The past few weeks had been a series of ups and downs. Aside from failing several times which is never new to me, I'm just physically and mentally tired  that I just have to cry my heart out. I always do my best and I constantly wish that it will be good enough. While the only thing that I can do is blame myself for all these mistakes that I've done, I'm really thankful that there are still people who care and stood with me during those dark times. On the bright side of this week, the best thing that probably happened to me was that I passed for the first time an Oral Microscopic Anatomy exam!!! I mean, it's really a big deal to pass that exam because it's really no joke! There were only, i think 4 who passed the exam in a class of 21 and I guess it's an achievement already. Other than that, I took another risk again (which I deprive myself to do because I always think that I'm stilll too young for things like this when I'm really not) and I'm thankful to my college friends especially to my college best friend who pushed me to do this. The only thing that I can say is that I'm happy at the moment and this decision is one of the reason why I wake up every morning excited and smiling. :)
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One fact about me is that I own a lot of pink clothes and stuffs in my closet. I think each pink item that I have is not only a collection for me but also a basic and necessity piece already. I was inspired to stock new clothes and accessories in my closet and these are some of the pieces that caught my attention. Can you blame me? It's PINK! :)) 
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One of the few things that our family loves to do is to travel and explore places we've never been together. Since we only have a limited time during the Christmas break, we decided to spend it in a neighboring tourist destination. We actually had two options, either a beach trip or a cultural one. Since our family was concerned with our grandparents, their choice of destination was  granted.  We decided to go to Villa Escudero because aside from it was our lolo and lola's choice,  we haven't go there and we've heard a lot of good feedbacks about it.
First things first in our itinerary was the carabao ride going to the famous falls of Villa Escudero. It was a quick ride from the entrance to the lunch area but the whole experience was great! The oldies enjoyed the ride while there were some artists singing some traditional songs like Paru-parong bukid. :)
This is the famous Villa Escudero falls. It was where the lunch buffet was situated. Imagine dining near the falls bare foot with no spoons nor forks. It was so traditional! There were a lot of Filipino foods to choose from. My mom and I really enjoyed the experience and would definitely be back for this one!
Third stop was at a cultural area for a cultural show. While waiting, the oldies ordered some halo-halo to beat the heat, girls did café hopping, the bloggers find some artsy and instagrammable places for outfit shots while the guys went bamboo rafting.
Our fourth stop was at a pink church converted into a museum which houses and displays all the traditional Philippine species collected by the Escuderos'. Picture taking wasn't allowed there so I won't able to show it to you. Lastly, we had a quick stop at another pink mansion. I was so fond of it that I took it as an inspiration of what my future house would look like. Haha! :)
The whole experience was again one for the books especially when I'm with the complete family! Happy Chinese New Year!