Women are continually searching for methods to alter their look. A small adjustment in the manner a lady looks won't change their looks, but could also effect how they consider themselves inside a positive way. This goal can be achieved by buying new clothing, obtaining a new set of footwear, or altering hairstyles. Altering hairdos has frequently been an emblem to represent the closing of 1 chapter and the start of another in a person's existence. A radical method of altering the general appearance of hair is getting extensions place in. What ought to be a few of the reasons you receive extensions and so why do people have them anyway.

It most likely is obvious, but from the looks perspective hair extensions will most impact your general look by lengthening hair and growing its volume along the way. Generally, the entire process of getting extensions could be relatively quick thinking about the dramatic change they can lead to. From the cost perspective you will notice that extensions can frequently be high priced in some instances. This isn't always a poor factor. There are specific facets of existence you don't want to visit cheap on and hair is one. There's such factor as getting bad work done in your hair but most of us have seen this demonstrated again and again. Make certain you discover someone which specializes in extensions to place yours in and check out and visit someone who is personally known you with a friend.

Why feel the procedure for getting extensions anyway? When they cost a lot, what is the point? Many people are simply plain envious of individuals with lengthy hair and wish to obtain that look which is really that easy. The fastest way to do this particular goal would be to have extensions place in. Maybe though you're headed to some reunion as well as other type of formal event and you need to create a distinct impression and also the extensions will lead to the general vibe you need to exude. Sometimes, someone can have to have them with different bad haircut they get too. Extensions can essentially hide areas in which the original hair stylist all messed up hair and until your natural hair weave grows back this can be the best choice.

Regardless of what the reason behind getting extensions they could be a fantastic way to market your individuality and also to increase your natural hair. Sure, it's really a bit costly to obtain them done, but may you have to spoil yourself and relish the good stuff in existence. If extensions are something want have them done since the last factor you need to happen is regretting not receiving them.If inside a pinch you don't like how they look, you could ask them to removed that is a lot faster process than even putting them in. Make sure however to obtain this hair treatment made by an expert hairstylist so that you can ensure they're done correctly and you may unlock the brand new you.


I used to remember the previous years when we have our summer break before holy week starts. Now, we're currently at the middle of giving out questionnaires for our research and dealing and juggling with acads and clinic just to finish our requirements before the deadline. Trapped in the thought of "it's supposedly summer break by now", it's quite sad to imagine that I still have 3 more sunny months to spend in school and one rainy month after to spend inside the house as my summer vacation. In spite of having a late summer vacation I'm looking forward in spending the upcoming long weekends wisely and productively! **Talk about those budget friendly places to travel and pop out cute cafes to try with the family and friends! 
Outfit. Today’s outfit is my first two piece outfit from Shein. If you have noticed I'm not really into wearing crop tops or even two piece swim wears because I hate showing off my tummy. Another thing is that I gained weight (and fats!!) during the previous months and I can clearly see it through my "fitted" tops and pants. But above all those clothes that I've checked and seen while I'm having my pull out from Shein, this two piece set caught my attention. It's the summer outfit that screams "Take me to the beach" with its combination of off shoulder top and slitted high waist skirt topped with that nautical blue and white stripes design. This combination is just too cute not to notice and wear that's why I didn’t had second thoughts in ordering it. You can buy it for $34 or Php 1,700. Thanks Shein! :) 
You can visit and drop by their site for fashionable finds!

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See you in my next posts! :)


Everyone knows that I'm a big fan of cakes and ice creams, okay- you name all the sweets that you know. When I first saw in a facebook ad that Dessert Museum is opening in Manila I was literally jumping with excitement. I checked my schedule, found a long weekend & a perfect date and decided to grab the early booking online for an additional discount. :)

  • Going as a walk-in guest will cost you Php 799 while booking online will only cost you Php 699.
  • Go on a weekday! Paulo and I went on a Thursday and we literally had the museum all by ourselves. The museum has 8 rooms wherein you can stay up to 15 mins in each room and accommodate 20 persons each. But because there were only the 2 of us (plus some staffs) in each rooms and there were no other guests after us we spent more than 20 minutes in each room. 
  • If you happen to book with a lot of other guests, I suggest you to be ready with all your poses and spot your favorite instagramable corners already because you might not be able to go there once the 15 minute allotted time is over. Anyway, every spot is instagram and blog worthy so I'm pretty sure everything is going to look good (except for possible photo bombers at the sides or back. Haha!) Check the instagram for ideas or scroll down to get some ideas from this post. 
  • Teach your friends or bf to use the camera & find your angle so you will end up having really nice pictures. I'm lucky mine is a pro and I always end up having good pictures. Haha! You can ask the staffs to take your pictures too. (Paulo and I's pictures together were taken by the museum's staffs) 
  • If you're not into taking pictures you'll probably not enjoy the place because you actually paid to take pictures in it. Haha! 

Donuts Room
We had the most pictures here and we probably stayed the longest here. :)

Marshmallows Room
Mallows!!! This room is the most instagram worthy among all. They offer a giant mallow where you can choose between a chocolate or strawberry coating. 

Candy Cane Room
This room is the most spacious and is meant for mag jowa or couples because they have a lot of cute spots for couples to take photos. They offer macarons as their dessert. 

Ice cream Room
The smallest room. It kinda disappointed me because I'm a big fan of ice cream and I was expecting a really cute place with an ice cream stand in a corner yet the place is just tiny and seemed unfinished. Anyway, the best dessert among all the 8 rooms was offered here. :)

Bubble gum Room
Kids and kids at heart will surely love this room. They have a giant replica of a bubble gum machine where you can go inside and join the floating balloons for photo ops. They also have these platforms for guests to stand while a staff traps you in a giant soap bubble.

Gummy bears Room
This is the most colorful and the cutest for me. They have little trampolines and small tubs full of colorful balls and toys. They offer gummy bears too but the downside was that, it's very few. 

Cotton candy Room 
The PINK room!!! I love this room not only because it's pink but because they offered us cotton candies which I haven't tasted for like half a decade already. Haha! 

Cake pops Room
Last but definitely not the least! You can imitate Miley Cyrus and do the wrecking ball or shoot like Kyrie with those fluffy balls. This room offered really sweet cake pops that Paulo enjoyed. Haha! 

There you go! There's not so much to do in this museum but to take and take and take lots of pictures! This museum is not only for kids but for everyone who always have a time for desserts. 

**Thank you Rosegal for my cute and in-theme pompom sandals