Hi guys! This outfit post is inspired by Vegas. I haven't been to Vegas before but one thing that surely reminds me of it is its famous location at the center of the Mojave Desert. How hot could it possibly be there? I'm sure dressing up for Vegas wouldn't be as hard as I think because it feels summer all year round too here in the Philippines. For my #UltimateVegasOutfit I chose to wear my new off-shoulder top from The Sunshine Pixie. This breezy top is perfect to wear for a stroll in the city knowing that it can feel summer all throughout the day. On the other hand, I chose to pair this top with a bodycon skirt that gave an illusion of a sexier figure. Just a little tip, for a quick switch to night look don't forget to add some accessories such as a bold statement necklace and a pair of earrings for a touch of glitz and glam. Whether it may be a lunch at Lemongrass in Aria or dinner date at Caesars Palace hotel I'm good to go in my ideal day to night outfit in Vegas! How was it? :)
Follow and visit @thesunshinepixie instagram account to avail this top or you may personally visit their shop at South Avenue Boutique Lipa, Batangas for more fashionable finds!

Outfit Details
Top from The Sunshine Pixie (@thesunshinepixie)
Skirt from Naked Clothing PH
Backless Prom Dresses

This year's semestrial break is my favorite so far. I've got to explore different places with my family and friends, tried different cuisines, did some heavy activities, update my blog and work with different trusted brands. I'm lucky enough to be given the chance to do all of those things given that I only had 3 weeks to enjoy it. I can say that I had the best time juggling with all of those during sembreak.
These pictures above were taken during the first minute of sembreak- first minute because it happened during the last day of class for the 1st sem. Haha :) It was already late afternoon when we decided to go to Nuvali. It was unexpected again. The whole trip was pure fun. We made a lot of videos during that day. 
After two days prior to our trip to Nuvali, we went again to Nuvali for lunch. We had lunch at Tonkatsu and afterwards decided to ride the speedboat for a quick tour. I was with a bigger group this time and it was twice fun. :)
Our first family trip happened when we went on a day tour in Mabini Batangas. We were supposed to go to Camp Netanya but when we arrived there the resort was closed and under construction. We looked for an alternative resort and went to see the famous and most advertised resort, Eagle Point Resort. The place was really far from the city but it was impressively beautiful and serene. It's a must place to visit for those who want to relax and be stress free even just for days. 
Another fun spontaneous trip that we had last sembreak was our ranch trip to Tagaytay. We had Sky Ranch all by ourselves for the whole day because it was school days and there were very few people around. It was chilly too during that day and that made the whole south trip worthwhile. :) 
During the midweek of sembreak my YOLO friends and I decided to have a road trip to somewhere we still haven't go to as a group. We've decided to take the route to Ibaan and ended up in Laiya Batangas. It was a long and exciting trip because we heard many good things about the place especially the beaches it offer. When we got there the first resort that we went to was Virgin Beach resort. It was my suggestion to visit it and it didn't disappoint us. Just like what I see in the pictures, it has a vast shoreline and beautiful views that almost every spot is instagram worthy. We had our merienda there, a little tour and photo ops. If only everyone brought swimming attires I bet we would be able to enjoy more our stay and the beach. 
Here's to another catch-up date with my high school friend. She introduced me to so many make-up brands and lipsticks! We actually tried lots! From those pinky and girly shades to the dark and chocolate brown ones. 
For our last family trip during sembreak we went again to our favorite place to hang-out, Tagaytay. This time we're complete!!! :) We purposely went there to dine in Pamana Restaurant. This place is unique and will definitely catch everyone's attention. From the exterior and interior designs, table set-up, chandeliers, wall of memories, views from the roof top, ambiance- everything is perfect! I forgot to say they have the best Kare-Kare I've ever tasted! So far it is my favorite restaurant and if you happen to go to Tagaytay I recommend you to try it. :)
Lastly this sembreak wouldn't be complete without a visit to a new church. We went to Nasugbu to visit Calereuga. The place was beautiful and serene but we had  a limited time exploring the place because it was late afternoon already.  We waited for the sunset before we leave and I must say that next to Monte Maria, it has the second best sunset I've seen. I will definitely go back again to this place.  :)


One of the few things that I know everyone's looking forward to is  Holiday shopping! With the new trends and collections coming, I'm sure everyone's going crazy about it. I always check online what's new and what's on sale in my favorite US brands. I know many countries have already established some US brands but still, the stocks are either limited or old. The best way to shop and get what you want from any US brands is of course through online shopping. I'm guilty of online shopping but I guess it's the easiest way and it works better for me. Don't you just love going on a holiday shopping without any hassle- long lanes, you name it! in just few clicks. :) If you're like me who loves shopping online fret no more because USGoBuy is here to help us. USGoBuy.com is the largest and most reliable package forwarding agency in USA, serving more than 200,000 customers in over 200 countries. They serve a wide range of clients from multi-national corporations to individuals on every continent. Their customers rely on their expertise to ensure their items are shipped quickly, safely and in the most cost-effective manner possible.
I know shipping can be pricey but of course, you'll get what you pay for. If you happen to like and purchase something from any US brands don't worry about the shipment and try USGoBuy. They're currently have shipping fee discounts. You better check out their site: http://www.usgobuy.com/

Monochrome, black and white, basics- you name it!! these are the trends I'm currently obsessed with. In partnership with Dresslink, I have compiled all the pieces that I love from their store and turned it into an early Christmas wish list. I have worked with them before and made two different looks-- Blair Waldorf and Rocking the Sweater Weather. I love my online shopping experience here. They have the most affordable yet of good quality products and they ship just on time. I chose two completely different set of outfits for the upcoming holidays.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
The first set is the outfit I'll never get to wear here in the Philippines except for the hat and bag. Daydreaming of autumn and winter again. *sighs*
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
This second set of outfit is definitely my style-- floppy hat, floral prints, dress, fringes and boots!! You probably know now that I picked my orders from this set. What are your guesses? :)
Backless Prom Dresses
I'm officially back to school!!! 2 weeks of vacation is over but I can say that so far this is the best sembreak that I had. Not only because I was able to go on adventures nor have more time with my blog. It's because I felt that I became closer to my family especially to my siblings. My sembreak was basically spent with my two younger brothers. I realized how fast time flies and that they aren't my baby brothers anymore. From having those silly conversations now we talk and share opinions about more serious matters. We talked about his love life! Could you believe that? My brother has a love life, take note- not a crush life while me, on the other hand, don't have anyone to talk about except for my high school crush who's still my crush until now. Haha! At least I'm faithful :P I'll tell you more of our adventures in my next post. :)
Can you still remember the challenge I'm up to- the neutral-monochrome styling? I'm still doing it! It's funny that for once in my life I get consistent in a dressing/styling challenge because I'm taking it seriously. Haha! For this look I opted to wear an outfit that defines my style-girly.  For my top, I chose to wear this turtle neck cropped top that I'm currently obsessed with. It was a perfect match for the humid weather during our whole day in Tagaytay. For the bottoms, I wore this black and white skirt which I got from Ma Shee Closet. From the three items that I got from this store (you can see the two items here) this skirt is my favorite. I was impressed with the quality and the texture plus the length is just perfect. I got if for only Php 475/ $10.15. If you want to get yours too check out MaShee Closet's instagram page (@masheecloset) or you can vibe them too. 

Outfit Details
Skirt from MaShee Closet
Bag from Newdress
Shoes from Parisian


Happy Halloween everyone! How are you guys doing? I'm excited for tonight's Halloween trick or treat with my cousins but I still haven't figure out who I'm going to mimick for tonight. I guess I'll prepare again during the last minute just like last year. Anyway, there are certain things that are currently making me happy and let me share to you some of it. :)
SEMBREAK. Who doesn't love semestrial break? Who doesn't want to take a break from all the stress school works bring? Sembreak is the root of my happiness at the moment and I still don't want it to end. I heard that school will start again on November 4 this week and even though I demand and scream for an extension it will still resume on the 4th. Sembreak, thank you and I'm going to miss you. <3 
GALAS and ADVENTURES. I noticed that I've been through a lot of unplanned trips this sembreak. If you're following me on instagram you will see me post all my current galas for that day. Whether it may be beach trips or highland trips, I've been to both. These photos are actually from one of my recent trip in Tagaytay with my cousins. It's my favorite hang-out place because of its cold weather and the vast and beautiful sceneries it has. I have more to discover of this place and hopefully before this short break ends, I can explore the other hidden gems it has to offer. 
BLOGGING. I missed blogging. I miss having some free time for my blog. I missed reading and answering comments and e-mails. Thankfully, sembreak gave me all the time to focus and blog every single day. I'm sure my blog will not experience a hiatus anymore because I have a nice schedule this second semester. Another thing is that, I'm really happy to be blessed with new collaborations and sponsorships. I'm just glad that I'm officially back! :) 
GRADES. Although the grades that I received are not as high compared to the previous semesters I'm still happy and thankful to be reaping all of the fruits of my hardworks. I'm no dean's lister anymore but I'm really happy that I survived the hardest semester so far in my college life. :)

Outfit Details
Top from New Look
Cardigan from H&M
Shoes from Nike