We're actually experiencing a long break from school now because of Typhoon Glenda. Classes had been suspended last week Tuesday until Friday plus Saturday and Sunday came in so we had a total of 5 days break! It's not a good break though because my place experienced a lot of destruction and flooding brought about by Typhoon Glenda. The main bridge in my city was badly destroyed which now causes the heavy traffic plus we experienced no electricity for 3 and a half days straight! School resumed yesterday (Monday) but last night it was announced that classes today will be suspended again because another Typhoon went in near our area. :( Another note, tomorrow is a holiday for the reason that our city will be celebrating its foundation day.  Ahhhh, No classes again and again! I don't know what to feel anymore. I want to be practical and have classes already, I mean no interruptions, since I don't want to have make-up classes on Saturdays! :( Anyway, let's just pray for everyone's safety. I hope nothing massive will be destroyed again and no lives will be at risk.  Stay safe and dry everyone! 


Hi guys! After 3475693994 days of not blogging, I'm finally back! Yes, that's how it feels like since I've been 3 weeks absent in blogging. For my comeback, I want to share with you the 7 random things that are currently making me happy.

1. 3 more exams and pre-lims is finally over! Time flies fast and 3 more months it's finally SEMBREAK! haha! I'm rushing things out just because I want my first semester to end already. Too many majors!

2. I'm happy and excited to read the book To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han. Reading the plot of the book left me butterflies already, what more if I'm actually holding and reading the book!!! Kilig! The book isn't out yet here in bookstores nearby but I'm hoping it will be in the next month. I just can't wait to read it and if you know where can I find one or if you're willing to give me one (hahaha!) please do let me know.

3. My birth month is coming!!! I'm not expecting anything though but I'm happy I'm turning 18 years old 2 months from now!  

4. Mimi is finally back! :) Doing outfit shots is 10x more fun when Mimi's with me! Special thanks to her for taking my pictures, doing my braid here and doing watermark for my blog pictures! She's a total package! 

5. People keep on noticing that I lost enough weight and became slim and slender these days. It's a good thing! I feel more confident with what I wear and what I look.  Last summer's 2-week zumba sessions worked out! :) Haha!

6. I don't know who or what brought this smile on my face but I'm happy that I wake up inspired, motivated and with a positive mind everyday. Maybe, it's the thought that few years from now I'll be shouting loud and proud that I survived the struggles of becoming what I wanted to be, a dentist! Haha :) 

Cami top from Forever21, Plaid shirt from Papa, Loafers from Parisian Plus (one of the few brands which has my shoe size haha!)

Any thoughts about my outfit? Comments are loved and appreciated! :) Have a great week ahead! :)

Photos by: Aimee Bustillo