Our third and last full day in Taiwan was spent in the Northern coast of Taipei. The weather in Taipei during that day was not that favorable as it was raining. It was also the coldest day among our three full days because aside from the fact that it rained, the temperature started to drop making it around 10-15 degrees in Taipei. We looked like walking minions during the whole tour because of the raincoats that we were wearing. Our last day could have been more fun if it wasn't raining but all in all we still enjoyed the scenic spots that we went to. :)
First Stop: UFO Village. I don't know where my pictures are!!! Maybe it's with my cousins but yes, we did went to that place. Our tour guide told us that soldiers once lived in that place who already abandoned it. I'll ask my pictures in that place. It might be in any of my cousins' phones.
Second Stop: Yehliu Geo Park. This is one of the attractions I look forward the most in our third day. A lot of people before we went to Taiwan told me that it's one of Taipei's most loved attraction and I should pay a visit to the place before I leave the country. Yehliu didn't disappoint my expectations! The place is really beautiful but we could have appreciated it more if (again) the weather cooperated. It was very windy (Ang lamig!!) and it was drizzling. You all know my family and you know that nothing can't stop us from exploring the whole place. Rain or shine we were able to enjoy Yehliu! :)  
Thank you Zaful for my super cute beanie! I don't usually wear one because I feel like I look extra cuter (chubbier) but because it's way too cold I have no choice but to wear my cutest purchase in Zaful. You can get it for only $10 USD.   
Third Stop: Shifen Lantern Street. I think this is the main highlight of our third day. We purposely went to this place to fly a sky lantern. Haha! Does it make justice to the long drive?? Definitely yes! We availed a 4 colored lantern for $200 (?) wherein we wrote our own wishes for this year! Do you know what I wished for??? Well, it'll just stay between me and Taiwan! Hahaha! I hope all those wishes will come true in God's perfect time! :)
Fourth Stop: Shifen Waterfalls. It took us some ups and downs and hikes to get to Shifen waterfalls. It was quite far from the parking area and the way through there was quite slippery since it's raining. We passed by a hanging bridge which I wasn't able to take a picture because the rain started pouring again and I was so focused walking on it because I'm afraid of crossing bridges!!! There were also different fruit stands on our way to Shifen and I've seen the biggest "atis" that I've seen in my whole life. Hahaha!  
Last Stop: Jiufen Old Street. Another iconic spot in Taiwan and is famous for all the street foods and souvenirs is Jiufen Old Street. It was super duper cold when we went here that I forced my brother to lend me his gloves because I left mine. Just a little story, you all know how I've always been prepared with all my outfits days (or even months) before we leave for Taiwan. I had all my outfits ready for each day so that I'll not take up too much time deciding which clothes to match during our stay. BUT, the "changes" person in me started to eat me up and decided last minute to leave my parka coat and gloves in the hotel because "I had a thought that it would be very hassle to wear such coat and wear such gloves in the middle of a hassle day." And yes, it's one thing I regret the most during our vacation. I was so ready but in the end I begged to have someone lend me their own gloves! Same as during the second day. I thought it wouldn't be cold during that day so I decided to leave my coat in our tour van because, yes, according to my weather app the temperature is manageable but boyyyy, it started to get cold during mid afternoon and I really regret I didn't bring my coat with me! I learned my lesson already- Wear whatever you prepare!!!
Taiwan is a haven for foodies like me and Mimi! We didn't wasted any single time eating whatever we find appealing. Seriously, I loved everything that I tried in Taiwan. From the Asian buffet in our hotel down to the little food stands in random streets, everything is just so yummy! There were a lot of free tastes too and dahil dun mabubuhay na talaga ako! Haha! I loved the foods more in Taiwan compared to when were in Hong Kong wherein I've been very picky what to eat because of some unexpected circumstances that happened to me and my mom (You all know what I mean!). I really want to go back!!! 
I felt really bad and sick when I was in Taoyuan airport and this parka was the only thing that I have to keep me warm and comfy. I'm really thankful I have this. I was able to sleep well and arrive in PH airport at my comfiest state. Thank you Shein for this! 

Taiwan, I will for sure be back and try more of your foods and go to more of your places!!! I'll be back for you Taichung and Kaohsiung!!! Who's up for another Taiwan Trip?! :)


We had 3 options for our second day in Taiwan- to go to Taichung where there's the famous field of tulips, Hehuanshan where the Snow Mountain is located or Sun Moon Lake where there are multiple tours including the yacht ride, cable car ride and the Formosan theme park. Most refused to tour around Taichung since most of them said that they went already to Dubai Miracle Garden and Snow Mountain because it's the farthest and it may eat up much of our time the whole day. Everyone decided to go on Sun Moon Lake tour instead. 
First Stop: Cona's Chococastle

We traveled Taipei to Nantou Township for around 3 hours. It's quite a long drive but definitely worth it. Our first stop was at Cona's Chococastle. This place is full of different kinds of desserts. We were greeted by a European inspired set-up when we entered the lobby and had our pictures taken at a huge Christmas tree. Everything excites me as we proceed inside because I can see a lot of sweets everywhere I look. 
The entrance ticket that we paid was consumable for any product that we want to buy inside. It's not a surprise already that the desserts are a bit pricey but we still tried some of their best selling treats! I got their popular Milk chocolate ice cream for $120. I don't know what's so special with their milk chocolate or I just had my expectations too high? Baka nga sadyang pare-pareho lang talaga ang lasa nun. Maybe I should've tried other flavors like what my cousin got, Rum flavor! Haha 
Cona's also allow their guests to do their DIY desserts. We even saw how each of their desserts were being made. It's like we're in a Dessert Factory. The instagramable spots in Cona's reminds me so much of Dessert Museum! 

Second Stop: Sun Moon Lake Yacht tour

Our second stop was Sun Moon Lake. We rode a yacht to take us on a tour around 2 stops. The first stop was in Wen Wu temple where we weren't able to go because we had a misunderstanding with our tour guide. We thought we're only supposed to roam around for 10 minutes so we didn't dared to go there but it turned out that the yacht still left us! Hahaha! We waited for another yacht to come by so we can go to the next and last stop. 
Outfit. Wearing a Zaful top during our whole tour :) Mukha daw akong naka baseball shirt sabi ni Pau. Haha! This top is very comfy and light. Perfect for Nantou weather :) It's currently on sale so if you want the same top, you better head on to Zaful's site and click on Add to Bag! :)

Third Stop: Sun Moon Lake Ropeway

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway connects Sun Moon Lake and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village so in order to get to Formosan from Sun Moon lake we have to ride a cable car. The highest elevation is 1,044 meters high. The oldies in our group refused at first but because "there's no other way to get there" they took the risk and faced their fear of heights! I really wasn't able to count on how many connecting stations we traveled to get to Formosan but I'm pretty sure it took us around 10-15 minutes to get to the last station because the cable car stopped while we were in the middle of the trip!!! My mom panicked and was so scared that she started calling Padre Pio for help. My mama is so cuteee! 
We didn't spent too much time in the Cultural Village since it's already getting late in the afternoon and it's starting to get cold. We decided to go to the theme park but the only way we can get there is by riding again a cable car. Imagine how the oldies feel when they heard about it! Hahaha! ANOTHER CABLE CAR RIDE!!! Seeing this view of the park as we're fast approaching relieved my mom and gave her peace of mind. She took many selfies inside the cable car with this view and I was able to clearly document it in a video! Haha! If only I could upload all the videos on my blog, I would! 
Fourth Stop: Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village and Theme Park 
Imagine how big this theme park is! Of course we weren't able to roam around the whole park because it will have to take one or two days to do it! I think it's bigger than Disneyland in Hong Kong (twice bigger!!!) because we were able to go around the whole Disneyland for a half day unlike here where our half day doesn't feel like we've roamed around half of it! 

There were a lot of rides in Formosan but most of it were extreme rides! I'm not the brave soul who'll take risk in trying those kind of rides but my cousins and brothers were always up for something thrilling!! Baka maiwan sa taas yung puso ko kung sumakay ako dito. 
Pumilit din naman ako kahit isang ride! Haha! I rode Gold Mine together with Mimi and Ara. It's like Jungle Log Jam in EK. We ended up really wet and was greeted by the cold breeze after the ride. It's getting foggy during that time and it's starting to get colder. Ang tita lang ng itsura ko sa right picture! Haha! 
Formosan is known to have the biggest number of Sakuras and it is actually one of the most sought after place of the locals and tourists for Sakura watching. Sakura Festival is held here every January 31-March 15 (This is according to google). I'm happy to see and witness blooming sakuras when we went there.  
Felt like we rented the whole place (lol) because it seems like there's no other people around the place in our pictures. Our family was satisfied with the whole tour and we're really thankful for a nice weather! :)

And there goes our Day 2. It's tiring (but nothing beats the first day!) yet fun! :) We went to Ximending night market again after we took a rest from the tour. Maybe I should blog our Ximending food trip in a separate post?? Should I?? Watch out for our Day 3 on my next post! :)