Here's to my last post for the year 2013! A recap of the events that happened this December. :)

Midnight Memories: Album Launch for a Cause.  Got to experience again fan girling during the second day of December. Sorry not sorry because it's One Direction :)
Bloggers United 6. I had a blast again and was very thankful to my cousins and my mom for being with me and supporting me in all my kaartehan. It was my second time and all i can say is that it gets better and bigger the next time around. If you're like me don't let the next BU pass because you might miss alot! :)    
Pictures of my pretty mom and lola during our friend's wedding. 
ICAP Christmas Caroling. Last December 19 ICAP or my alma mater's choir hosted a Christmas Carol. My youngest brother was one of the guitarist and I couldn't be more proud of him. My brothers are really active when it comes to these things and I'm the opposite of them because I didn't join any organization like this when I was still in Elem and HS. Medyo nakakapagsisi </3 Anyway destined na talaga ako maging stage sister. Hahaha :)))
Last day of school for this year.  Time really flies fast. In just 3 months school is about to end again meaning Pre Dental 2 na ako! :)) But before that I need first to face the upcoming hell weeks full of reports and exams when I get back in school this January 6. Actually hinihintay na ako ng Pol Sci report ko. Huhuhu. But somehow I already want to see and be with my crazy classmates again that's why excited na ako pumasok! Can you believe that? Minsan ko lang 'to sabihin sa buong buhay ko and yes, naeexcite ako pumasok. 
These shirts got my attention while I was roaming around the mall. These reminded me of my Pre-Dent classmates (pertaining to the BOYS!) Selfie and OOTD for AJ, Food Porn for Kurt and Photo Bomb for Daryl. Hahaha :) Happy New Year guys! :P
with my handsome brothers :P
Tasted like heaven. Tis the season to gain more fats and to regret after. :'(
Christmas Break: Bonding around the Metro. It's more fun to bond without oldies around. Joke! :) Tried to be independent for a day with my siblings and cousins. Nothing bad happened and it was again a blast!
Swensen's. Got to try Swensen's again but this time with my siblings and cousins. The more the merrier :P Can't wait to go back and try the other desserts they have in store.
Christmas 2013. I spent my Christmas with my Dela Roca and Manalo Family. It was indeed fun to be with them both. Thank you to all my relatives who gave and sent me papaskos. You made my Christmas extra special. Hahaha :)
Christmas Break: Sky Ranch and Nuvali. And for the last gala for 2013, here's to our craziest trip in Tagaytay and Laguna! :)) Lolo Pascual and Lola Moning's family is finally complete after 2763849 years! :) It's one of the books, I swear! I literally had FUN and enjoyed every moment with them because i know that this bonding might not happen again soon because everyone will be busy again and some may need to leave for work in other countries. I'll be posting more of this trip before my first day in school starts. 
Day to Night OOTD :) I was wearing boots in Sky Ranch during the day and changed into closed flat shoes during the night while strolling with my cousins in Nuvali and Paseo.
Dela Roca Christmas Party. It's that time of the year again to celebrate and party with the whole Dela Roca clan. It was good to see that there were new faces added in the family.  More babies equals more blessings! :) Thank you to my monita, Ericka, for giving me in advance a gift that i can rock and experiment with this coming summer 2014. It was really unexpected. Hahaha. And to my clingy cousins who kept on taking selfies and pictures, teasing and calling me "Laureen Uy" after you saw me in my outfit, "HI!". Hahahaha. Blogger na blogger ang peg ko that night! 

In just a few hours 2013 is about to end! As I always say "Time flies so fast" and we can't do anything to make it slow down. All we have to do is cherish every moment that we have especially with the persons we truly value the most. Happy New Year in advance! May you have a prosperous and bountiful year ahead! :) 

Christmas day went really fast for us. Let's just say it happend in just one click without even knowing what really happened in that one click. Ano daw? Hahahaha. In short, super bilis ng pasko at hindi ko masyado na feel. Yun. :) Anyway all I did last Christmas was lay on bed and talked about the most random stuffs on earth with my dear cousins. After going in 2 houses tambay mode na ulit kami. That's how i spent my Christmas. :)))) Nothing really special but hey, to all those who gave me papasko thank you so much! You guys really made me happy! :) Thank you so much to all my godparents, relatives and of course my parents for the papaskos! 

Sharing with you a little of our paskuhan through these pictures.

This second set of pictures is our little photo shoot. I hope you don't mind if I wasn't able to take detailed outfit shots. :( I seriously took lots but most of it were fail so i've decided not to post anymore a separate blog post for it.

Tank top from Forever21, Mint acid washed pants from Ghen :), Scarf from SM Accessories, Mint satchel from Tomato and Flip flops from Havaianas

and here's to the funny story behind the mini photo shoot we had last Christmas :))) It's actually fun to do some shoots along the road but it was humiliating though everytime vehicles pass by. Ninja moves mode!!!  Hahahaha. My brother even managed to take a video of us running when we heard a vehicle approaching. I uploaded it in my instagram account. Pang best vines talaga yung peg. :))) 

Christmas is the time of giving and receiving blessings. Thank you to all those who remember me. Thank you again for the gifts and red envelopes! Hahahaha. I really had a great time spending my Christmas with the whole family. We're almost complete this year except for one. :( Anyway, thanks also to that one person who made my Christmas extra special. Hahaha :))) 


Christmas has gone so fast and in just a few days 2013 will be replaced by 2014! 

Anyway, these pictures were all taken before Christmas day when my cousins, siblings and i had a one whole day bonding around the metro. We bought some goodies for the coming Christmas and right after a little shopping we thought of having a sundae party. We went in Cold Stone but because it was fully occupied we looked for an alternative ice cream shoppe and found Swensen's. This ice cream parlor is cozy and girly. A good place for birthdays and parties! :) We weren't disappointed with our orders because all of those tasted really good. Definitely worth it and a must try! :)

I can't wait to spend my whole day again tomorrow with the whole family! More bonding moments and adventures before 2013 ends. :)

It's 6 days before 2014 strike! Have you made your New Year's resolutions already? :) 
Happy Holidays! :)