, not because I want candies or sweets (I'm too old for that, haha), but because I'm excited to see the decorations and costumes they have prepared. It's not everyday that you would see creepy faces roaming around the dark halls with matching spooky sound effects. It scares children who ask for candies. Hahaha! I also spotted some children who were dressed in their cutest costumes like the little fairy, lady bug and pink bunny. 

Girls' Day Out
During the afternoon my friends and I met at Maribelle Julieth's Cafe for lunch. It was actually an advance birthday celebration of our close friend, Yram. Too many throwback stories, laughter and kakiyan shared. I miss those! :) We ended the day by watching The Best of Me.
Thanks Faye and Yram!  It was indeed a day of fun again with my friends. 5 more days and I'm back to school again. :(


Well before you react, I'm already telling you, this is not a blog post about all the boys whom I've been in love with (Not that I would dedicate one whole post about my previous crushes! Haha) but rather about the book that I bought a few days ago. 

This book has got me when I was searching for an online chick flick book to read. I patiently waited for it to be out in the stores here in PH preferably in the bookstores nearby and when I saw it last Monday, I immediately bought it. There were only 2 stocks left! I'm lucky enough to score this book because it was so interesting (well, at least for me). I caught myself smiling while reading it because I can totally relate with some of the lines that I've read and I remember some of my friends who are very much related to the characters in the story. Haha :)

Here are some of the memorable lines from the book.

1. “Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That's the part of the risk. I don't want to be scared anymore.” 

2. “Life doesn't have to be so planned. Just roll with it and let it happen.” 

3. “When I write, I hold nothing back. I write like he'll never read it. Because he never will. Every secret thought, every careful observation, everything I've saved up inside me, I put it all in the letter."

4. “It wouldn't kill you to get out of your comfort zone a little bit.” 

5. "It feels strange to have spent so much time wishing for something, for someone, and then one day, suddenly, to just stop.” 

6. “Why is it so hard to say no to him? Is this what it's like to be in love with somebody?” 
How I wish this book has its part 2 or maybe turned into a movie. I just liked it that way!

Any books or movies you might want to suggest? :) Just comment below. Have a great day!

Top: Pull & Bear
Bag: Primadonna from Shobe :)
Sunnies: SM Accessories
Book: To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han


My sembreak started just right! :) It started with my debut followed by a number of parties I was invited to. 

Terry's 18th
Terry's party was celebrated a day after my debut. It was quite tiring because I still haven't recovered from mine (and for sure, my college friends also! haha) but because we're always on the go and in for parties, no one will dare miss it! And aside from that it's our close friend's very special night and we have to be there no matter what! :) #Truepa Haha  
See you next sem guys! :) I hope your plans will push through before sembreak ends!

Bea's 18th
A week after my party was my sister's. I used to call her 'SIS' since we were in Elementary. I don't know how it even started but I'm lucky to have met her. It has been a very very long time since we last met and we would always tell each other that we'll bond soon. Well, time and distance don't permit us. Good thing our parties brought us together again and finally, we're reunited! 
My sister threw an extraordinary and 'all-in' kind of party! She's definitely an all-out performer (dancer and singer at the same time!). We had a blast watching her perform all throughout the night as if she was having her real concert.  
My outfit of the night.
I was able to see and bond again with my Elementary and High School friends! Most of them had changed a lot, bloomed, matured and got prettier. It was indeed a night of pure fun! Thanks Sis for having me. :)

Mori's 1st 
The following day after I attended Bea's 18th, I went to my cousin's 1st Birthday. It was time for another family get together again. Yay!
There's just something with this little girl that makes me adore her so much. 


October 11, 2014 surely marked the best day of my life so far. I once had a dream of becoming a princess, a real princess, and for that one night I felt like I truly am with this magical celebration. 

To tell you honestly I was quite nervous because it was raining hard all throughout the day. I call and text my friends from time to time to check or ask them if they were already in the venue. I quite freaked out because I was thinking that maybe my guests won't be able to come due to bad weather. But then, when I arrived at the venue and had my grand entrance I was surprised to see that almost all my invited guests were able to come. Yey! It already made me so happy!
Just to share with you, the first time I went to this venue I already fell in love with the place. I think I was 7 or 8 back then. The ceiling, the lights, this garden reminds me so much of gods and goddesses, fairies and princesses. I told myself that I will not celebrate my 18th birthday if it wouldn't be held in this place! Haha! Sounds rude but this is how much I love it. Chez Amis didn't disappoint me though! They made my night truly a magical and unforgettable one. 
My very supportive cousins. I love how our outfits matched here! Told ya, pastel and candy colored outfits go well together! Haha :)

The program started with an opening prayer followed by my mom's welcoming remarks and finally, my grand entrance :)

It was followed by my 18 Roses. I chose the 18 closest guys to me which includes my friends and relatives. Someone's late though! :( Haha. Just kidding!

 18 Treasures... 

then the 18 Symbolic Gifts. It consists of my 18 closest High School and College friends. It was nice seeing them all in pastel and candy colored outfits. :) 

After dinner I changed into my cocktail dress and had my look changed. I had my second entrance and this time danced a production number with Batangas Fusion Dancers. I never thought that I would dance something like this in public! Hahaha :) 

My production number didn't end there! I was introduced by the emcee as a singer back then and I was asked to have a song number on the spot. Good thing I didn't got nervous. I started to sing my mom's favorite song, "Grow Old with You", went down the stage and found myself approaching her near the table where she was sitting. This was my favorite part and I became a little emotional during that moment.

My college friends also sang during that night. Nakarequest din naman! Haha :) They never failed me and I will always be their fan. 

18 Blogger Finds followed. It consists of my High School and College best friends as well as my girl cousins. 

The last but definitely not the least 18 list was the 18 Candles and Wishes which include my titas and lolas. 
Special thanks to my one and only Ate Ghen for having my cake sponsored. You don't know how much it meant to me. :) I love you.

And again, I want to acknowledge the presence of my friends and  family who came to this wonderful and magical event of mine. 

My family. All of this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't because of my mom. Thank you po!

My forever favorite trio! Haha. 

My High School girls. It was nice seeing all their pretty faces even though they're incomplete. :( 

My Dentistry family :)

My Dela Roca Family :)

and Bagon Family :)

And of course the program doesn't stop there! My debut ended with everyone's favorite part, the non-stop partyyyy partyyy!!!!

This event is definitely my favorite among all the days I had in my 18 years of existence. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to make this event a truly memorable one. I love you! :)

H&MU: Misty Culla
Invitations: Bell's Invitations
Photo Coverage and Photo Souvenirs: Precious Moment
Venue and Cater: Chez Amis Catering Services
Emcee: Lubrix "DJ Ryan" Bay
Cake Sponsor: Ate Ghen Dela Roca
Dancers: Batangas Fusion Dancers