Dentistry Proper is different from the past Pre-Dental years. My life was easy peasy before. I have a very nice schedule which permits me to have some YOLO with my classmates. I still have time to stalk my crushes from different departments, roam around the campus with my friends, skip classes and pass the exams with just having some stock knowledge. One of the things that I'm really thankful for is that amidst all of those happy-go-lucky moments I still did well during my PD days, that I experienced to be on the dean's list for 3 semesters.

It's very different now. Everything turned the other way round. It was a culture shock. It's been six weeks already since I entered Dentistry proper and all I can say is "Whoa". The past weeks had been an adjusting period. It felt like I've been thru a lot already although I know it isn't half of the semester yet. It has been tough. The schedule was crazy tiring. Almost all nights are sleepless nights that even my coffee needs a coffee. There were many drawings, carvings, pre-during-post exams. It's my first time also to experience failing in a major exam that I reviewed for two days. It's really disappointing but on the bright side, I'm not the only one who failed nor we were few but we all failed. No one passed that exam and it was really crazy. 

Dent Proper made me realize that if you think you've done your best and you failed, no, it isn't still your best. If you think you've exerted an effort already but you still failed, try exerting a double, triple effort. Be motivated, determined and focused. Study hard but pray harder and everything else will follow. 

 Spread positivity and good vibes! :) 

Outfit details
Kimono: BU7 Bazaar
Bag: Secosana (gift from Lishelle)
Wedges/Sandals: Parisian Plus


Finally, prelim exams are almost over! This post has been a draft here on my blog for quite sometime now and I've only got this time to blog about this. :) 2 months ago my blogger cousins and I tried out the most hyped cafe in town. I've seen a lot of my friends going and hanging there and so I asked my cousins to go with me & try out He Brews cafe. The cafe is just small and offers selected pasta dishes, sandwiches, ice blended and hot & cold coffees. The interior is nice and what i loved about it are the verse stickers and murals in it.

As for the pasta my cousins and I ordered the same thing which is Carbonara. I wish I ordered a different pasta dish not because I didn't liked the carbonara but because we ordered the same thing. Haha! I'll go for Sausage Penne the next time I go there. As for the ice-blended coffees we ordered white choco, chocolate chip and banana chocnut. I liked the white choco ice blended coffee and would definitely go back for it. 

As an end verdict the foods were delicious & you'll get what you paid for. This cafe is perfect for students who are on a tight budget but still wants to treat themselves and try what He Brews has to offer. The experience was great and I'm definitely going back here and bring more friends with me. 


I remember one time when my cousin told me to try hair extensions. I was hesitant before because I don't know how to put one, I don't know where to get a budget friendly hair extensions plus I find it a high maintenance thing to use. But thinking and considering the beauty hair extensions can give to my short hair, I have been considering getting my very own hair extensions.

(pictures from google and tumblr)

Here are some of the things I considered why you should have one. 

First, hair extensions can add length to your short hair (just like mine). Have length but want volume? You'll surely get it by wearing hair extensions. 

Second, you can instantly have unlimited hair styling possibilities. You can have your hair in any color that suits you or any style (whether it may be curly or straight) that you want without damaging it. 

Third, hair extensions can instantly make you look different from the usual you. Just imagine achieving the hair goal you've been seeing and wanting for the long time! Ohmy, that would be perfect! I dare you to stand out and be different! 

If you're now into hair extensions like I do, the next step is to know where to find the perfect hair extensions for you. UU Hair Extensions is an online shop specializing in human hair extensions. They have a variety of hair extensions that you may consider in choosing and buying like the clip in hair extensions, hair weave, virgin hair such as the Brazilian virgin hair, micro loop, tape hair and the like. I'm sure you'll get what you pay for. Feel free to check their website and tell me what you think about it. =)


Acne breakouts are quite common during adolescence and the early twenties.  Pimples can come and go, but they sometimes leave dark spots on the face that can last for months at a time. 

If you have ever had a bad acne breakout, you probably remember those annoying red and brown marks that are left behind in the skin once the pimples clear up.  Dermatologists blame the dark spots on a process known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH.   The dark spots are caused by an excessive amount of melanin that is deposited into the epidermis and dermis. Depending on how bad the pimple was, the pigment can take weeks to months to clear up.

‘Discolored acne scars are treated very differently than acne pimples are indented acne scars’, explains Santa Monica plastic surgeon Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.  Many of the most common treatments for acne are essentially useless in improving the dark spots. Fortunately, there are products available to help improve the dark acne scars and help clear up your complexion.

Kare MD Skin Health has introduced a combination protocol for dark acne scars that includes Melapads Daily Exfoliating Pads + Melarase creams. The ‘Acne Spot Protocol’ can help discolored acne scars regain normal skin complexion.

The ‘Acne Spot Protocol’ involves twice daily exfoliation with Melapads followed by daily application of Melarase AM in the morning and Melarase PM in the evening. Melapads contain three powerful exfoliating acids including Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and skin lightening Kojic Acid.  Melarase AM is a non-Hydroquinone skin lightener with SPF 30; and Melarase PM is a Hydroquinone-based skin lightener and exfoliant.

Verdict: Dark acne spots can ruin your complexion and spoil your attempts at clearing the acne on your face. Kare MD Skin Health’s ‘Acne Spot Protocol’ contains a powerful combination of exfoliants, SPF 30, and skin lighteners to help even out your complexion and reduce uneven skin tone. We like the simplicity and ease of application, especially in acne-prone and oily skin. 

*Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post by Kare MD Skin Health.


Today’s post is far more different from all the style, travel and diary posts that I'm publishing here on my blog. I've always wanted to publish a music related post here and I'm starting that off by introducing a new Filipino hip hop artist who’s making his name in the music industry. 

I know most of us have been addicted playing the songs of Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne & Eminem and listen to the songs Fancy, Slow Motion, and See you again on repeat. But I have come to realize that still, there are many skilled and capable artists who have not yet been fully discovered and given credit for their talents and yet can be in line with those great artists that I've mentioned. I want to introduce “Just Matthew”, a rising rapper, singer, songwriter and DIY recording artist based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Honestly, I'm quite picky when it comes to the songs I play and listen to but I make it a point to give every song a try. I get easily addicted to songs that has a good beat and nice lyrics that it can make me memorize it in hours. When I first heard of his music, it felt like I was transported in a different world. It’s far different from the songs I hear every day. I'm more into love songs and dance floor songs but now, I found myself listening and enjoying his songs and play it on repeat! Yes, his songs are that cool and unique! 

 Between the two songs my personal favorite is Bonnie (audio) (music video). The music video looks like a DIY which makes it so natural and sophisticated. It makes me feel like going on a long road trip somewhere I've never been to while having this song play on repeat. Another song of Matthew is Forget (audio) (music video). I know it is something you guys would like listening to. :)

Check these videos out and tell me what you think of these on the comment box below :)

 Bonnie // Forget 


Feel free to listen to his songs on his soundcloud account and visit & connect with him through his site, Instagram and Bandcamp. I hope you'll support and share his songs. 


We know daily exfoliation is an important part of a healthy skin regimen, but what about exfoliating in the summer time when it’s hot and humid? There are several different types of exfoliants that can be used on the face, including microdermabrasion, abrasive exfoliating washes, chemical peel exfoliation, laser exfoliation, and topical cream exfoliation.

Which one works best during the sunny days of summer?

Dermatologists and skin specialists generally advise against any deep skin treatments if there is a risk of excessive sun exposure.  You really have to be aware of both direct and indirect sunlight and always wear an appropriate level of sun protection and sunscreen. Although widely available in beauty shops, abrasive exfoliating washes and high concentration cream exfoliants often dry-out the skin and lead to more skin irritation and sensitivity.

The best option for daily exfoliation is a light at-home chemical peel that can whisk away skin impurities, open up clogged pores, and improve skin complexion.

If your skin is acne prone, Melapads DailyExfoliating Pads are an excellent option for at-home daily exfoliation, even in the summer months. Melapads contain both alpha and beta hydroxy acids and Kojic acid to help lightly exfoliate skin and lighten dark discoloration. Combined with an appropriate sunscreen, Melapads can be used to improve skin quality and brighten skin.

There are sixty pre-soaked pads in each jar of Melapads, enough for twice daily application for one month. The results of treatment with Melapads is quite spectacular, with improvements in skin quality, sebum content, and acne breakouts. As a multi-purpose beauty product, Melapads can help reduce sunspots during the summer, while helping you unclog pores that can cause acne in the future.  


Verdict: A well thought-out multi-purpose beauty product that can help exfoliate the skin using a powerful combination of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and kojic acid. Strong enough to improve acne prone skin but gentle enough for daily use. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Kare MD Skin Health.


Most of the times typhoons are a bad idea but I cannot deny the fact that for us, students, typhoon (which causes class suspension) is a blessing already to study and do some requirements for a longer time. Last week we experienced class suspensions and I'm thankful to have that 4 days vacation to prep up for a week of stress and exams coming (although i know it isn't enough). Aside from that I was able to do some productive things like update my blog, watch the past episodes of my favorite series, go to the mall, pull off some items and take these outfit shots. I chose to wear my new top from Dresslink which was sent to me a few weeks ago. I love the fabric used because it's soft and loose plus the back & side lace is a statement detail! I felt comfortable moving around and at the same time stylish the whole day. Yes, i know, nothing can't stop me from going out and enjoy the chill and bipolar weather that we had. Thanks to a week of class suspension. I've been somehow productive and satisfied. :)


For the second time I was nominated for Versatile Blogger's Award by Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs. Thank you Mimi! It was fun making such post and I hope you learned a thing or two from this post. :) Thank you for supporting my blog and my love for fashion! Let's keep in touch? :)


Thank God the clothes that I've been waiting from international online shops finally arrived. While trying out all the clothes and combining everything from head to toe I realized that I made up a Blair Waldorf look. Haha! It's funny how I just posted a Serena van der Woodsen look during my previous outfit post and now I'm mimicking the other Gossip Girl It girl. Here's my take on the Blair Waldorf look. 

Outfit details:

TopDresslink.  I got this top for only $6.99. Can you believe that??? When it came on hand I was surprised wth the great quality. I'm so happy to score this classy top! Thank you Dresslink for sending me over this top. :) I'll be blogging another top from Dresslink soon!

SkirtSumissura. I had a great experience with the store. Sumissura is a great online shop where you can design and customize your wardrobe just the way you want it to be. I chose to design a skirt. I had it flared, medium in length, zippered on the side, without a pocket, in color Bend and the fabric used was wool. They have a virtual model where you'll put your height and weight and the the list goes on. They were able to calculate the size of my hips, waist, ideal length of the skirt and all! I was so excited that when I received it after a few days of having it tailored I just have to use and blog it right after :) Thank you Sumissura for sending me over this skirt. It's a new favorite! :)

Bag: EchoPaul. This bag is honestly the cutest of all the bags I  have right now. When I first saw it in EchoPaul's site I told myself that I just have to have it. It was small but can fit the essentials like my phone and wallet.  Thank you EchoPaul for sending me over this bag. Expect to see this in my next posts. Haha :)