Looking back on how this year started I have realized so much from all my personal experiences. We all know that it's not even the half of 2020 yet but a lot of unpredictable drastic changes have happened (and is currently happening) already. Even before 2019 ends, I have a lot of expectations already for 2020. I've always viewed this year as the year of hope, change and big miracles. This is the year of answered prayers. Despite of all the current issues that are happening I want to take this year in a positive note and I still want to believe that blessings are going to pour because I've experienced it for myself since the very first day of the year.  
1. From every bad experience that happen there's always something good that follows. The first accident that I met was last January 3 this year. I had a bad sprain on my right foot and it got so painful that I can't walk for almost 2 weeks. I was so worried because we're going on a trip to Macau on the 12th and I might not be able to walk properly. God was so good because when the day before of our flight came I was able to practice my foot for a long walk with minimal pain. Another blessing that happened during the day of our travel was that we were in the buzzer beater flight which was able to fly before the cancellation of the succeeding flights bound to Macau. It was the day of the eruption of Taal Volcano. My family and I had goosebumps after we heard the news. We knew it was God's grace that saved us from the eruption. Fast forward to weeks after we arrived in the Philippines, the corona virus outbreak happened. My mom was so worried after knowing that Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau were locked down. We were saved again from another travel disaster and I'm really thankful that we were all safe and free from any sickness after weeks of arrival from Macau. 
2. All your hard work will surely pay off. Last year was the most stressful year for me when it comes to my acads. I've always worked hard (but prayed harder) to accomplish and finish everything and I'm really happy that I will be able to tick off one of my long term goals. I'm finally GRADUATING!!! The path was never easy but it was so WORTH IT (I WANNA CRY!!!)
3. In every battle and circumstances that you will face, your family will always be your first line of defense (Parang neutrophils lang!)- Family problems never end and its what makes a family stronger and closer. During early March my youngest brother was diagnosed with keratoconus on his left eye. It's the thinning of the cornea which made him experience extreme eye blurriness. When we went for a check up in Manila the doctor said that the cornea experienced hydrops already (which makes it non functional already ) and there's no other treatment except for cornea transplant. We were all shookt and didn't knew it was already that serious because my brother never complained about it until that time. I was so affected about my brother's condition and stood firm that whatever it takes, I will do everything to help my mom for his operation. 
4. Invest in Rest. I'm currently writing this in the middle of the one month lock down period in my city. My mind has been pre-occupied by stressful things lately and one day I just felt so tired and drained from the usual things that I do. When this lock down happened I'm one of those persons you would not hear complain though because I guess it gave me the perfect time to rest not just physically but also mentally. I decided to divert my attention to the things that will make me happy. What I miss doing when I came back home is to publish new posts on my blog! I have so much thoughts in mind that I want to share, hence this lengthy post (haha sorry!) Aside from blogging I also got interested in cooking. I love looking for new recipes and just impress my brothers with all the foods that I cook! Hahaha! I'd also love to indulge myself in learning new piano pieces (more on the classic side) because of the pianist who I just recently followed on instagram. She's an inspiration to get back on playing! :) 
5. Be grateful for what you have. Since this corona virus outbreak happened I realized how life can be so short. Be thankful for all the things that you have as of the moment- for the good health that you and your family have, for the foods on your table, for your family's safety, for the memorable experiences that you've been part of and for the ticked off achievements and goals that you have accomplished. 
**I want to take this opportunity too to discuss my insights about this covid outbreak. It's unbelievably everywhere and it really scares me and my family. I just really wish for everyone's safety and for this pandemic to end. Please don't leave your houses during the lock down period but if it's necessary to, please practice social distancing. Don't forget to wash your hands as well. Bring alcohol all the time!! If you know that you've been in contact to someone who was found to have covid or have traveled from another country recently please, please, do yourself and everyone else a favor- do a self quarantine. If you're feeling any symptoms, go to the nearest hospital and consult a doctor. Do not hesitate to go nor lie because you are bringing your self and everyone else you encounter at stake. If you want to live longer and if you care for the people around you will undergo the procedure and treatments. I just want to tell everyone to please cooperate just as to lessen the cases because it would be a big help to our front line specialists who are doing everything to save the lives of many, so might as well do your part too. It's for your own good din naman :) Lastly, don't forget to pray because it really helps!! He's the only one who's in control of this pandemic and He's the only one who can end it.  
** Thank you SHEIN for my dress. :) If you're on a self quarantine right now and looking for something to do, you may visit SHEIN's website. A lot of outfit inspirations are waiting for you! :)


Hottest blue prom dresses trends

(Hottest Blue Prom Dresses)

To look amazing at your big prom night, prom dresses in the perfect color should be chosen. Blue is one of the most popular prom dress colors because of its versatility. Since gowns come in a range of hues, the one in the perfect shade should be selected. Girls can look more sophisticated in dark blue prom dresses, or sweeter in light blue gowns. No matter which style you are looking for, I hope all girls will find the perfect and cheap prom dresses 2020.

1. Off-the-shoulder tulle appliques lace blue prom dress

Off-the-shoulder tulle appliques lace blue prom dress
Stand out in the crowd in a sky blue tulle dress with lace appliques. The tulle skirt billows in layers like waves. So elegant!

2. Mermaid off-the-shoulder satin blue prom dress

Mermaid off-the-shoulder satin blue prom dress
Get ready to shine in this MillyBridal's blue form-fitting mermaid tail prom dress with elegant ruffles on the bodice- both front and back.

3. V-neck jersey sheath split front blue dress for prom

V-neck jersey sheath split front blue dress for prom
A long tight prom dress that opens in a side slit offers a sophisticated and sexy look.

4. A-line scoop neck tulle short beading blue prom dress

A-line scoop neck tulle short beading blue prom dress
Stand out in a short dress with beading and pleats embellishments. Refreshing, and sexy with open back design.

5. A-line V-neck satin blue prom gown

A-line V-neck satin blue prom gown
Made from gleaming satin fabric, this long v-neck royal blue prom dress gives a chic look.

6. Mermaid scoop neck satin tulle blue formal dress with lace appliques

Mermaid scoop neck satin tulle blue formal dress with lace appliques
A baby blue two piece trumpet prom dress with beautiful lace appliques on both the bodice and the top of the mermaid skirt makes girls glamorous.

7. A-line one shoulder chiffon blue party dress

A-line one shoulder chiffon blue party dress
This gorgeous blue prom dress made from chiffon fabric creates a vibrant look. Simple but elegant.

8. A-line scoop neck chiffon blue gowns for prom

A-line scoop neck chiffon blue gowns for prom
This chiffon blue dress for prom that is split front is ideal for prom 2020 and other formal occasions.