I've been seeing a lot of denim on denim outfits on other blogs and been wanting to pull off my own version of it. But honestly speaking, how will I style my own if I don't have the essential denim top that everyone has. Hahaha! Thank God Banggood heard me and sent me over this denim top. I like how versatile a denim top is and how I can style it in many ways like denim top + printed shorts + sandals for a casual chic look, denim top + tulle skirt + heels for a classy look, cap + denim top + leather pants + kicks for a laidback look. The possibilities are endless! For this outfit I used to take the denim on denim sporty look. I paired two different denim pieces such as the top and shorts and wore a pair of kicks to complete the look. I thought of using it as a shirt-wrap too which made the waist area look eye-catching. How was it? :)

Outfit details:

Denim top: Banggood
Shorts: Giordano
Shoes: Roshe Run (borrowed from my bro)
Bag: Yadu


I’ve always loved dressing up since I was a kid and would always search for beautiful dresses online. I would save pictures and imagine myself wearing those. I bet I’m not the only one doing it, am I? :) When I came across an online shop named Landybridal I instantly fell in love with their collections. I'm sure my daydreams would come into a reality now that i found this! They have a variety of dresses for different occasions that you can choose from. My favorite would be their homecoming dresses. They have inexpensive homecoming dresses with different styles that you will surely like. I personally like their two piece set and here are some of my favorites from their cheap homecoming dresses 2015.


It's been 2 weeks already since my summer ended and all I can say is that I badly miss it already :( I'm now back to school as a First Year Dental Proper student and I'm currently in the stage of adjustment. I felt like I joined a Do or Die thing with my course! The first week was stressful already. My classes are from Tuesday to Saturday and from 7am-8pm which is really tiring. We did so many drawings and had several quizzes already. The expenses in books and dental materials are freaking expensive!!! My books cost a pair of Valentino studded heels already this semester. Haha! Can I rant again? I'm already physically and mentally drained during the first week! 

Nevertheless, I'm more motivated to do my best in everything that I do and work hard for my dreams. Just like what my professor told me, "If you dream, you dream big!"

For those of you who are having their summer now, make the most out of it and definitely enjoy it while it lasts! :)

PS. Good thing I have my blog! Updating it & reading your comments during my spare time reduces my stress. Thank you guys! :)


Hi to my readers especially to the bride-to-be's! :) Your wedding day is one of the best day to be remembered and that goes to show that it is one of those important days wherein you need to dress up to your best.  Today, let me be your fairy god mother and give you an idea of what to wear. Just like what Coco Chanel quoted, "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous." I've always been in love with the brands that I promote here on my blog. When I visited and looked at their site my eyes were glued to all the beautiful dresses that greeted me! CocoMelody surely has these 2 characteristics that I am talking about. They have a wide range of sophisticated and sleek dresses that you'll surely love for affordable prices. Some of these are the lace wedding dresses with sleeves and mermaid wedding dresses 2015This one has got to be one of my favorite and I recommend you to visit it! Here are some of my selections from their site. 

Don't forget to check out their items! :)


Most of you are currently in summer high and are fully enjoying your summer vacation. But we all know that summer season isn’t long enough and eventually, it just have to end. Apparently those bikinis and crop tops that you wear will be one of those pieces that you have to keep again in your closet and eventually prepare for the next season which is fall. What's more exciting than to shop and stock your closet with beautiful pieces of hoodies & coats and leather bags for women (link)!

Be fall & winter ready with Ericdress (link) cheap coats online (link), cheap winter coats (linkand cool hoodies (link)! :) Aside from that they also have cheap leather bags (linkwith various sizes and designs that you will surely like. Check these items out!  

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1 // 2 // 3 // 4


Hi guys! I've teamed-up with a Hungarian fashion blogger, Flora Bugan of La Papillon Noire, and came up with a blog interview for you to get to know us more and our perspective about fashion. 

Why did you start your blog and what is your main goal with it?
-    I started my blog as an online diary when I was 16. Because of my love for fashion I decided to enter the world of fashion blogging and now, I’m really enjoying it. My main goal is to inspire others through my words, experiences and style.  

What's your favorite item of your closet?
-         I actually don’t have a favorite item in my closet because I like everything in it but I have this denim shorts which I overuse.

How could you describe your style?
-          I always prefer the comfortable yet still stylish look. I also go for the preppy look that’s why I have a lot of pastels, prints and girly pieces in my closet.

What's your biggest dream?
 My biggest dream is to become a successful dentist in the future. 

Who has been inspiring you recently?
My new crush? Haha! :)

Who're your favorite bloggers?
Nicole Andersson and Camille Co

What does your family think about your blog? Do they follow it?
Yes. They are supportive and they actually make my blog team. Haha!

Have you ever thought to stop it? What motivates you to continue blogging?
I stopped for 3 months but decided to be back because fashion and writing are my passions. 

Have you got any designer clothes or do you prefer to pay attention to young designers?
 I have some designer clothes but only have a few. 
I don't think I’m already capable of buying more designer clothes since 
I still don't have my own job.

What is your idea of the perfect day and how do you want to live your life later?
Starting my day with a prayer makes it a perfect one. 
I want to be successful in my field and fulfill my dreams and that of my mom's.

What do you think are your three best qualities?
Being optimistic, confident and brave. I don't want to be afraid so I take risks.

Who is your idol?
When it comes to fashion one of my style icon would be Serena van der Woodsen. 
This outfit is inspired by her-- shiny top, prints, vest and big bag. :)


If you’re into skincare like I am, you’ve probably seen the flood of BB creams and CC creams that have hit the market in recent years. It just goes to show you how far women will go to cover up dark spots and age spots on the face. Cover-up creams are a great part of any skin regimen, but there’s also a big role for reversing the age spots deep down in the skin.

Melarase AM intensive skin brightener is a perfect starting point if you want to temporarily ditch the BB/CC creams and opt for some serious skin correction.
Key Ingredients: Kojic acid, Mulberry root extract, Bearberry leaf extract, Licorice extract, and Avobenzone (UV-A and UV-B sunblock), Octinoxate (UV-A and UV-B sunblock), Octisalate (UV-A and UV-B sunblock) , and Oxybenzone (UV-A and UV-B sunblock).

What It Is: Melarase AM intensive skin brightener combines natural non-Hydroquinone skin lighteners with four active sunblocks to lighten existing skin discoloration and halt the progression of pigmentation brought on by sun exposure.

Why We Like It: With so many clinical advancements in skincare, who wants to just cover up dark spots anymore. We like the idea of getting to the root of skin discoloration rather than just covering it up with foundation and concealers. Melarase AM is unique in that it is formulated with non-Hydroquinone skin lighteners and advanced sunblocks. Combination products are always ideal for women on-the-go. Easy to use, has a neutral scent, and can correct and prevent skin discoloration all in one morning application.

Directions: Melarase AM can be applied on individual sunspots, but you’d go a long way by just applying on the entire face. One application in the morning can help reverse existing skin discoloration and prevent sun-induced pigmentation.  

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Kare MD Skin Health.


Last Saturday I attend the 9th installment of Bloggers United at Whitespace, Makati. I started attending BU during its 5th installment and never thought I'd still attend until the 9th. This year's Bloggers United was sponsored by SMART & so far it was the best that I had attended! 

For those of you who doesn't know BU, it is a bloggers bazaar participated by the popular local bloggers in PH. They sell most of their pre-loved & brand new stuffs for really low prices & at the same time interact with their readers. I really enjoyed the whole event-- Scored fashionable finds at my favorite bloggers' booths plus have  pictures taken with them & the #SmartAlwaysIn Barkada, free mocktails in c/o of Smart Social Bar & freebies from iflix & OLX. 

Here are my pictures with some of the bloggers and SMART Barkada. :)
Jacob Benedicto & AJ Dee // Arnold Van Opstal // Cher Lui Pio & Dani Barretto // Vern & Verniece Enciso // The Plump Pinays // Patricia Prieto & Janeena Chan // David Guison // Laureen & Kryz Uy // Nicole Andersson // Camille Co

Special thanks to Smart for making BU9 such a cool event!!! I really enjoyed it & I'm looking forward to the next BU. Hopefully it will be sponsored by Smart again. Haha! :)