I've always been that kind of person who is afraid of changing my hair style. At the same time it's a hassle for me to maintain a really short or long or different colored hair. I'm afraid of taking risks when it comes to my hair because changing something on my hair can make a big impact on my look. I have a square shaped face with chubby cheeks and I have no idea what kind of hair style will fit me. But of course, at some point in my life, I've wanted to see myself in a completely different look. I have what if's when it comes to my hair- what if I color it in chestnut brown, or have some highlights, or have it curled, or maybe cut it in shoulder length? I know I'm not alone with all these thoughts and I think the perfect solution for these kinds of problems are hair extensions and wigs. Yes, for someone who's afraid of changing hair styles for a span of months, wigs and hair extensions are for you. 

I'm a user of clip on hair extensions during occasions and I love that it's convenient to put and lock on my hair. But of course, sometimes blending hair extensions with my real hair becomes a problem. One alternative to hair extensions that I thought of are wigs. Wigs, nowadays, are becoming a thing and I've seen a lot of people using it to change their looks. It made its way all over the net especially in different social media platforms like instagram. 

I was curious, at some point, where all these wigs are coming from and tried to search for it online. I came across Everydaywigs and found a lot of synthetic and human hair wigs. As I browsed through their site I was amazed to see a wide variety of wigs categorized according to their color, length and style. This got me really curious and looked on the different color of wigs that this online store offers. They have wigs in blonde, grey, pink, green, purple (this is new to me!!), red, black, brown, blue, orange (as well as this!!) and ombre. It made me want to try it for myself (especially the long curled ombre wig) and see if it'll look good on me. At least, I'll have a look that I wouldn't bother changing anytime I want to and the ease of putting it on and off my head.  

 Here are some of their customers in ombre lace front wigs, blonde lace front wigs and human wigs for white women. :)


I've been feeling really down for the past few days that no matter how much I entertain myself I always end up sad at the end of the day. I really need a little sunshine to brighten up my day to bring me back to my mood. Now, I found myself writing a post about Paulo and I can't hide the smile on my face. I guess he's what they call "my happy pill".

Being in a relationship with Paulo for 7 months has taught me a lot of things about love and life. I thought I am already satisfied with going out alone, doing chores alone, going online and appreciating those couples posting pictures on social media, going on school-bahay route every day, not minding if someone will text me or not the whole day- basically being happily contented with my life, with the company of my family and my friends until I realized that, I was completely wrong when I met Paulo. I realized that I can be happier and at the same time feel incomplete. There's something more exciting to look forward to when I met my long term text mate a year ago. It still feels surreal on how things started between the two of us- those "katorpehan" turned funny conversations and the creepy stalkings that turned into gestures of efforts. I'm not really into him but the more I get to know Paulo, the more I became afraid of the fact that I'm falling for him already. It's not that I don't like commitments but I'm not ready to have a boyfriend. I'm afraid to be left out again just like what the most important guy I once loved did. But honestly this shy and silent guy made me realize a lot of things in life. He embraced my fearful heart and slowly freed it from what ifs and whys. He made me realize that someone can love me for being me. I know I'm not easy to love. I'm an over thinker and I'm always afraid of taking risks. At some point, I'm also a perfectionist and I have my whole life figured out. My days are planned ahead and I have due dates for myself. Little did I know that the guy right there in front of me who's asking permission to, just at least, be part of my schedule for a little while will turn out to be the biggest plot twist of my life. 

The idea of him makes me smile. The simple essence of him astonishes me. I didn't know that he will give my life more color and something to look forward to every single day. These things and mixed emotions that I am feeling, these are something I've never felt before until I met Paulo. He's one of the toughest and softest guy I know. I've seen him in his worst and it made me appreciate him more after all his struggles. I realized how lucky I am to be loved by a man who makes me feel how much he loves me every single day. I feel so blessed to have met him and I feel myself falling deeper than the last. 

"Thank you for being my sunshine. You never know how much happiness you've brought in to my life."  :)


Today marked the last day of the semester. Well, it is supposedly the last day of being stress free BUT we still have a hanging research defense on June and summer clinic on the entire month of June. A lot of things are running through my mind right now. I'm suffering from mixed emotions. I'm happy because it ended already but I'm afraid because I'm not satisfied with the last exam that I took. I studied and prepared for the exam but I felt pressured during the last minute before the exam to the point that even the easiest questions took me so long to answer. (I don't actually know if I answered it correctly.) I'm currently sitting in front of my laptop while having so many thoughts running through my head. I have so many what ifs and whys and I'm becoming a little emotional tonight. I'm suffering from stress since last week because of some school problems and mainly, family problems. I'm really trying my best to face those bravely and cope up with it and I'm happy that my family and friends continue to show their love and support even in my stressful days. (I'm sure they don't even know that I'm stressed already because I'm not the obvious one who talks about my problems.) I think I just need someone to talk to, or do something "new" to keep me away from the things that bothers and stresses me. I'm not really this type of person and wouldn't thought that I would write something like this here but I think there are really days wherein I will feel like I just want to disappear and just go back when everything is fine- just like today. I'm currently drowning in my own thoughts but I'll be overcoming this. Maybe not at this moment, but I will. :)
Sharing with you these pictures taken 2 weeks ago in Stilts in Calatagan, Batangas. I really hope to be back to my happy and relaxed state, be able to release all those heartaches and find peace of mind. :)


Hey guys!!! A new set of wish list is finally up! I've been going on trips the past few weeks and have scheduled more trips on the coming weeks. I'm looking for cute summer outfits online and landed on  Shein site. I already placed cute items on my cart and here are some of the other clothes left in my wish list. You can check out Shein's site for more cute summer outfits! :)  
** Click on the numbers and it'll direct you to the item's link :)
Cami Tops
1 // 2
Two piece outfit
1 // 2
1 // 2
Denim Shorts
1 // 2 

One thing that I am looking forward to see when I went to Eco hotel is their iconic swimming pool. I've seen a lot of beautiful pictures of it from the internet and I can say that it's more beautiful in person. Having the perfect place and perfect timing, I decided to wear my new one piece from Shein. I didn't know that the back view of this swimwear is going to be deep bare. I don't wear something like this but because the timing is perfect (we have the place all by ourselves) I decided to wear it.

Outfit. Prior to this trip I decided to order a one piece swimwear in Shein. This piece caught my attention because of it's pretty simple design- black and floral detail. The real purpose of getting a black one piece is to hide my belly fats but it turned out that it was a wrong decision because I got a deep bare back swimwear that showed off my back and side fats. HAHA! Anyway, confidence kept me going. I realized how afraid I was before in wearing swim wears when I'm still sexy and how confident I am in wearing it now that I'm 6 kilos heavier. Hahaha! Very opposite! Anyway, it's all on how you carry yourself confidently. Thank you Shein for this really cute one piece. You can avail yours too by clicking this


This week was full of events and festivities for our family. We celebrated consecutive birthdays of my cousins, grandma and brother. Imagine how many cakes and sweets I ate this week. *drools* Anyway, this week I was able to squeeze a quick R&R and date with Terry and Paulo. We went to Villas by Ecohotel in Mataas na Kahoy. I knew the place through facebook, got interested and saved the details and pictures for future purposes. Little did I know that I will be making a reservation last April 30. We we're lucky to get the deal for only Php 499 because starting last May 1 day tour starts at Php 699. 
The travel time from Batangas City to Ecohotel was like 30-45 minutes only maybe because there was no traffic and we left early. It was far from the city and the road was quite challenging because it was like driving going to Tagaytay via Talisay road. It's steep and looks like a one way road that's why you have to be extra careful. Day tour is from 8am-5pm and we were there at exactly 8 because we want to make the most out of our stay.

A little gate greeted us with the name "EcoHotel" when we arrived. The staffs were friendly and the vibe was really homey and welcoming. I asked the receptionist if how many guests they accommodate for a day tour. She said that they only accommodate 10 pax reservation in a day because the place is just small and they don't want the place to be crowded. We were lucky during that day because we were the only 3 people taking advantage of the beautiful place. See pictures and captions below for a quick and virtual tour :)
Ecohotel opened their private villa for us. The interior design iwas one thing that I loved about the place. The furniture and little decorations are also interesting. Just look at this door. Look at the details! It gave us the vibe of Indonesian culture.  
A lot of chit chat happened between me and this girl. Hint: She has a new crush! Hahaha (What's new?! joke) She really loved the place and took a lot of nice pictures too.  
Our favorite part! The view from the pool is beautiful. Looking straight will give you a view of Mt. Maculot while looking at the right will give you a view of Taal lake. The pool is just perfect. I think it's only until 5ft which makes it convenient for everyone. We spent almost 3 hours relaxing there. The place is very eco-friendly. There's no wifi nor music. The only thing you would hear is the sound of nature- sound of the chirping birds and the wind that passes by the trees. All we heard were our voices and laughs. It was really relaxing as if you're in a spa. 
Outfit. My boyfriend said that I'm the queen of rompers (HAHAHA) because I always have a new romper in my closet. Aside from maxi dresses and skirts, I'm also addicted in collecting rompers. It's not convenient to use especially when you have to go to the comfort room and you have to remove it from head toe. But rompers give me an easier life to style an outfit. It's just naturally appealing and you don't have to put much effort in wearing it. You just have to match it with cute accessories. This romper that I'm using is my current favorite from Shein. It's lightweight and flattering. The embroidery and little details are just too cute. I ordered the size small and it's still a big question mark on how it fitted me. Hahaha! Thanks Shein!

This Shein romper is on sale! You can avail it for only $17 or Php 850 instead of $23. :)
Click this for more details. :) 
Our day tour fee has an inclusion of a plated lunch of our choice. I had chicken barbecue while Paulo and Terry had pork steak and fish fillet. Each serving comes with a rice, veggies and shanghai rolls. :) We added potato wedges on our order which we weren't able to take a photo because we knocked it down even before we thought of taking a picture of it. Haha!
Thanks love for taking my pictures. :) Lakas maka pogi ng eyeglasses. HAHA
This is not a sponsored post btw (haha) but I highly recommend you Ecohotel for a private and complete R&R experience. Thanks for the warm welcome. Till next time! :)
** Thank you Shein for my romper :)