It's been a 3 week hiatus on the blog but I'm finally greeting you all a Merry Christmas!!! How was your holidays so far? I guess I'm just starting to savor mine since I've been hooked up in a roller coaster ride of experiences and emotions since the month started. The first week was full of blessings because after all the last minute turnaround I'm finally done with my pedo patient requirements! (Thank you Lord for the gift of patient and very long patience!) I'm not bringing a pedo stress in 2020 anymore! :P Going back, the second week was quite stressful for me. We were suppose to fly to Malaysia during that week but some mishaps and misunderstandings (passport conflict) had happened which lead to the cancellation of our trip last minute. But God is really good because He redirected and gave us a way better trip to look forward to in the start of 2020. I'm not gonna spill yet where we are going (not in Malaysia anymore because my mom believes that Malaysia isn't for us HAHA) but I'm so sure that there's no backing out because I'm the one who booked and arranged it. Everything is set already! 
For the holidays we went to Old Grove Farmstead again to celebrate the birthday of my boyfriend's sister. It was Paulo and I's second time there already (The first was during our 2nd Anniversary last October which you can read here). I was looking for a last minute outfit during that time and saw the clothes that I have sorted for our Malaysia trip. I got a few from FemmeLuxeFinery and SHEIN beforehand to bring but since the clothes that I ordered from Femmeluxe give more of tropical vibes I decided to use each of it for my holiday trips and events here in PH. Hence this dress. Isn't it cute? :)
You know how much I love wearing off shoulder dresses but I didn't thought of getting a fitted one for myself because I've always thought that I'm going to look fat in it. Uhm, I guess I was able to hide my holiday belly by picking the right color and print of the dress. (It also comes in red with polka dots, plain nude and white.) Another thing that I liked about this dress is that I can also use it as a top which I did during the evening when we went to stroll around the park. Femmeluxe offers a wide variety of clothes for the holidays such as Bodycon dress, Mini dress, Lace Bodysuit and Trousers! Check their site for more finds! 

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Happy Holidays! :)


Heyyy! I'm back with a new post on the first day of December! It's almost Christmas guys! Ahh, I'm already excited and has been looking forward for this month to come! What are your holiday plans? :) Well, as for me, I'm already looking forward in the upcoming parties and reunions of our family. We always celebrate our annual Christmas party every last week of December and it excites me every time my cousins abroad celebrate it with us. Another thing that excites me is our family travel this month. I'm excited for this one because I'll tick off another country in my bucket list with a new group of people! I really hope that this month will be one of a kind and memorable! December, please take all my stress awaaay!
Swinging in the last few days before this year ends, Paulo and I went to tick off another place in our bucket list. During the third week of October we went to Villa Jovita, the so called Bali of Batangas, to celebrate and enjoy our 25th monthsary together. We're not really the typical bf/gf who celebrates our monthsary every month but whenever we think of a new place to go we make use the date of our monthsary to remind us when we exactly went to that certain place. :) 
Outfit. If I would go to Bali this month (but sorry I'm not) I know I would have lots of options of dresses. I know my closet is made for places like this! I really love dressing in a tropical setting- maxis and flowy fabrics, floral and summer prints you name it! I know it sounds too much but every time I'm going to a new place I want to wear something new and something in theme. When I saw this dress from SHEIN I know I have to get it for our Villa Jovita trip. It's an asymmetrical ruffle jumpsuit dress- a combination of my 2 favorites. I loved the bold color because it stood out from the rest and it complemented the Bali vibes of the place. Of course I loved the style as well especially the long flowy back skirt. It really does its wonder every time I walk. The top of this jumpsuit can be quite revealing so I decided to wear a bandeau bra underneath. Overall, I really love this jumpsuit and I hope that I can still wear this again in my beach trips next year. Crossing my fingers I'll be slimmer for summer! Hahaha! :)  
Black Friday Sale is over but because SHEIN wants to extend their Christmas Sale for all their #SHEINgals they came up with a Cyber Monday that started yesterday and will last until December 3. Coupon code for an extra 15% off is still BF191689. Don't forget it upon check out! :) Don't forget to use the hashtags #SHEIN #SHEINgals #SHEINCYBERMONDAY when you post your SHEIN items too! :)

Asymmetrical Ruffle Wrap Jumpsuit from SHEIN- $28

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