My first summer beach trip this year happened two weeks ago in the beautiful resort at Lobo, Batangas. Lobo is not known for white beaches because instead of sand they have pebbles. This getaway is not mainly about the search for a beautiful beach but a relaxing resort away from the congested city. I, being the brain of galas in our family, searched for a resort to go to and checked the most googled one, Punta Verde. The website's pictures were too fascinating but I don't want to expect much since most websites have exaggerated and too edited pictures. We still agreed to go there and I must say, the almost two hours long drive + underdeveloped rocky roads + the lack of phone signal are just some of the most annoying things we encountered during our travel. My mom even told us to ditch the plan and find an alternative resort because we've already passed a lot of resorts and we're almost atop the mountain but still haven't find Punta Verde Dive Resort. Of course, I wouldn't let that happen. No. Not during the moment that we're almost there. When we reached the gates of Punta Verde, we were disappointed of how it looks. We entered and found nothing special. It looks like it was still under construction. I was embarrassed because my plans were a total fail! Little did we know that the resort we were looking for was not the usual resort everyone sees. It is situated at the mountain! I was like, for real? The place that we entered was just an extension of the main resort. From the beachfront, we hiked almost 200 steps up going to the main resort. Although the steps were quite steep and I experienced mild leg cramps during the hike, I still enjoyed the view going up with the matching stories of our friendly tour guide. They made sure to entertain every guests coming through the witty signages and quotations that can be seen in every stop. 
After the exhausting and long hike, this view came into picture. I do not have the right words to describe how relaxing the view was. I almost forgot everything that we've encountered during our way here because of this picturesque scenery. I could honestly spend my summer days here, with this view, and not get tired of it at all! Could you just please take me back? :(
I spent most of the time lounging by the pool. We were lucky that although it's a weekend, they accept walk-ins and the place wasn't crowded at all. In fact, we were the only guests during that day and we have the whole resort all by ourselves. 
Our tour guide let us explore the whole place including the rooms and cottages that they have for overnight stay and the amenities that they have in the resort. The one in the picture is the entrance to their villa which can accomodate 11-15 guests. They have a museum, restaurant, billiards area, hanging bridge etc. Every spot is just instagram worthy.  
Here's to my "achieve na achieve" look after finishing the First Dental Proper year successfully and realizing how many unexpected good things God  has blessed me with. <3
Another beach trip coming on the blog! Will give you an updated on my twitter and IG when it's up! :)
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One of the few things that I'm currently eyeing these past weeks are the lace up heels and flats. I've seen a lot from open window stores & online sites and here are some of those! Check these out!!!
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I would also love to tell you that Shein will be having a free shipping activity worldwide from April 20 at 6pm until April 21, 6pm. You have 24 hours to decide and shop everything that you love!!! Happy Shopping! :)

First Summer Gala. Even before summer started I already have lined up some trips with my family and friends in the nearby and out of town areas around Batangas. While I was excited and prepped up already for my first summer gala with my cousins 2 weeks ago, I received a text message from my Ninang the night before the gala saying that she couldn't be with us and has to cancel the plan. Imagine how disappointed I was during that night. :( Little did I know that my fairy godmother has already planned something beautiful for me the next day. When I woke up the next morning, my mom told me to look for a place where we can go during that day. My mom really knows how to cheer me up! She made me so happy for making my weekend plans and daydreams come into reality again. I immediately searched in google a nice beach where we can go and chill for the whole day. It suggested some places in Lobo, Batangas preferably Punta Verde Resort. Although it's almost a 2-hour drive away from the city, we still pushed the plan and drove all the way to Lobo. Anyway, a great company, music and views doesn't make any long trips boring at all. :) 
Outfit. Knowing that we're heading to the beach I made sure to dress up in my favorite go-to beach outfit. I wore this off shoulder lace sleeve top in medium size from CNDirect and paired it with this high-waist denim shorts from Bench. This top is a little bit sheer so if you're planning to buy one, make sure to wear a nude undergarment underneath it. Another thing, for those of you who are going to attend Coachella this summer, I suggest you to wear and give this top a try too! :) 
Location. These pictures were all taken on our first stop, the famous Malabrigo Lighthouse. I can't wait to share with you the beautiful hidden resort that we went to in my next post. Stay tuned! :)
Outfit Details
Top from CNDirect
Shorts from Bench
Necklace from Jexshop

Hey guys! Before anything else, I forgot to announce here on the blog that I'm officially on summer break. I am officially back in blogging too and I'm happy because there wouldn't be a blog hiatus anymore. I really can't wait to show you the recent road trips that I've been to since summer started, my summer goals and of course my daily and weekly outfits. But before my summer posts start let me share to you a fun shoot that we had featuring this lovely Black Long Sleeve PU Leather Jacket. Actually, since then, I've been already searching for a high quality moto jacket that would top the rest of the moto jackets that I've seen and tried. It's just like choosing a boyfriend. You have your own preferences and standards but at the end you only get to choose one among all who truly impressed and loved you the most. #Hugot Haha. Anyway, I can say that this moto jacket was the one. Aside from having a high quality, not too thick nor thin and comfy material, the design and cropped style won my heart. Unfortunately, I still have to wait for months before I get to wear this jacket again here in the Philippines. (except for some places like Baguio or out of the country). Anyway, greeting you all a lovely day ahead! :)

Backless Prom Dresses

I cannot deny the fact that since I started blogging almost half of my life has been spent online- doing online reviews, publishing online posts, promoting links and photos in social accounts and the like. Other than all of those things, my favorite perk of being a blogger is that I get to work and be partnered with different local and international brands online. I started to love online shopping and since then, I started purchasing almost all the clothes that I have now online. Just recently I purchased a pair of sandals from an online shop that I've always loved named Zalora from its brand Something BorrowedI actually don't buy shoes online due to the lack of size but knowing that it's Zalora and it holds different shoe brands with US sizes, I immediately took the plunge. 
Being wise when it comes to online shopping, I made an account in Shopback and used it to order and make a purchase in Zalora. I bought a pair of sandals for Php 629 + Php 100 shipping fee and got a 12% cashback. I saved Php 31.45 and it was automatically sent in my account which can be passed in my Paypal or bank account. How cool is that, right? You know now how much I regret those times that I shopped online without using Shopback. I could have saved more!! :( Anyway, I encourage you to make your own account here and use Shopback to save whenever you shop. Get Php 100 bonus when you make your first purchase! If you want to know more about Shopback and how it works, you can refer to my recent post


Hi dear shoppers! Today I'm sharing with you my latest discovery and shopping hack called Shopback. Would you believe me if I say there's a way for you to get a portion of your money back when you shop? Yes you can!!! This Singaporean website makes it possible by sharing the commission it earns from the online stores to us, shoppers. It has already reached the Philippines and would love to expand their connections in the whole South East Asia. 
Who wouldn't love Shopback when you have over 300 online regional and global stores to shop from, right? From fashion brands, to beauty products, electronics down to travel deals they actually have it all for us. There are so many shops to choose from! My personal favorites would be Zalora, ASOS, Groupon, Forever21, Lazada and Agoda! Don't you dare miss out the great deals Shopback has in store! I'm sure they have pretty much big discounts and cashbacks on fashion and travels during this summer season!  
How much could you actually save from shopback? Let's say for instance I purchased a pair of flats from Zalora for Php 1000 and it offers a 6% cashback plus apair of heels which costs P2000 and a 10% cash back. I get a Php 60 cashback from my flats and Php 200 from heels into my Shopback account with a total of Php 260. This means that the more you shop and the larger cash back deal you get, the more extra savings you have! You can either cash it out from your bank account or Paypal account. 

Remember, don't miss out these great deals and cashbacks! Enjoy shopping! :)