Hello everyone! Today's post is something different because this is my first time to share with all of you my skincare products! I'm no beauty guru and I don't have a perfect skin (in fact, my face is almost always red and my cheeks has a lot of pimple marks and blemishes huhu) that's why I'm looking for the best kind of products that will work perfectly on my skin. I have a combination type of skin (Oily on the cheeks and dry on the nose) and I'm quite having a hard time looking for products that will work best on me. When I was in Korea I was overwhelmed with the amount of beauty boutiques in every corner of every street I see. I'm not exaggerating though. Koreans are very concerned with their skin particularly their faces and everytime I see them I get a little bit insecure of the marks on my face. I've been using some products and I have my own skin care routine too but I believe that I need to level up those and change everything since I don't see any changes from using it. I became concerned with my face and did some research when I was in Korea. I was able to score some Korean products like the Some By Mi 30-Day Miracle toner which I've been using for 2 months already. I don't use any toner before but after I've been so interested and watched a lot of vlogs in youtube, I realized how important a toner is in one's everyday routine. I can testify to that because the toner that I'm using works best on me. I'm definitely going to repurchase it (even if it's quite expensive).
After I went back to Korea and brought home a toner and a lot of face masks (they were so cheap in Korea!!!) I realized that I want to try more of the K-beauty products that I've been only seeing from the internet. My curiosity led me to Althea Korea. This is not a promotional post but I want to share with you my experience in shopping in Althea. I actually shopped from 2 online shops, Althea and BeautyMNL. From BeautyMNL, I bought the famous Laneige lip sleeping mask only because it's cheaper there and they have small packaged samples for less while I bought most of my new set of skincare products from Althea. When I bought before from Althea, they offer 15% discount for the first time buyers and I took advantage of that. I also took advantage the free shipping for Php 999+ above hence the title. Hahaha! Let me tell you my recent purchases from Althea.
Here's how the packaging looks. By the way, my package arrived in good condition but I quite got bored waiting because it took 3 weeks before it was delivered. Tagal :( Tip: If you're planning to purchase from them be sure to do it 1 month before your current products were gone. Althea is based in Korea and it took quite some time to deliver. I mean it took longer in the processing hub in the Philippines. 
#1. The Faceshop Jeju Aloe Ice (Php 240) - I've been a user of Aloe Vera gel from The Faceshop for almost a year and I apply it after I wash my face with facial cleanser. I noticed that this aloe vera gel doesn't do anything to my face and sometimes still cause breakouts and redness. Maybe it just doesn't work for my skin type. I use it instead for sunburns and for hair growth and I'm glad I changed its purpose instead of as moisturiser. Instead of buying the same Aloe Vera gel I switched to Jeju Aloe Ice. I've read and watched a lot of good reviews about it especially when it's put on the fridge before use. I haven't tried it yet but maybe next week I'm gonna give it a try and update this post once again. :)
#2. Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam (Php 340) Before I use this facial cleanser from innisfree I've been using the Rice Water Bright facial cleanser from The Faceshop. I can atest on how smooth and fresh looking my face looks like after every application I do with it. But because I want an upgrade and I realized already what's my main concern about my face I switched on to this Jeju Volcanic Pore cleanser foam from Innisfree. This product has actually the most number of good reviews and one of the best seller from Althea. I'm captivated by its product description and realized that it's what I was really looking for for the longest time. Ho and Behold, it lived up my expectations! This is so far the best and most effective product that I purchased from Althea. It tighten my face after every wash and makes my face softer. I also noticed that my blemishes and scars lightened and lastly, I don't experience severe breakouts just like what I had experienced during the past months. I highly recommend this product and would repurchase it. 
#3. The Faceshop eyebrow pencil (Php 150)- This is actually a repurchase already. This is my go to "pang kilay" and I've been using it since January this year. I love the ease of application and it's also a plus that this product is very cheap. I have it in shade dark brown btw.
#4. THE SAEM tip concealer (Php 200)- This is another favorite purchase from Althea. Before I have this I'm using the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in shade sand. I'm using it for the reason that it's the only concealer that I know and have tried in the market. It's actually my first concealer to try and I've been using it for a year already. Because I told myself that I wanted to step up and try other products for my face I decided to order this The Saem tip concealer. When I tried it I thought it was just like my concealer before but noooo, it's totally different. I noticed that it has a better coverage and it lightens pimple marks. Another thing is that I also noticed that this concealer has smooth finish and it doesn't look "cakey" unlike my previous one. This product is highly recommended and I'm going to purchase it again. :)
#5. Natural Pure Cotton Pads (Php 140)- This is a new discovery for me. (I know a lot of you use this already! Hahaha sobrang late bloomer lang!) I learned it from two of my friends while we were in Korea. I was asking my room mate to give me some cotton balls one night but she gave me cotton pads. She told me it's better to use it since most makeup gurus in youtube use it. I started to look for one in Althea and went for the most reviewed cotton pads. These cotton pads are definitely better than using cotton balls! They hold the liquids that I apply on my face way better thus making no products wasted. I'll surely repurchase this soon.
#6. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion (Php 80)- I actually haven't tried this item yet because I don't know when it is applied in my skincare routine. Honestly speaking, I only get to buy this one because I still have 80 pesos left to make my purchase Php 1000. Hahaha! Anyway, I'd definitely try this product and update this blog for my honest review. :)

You can track your parcel here after shopping! There you have it! I can't wait for my next purchases from Althea Korea! :)


Hey guys! How are you all? I'm finally discharged from the hospital last Tuesday and have been keeping up with all the responsibilities that was left to me. It seems that there are a lot of things need to be done and I'm finally welcoming and embracing it again with open arms. 

Anyway, one of my favorite eyewear brand is introducing a new set of categories from their website. Jupitoo has a lot more to offer and their team has came up with a new set of categories on their shop namely: sports glasses (which will come in prescription glasses, sunglasses and even goggles! Can you believe that? You can already see the beauty under the sea while wearing a stylish and equally protective equipment that doesn't feel one!), kids glasses- which I'm sure is very relevant nowadays. A lot of kids are diagnosed with poor eyesight because of being exposed too long in gadgets like tablets and phones. Most doctors prescribe wearing eyeglasses as early as possible to correct their eyesight.) and classic glasses (Yes, i'm pertaining to those classic cat eye and round timeless frames that will never go out of style!). I visited the following links and looks like they're still stocking up and preparing everything for their clients. But apart from it you may continuously visit their website (www.jupitoo.com) to constantly view what's new from those categories or you may stay updated in this post! :)

You may also view their blog so you can get some ideas with regards in choosing the glasses and frames that suits you or the newest sunglasses trends that will still come up this 2019 and lot more! :) 

Stay tuned for more blog updates! Don't forget to visit their website for web promotions and discounts! Thanks for reading! :)


Hello everyone! It's funny how things have been so playful lately. First week of July- This is the most stressful week for me. It was the time I felt so down because there were a lot of mishaps that ruined my plans for my summer clinic. I have been ditched by one of my most important patient (revalida with rct case) that I'm dealing with since last semester. Little did I know that God is going to bless and give me with another one who's better and braver (but without rct case huhu help me find one). Second week- I was brought to the ER and was diagnosed of hypokalemia. I was so weak during that time that I cannot move my legs. I was experiencing a muscle paralysis. I'm still continuing my medications and I'm really hoping that I'll get better na because just last Sunday, I was rushed to the ER again. I'm currently writing this blog post in my hospital room because I've got nothing to do but rest and gain back my energy for tomorrow's responsibilities in school (Sana makauwi nako). I've been here for 3 days and 2 nights already but I'm doing better now and wishing that I can go home this afternoon. Last week was also by far the most productive week for me. I did my last resto requirement, I've started with my revalida rehab, I'm done with my perio surgery defense, finally half way of my posterior fpd requirement, and got an odontec walk-in patient who's very willing and cooperative! I still have some more requirements left and I really hope that I'll be able to finish everything this coming semester. I'm also grateful for having good mentors whom I consider my superheroes, my helpful friends who are my happy pills, and my supportive family who has been my inspiration and motivation to keep going. I have realized that there are still a lot of people who believe in my capabilities and they were the ones who brought out the best in me. I owe you a lot! Thank you for guiding me and teaching me a lot of things that I was once afraid to do. :)
Outfit. My outfit in this look is inspired by one of my favorite local bloggers, Verniece Enciso. I opted to wear white to our recent beach trip few weeks ago and thought of wearing this Dropship dress from one of my dress collection. If you remember from a blog post that I made last year, I have this dress also in color red. Now I have it in white and is thinking of getting it in blue and yellow. I just love the style of this dress. It's very feminine, youthful and chic. It can be dressed from formal (heels and clutch bag) down to casual (body bag and sandals) just like what I did for this look. I would also love to complement my newest rattan bag from SHEIN. I know everyone's raving about how nice it is and yup, it looks really cute and chic. It's perfect for my other upcoming beach trips next month! I'm also thinking of getting it in other designs. What do you think? :)
Crochet dress from Dropship
Rattan Bag from SHEIN

SHEIN Coupon code: Q3shaira (extra 15% off) July 1 to September 30
I badly want to graduate already. I badly want to practice my career already. I badly want to help my mom already. I need to take away my fears, my what ifs, my buts and whys and instead learn the art of believing in my capabilities and trusting the process. I know I'm scared and worried a lot of times but deep down I know that I can because God is always with me. :) 


Hello everyone! Cheers to my second post this month. I’m sorry for quite a week of hiatus. I’m back to school for our summer clinic but I promise that I will always update my blog for you. My starter post for this month is something cute and special since I’m introducing a new brand to me which is no other than Zapaka. I was curious about the story behind the brand since it is my first time to hear about it. Little did I know that it is a German brand that showcases retro and vintage-inspired mood and vibes. I love finding online stores like this one and what I’m excited is to see what they have in store for everyone!
 I’m surprised to see a wide collection of beautiful pastels and laces, florals and satins and big polkas in each dresses that they have. Not only that, they also offer quaint and pretty accessories such as brooches, clutch bags, glasses, petticoats and chains. I can almost see and spot all the things that give me eye hearts and I hope you get spot your favorites too because in partnership with Zapaka I’m offering a 10% discount off per entire order for every customer by using the code: BLOG10. If I were you, I’m gonna start checking out their website because a lot of beautiful things are waiting! :)
You can also check out their youtube channel customer reviews by clicking this video link :)


I missed doing monthly update on the blog! This is my first this year and I'm going to share you a few highlights last June. Read the captions below! :)
First Week
The main highlight of the first week of June was the celebration of my youngest brother's birthday. We celebrated his birthday in a local restaurant with the family plus our lola. Our youngest is already 17! Time flies really fast.

Second Week
Second week was spent running errands and going out with family and boyfriend. I also became busy during the whole month of June in updating my blog and making the most of it before summer clinic starts. I watched some movies with my boyfie, went on a few road trips with my family, spent most of my time with my lola singing in karaoke and became so addicted with skin care products that I'll show you my haul after this post. (Yes, I gave in!) This was also the month I activated again my youtube channel and uploaded my first ever vlog so if you guys subscribed to it, just tell me so I can return the favor. :)

Fourth Week 
During the last week of June we celebrated my boyfie's 24th birthday. I gave him a pair of shoes as a birthday gift. Actually it's a no surprise already because I let him choose a pair when I was still in Korea. Haha! I've always wanted to give him a pair because every time I ask him what he wants he would answer me, "I want a pair of shoes!" Haha. And yes, I found the perfect timing to buy him one because this doesn't only served as a gift but also a pasalubong.
It was rainy during his birthday. Our plans didn't really went smooth that day because first, we were supposed to go to a fancy and famous cafe that we only saw online but was disappointed when we saw it in person (I don't know why they we're all rating it as 4.5/5 but honestly, it looks like there's nothing so special about it). Second, our Plan B didn't worked too. We were suppose to go to Nayomi Resort to eat our lunch in their Anahaw Restaurant but the weather didn't cooperated plus we were lost and ended up going to the wrong direction. The only thing that went according to plan was we were able to visit the churches that we want to go. We went to St. Joseph, St. Vincent Ferrer, Mt. Carmel and St. Clare. :)
We had our lunch at a Japanese restaurant- Teriyaki Boy. There's nothing really special with my order which is the Tonkatsu but the ramen that we ordered made up for it. Ang sarap ng Miso Butter Ramen. 
After our lunch we headed to Yellow cab to satisfy my cravings for Hazelnut banana crunch. Paulo enjoyed it as much as I did. Haha! We were also given a small tub of potato wedges in exchange of answering the survey.

Outfit of the Month
Of all the outfits that I wore this June, this dress from Dropship online store is my favorite. It actually arrived last April but it was only this month that I was able to wear it. I was so impressed and happy with my order. Here are the reasons why.
First, the fabric of this dress is cotton. It's very soft and comfortable to wear. Second, the color is so summery and exactly the same as the one in their website. I sometimes have trust issues when it comes to how a dress looks like on displays online and how it looks in person. This dress lived up my expectations! Third, I loved the length of this maxi. It has a perfect cut and ruffle details on the bottom to pass as a beach dress!
* I got it from Dropship Dresses category btw :)
If you also want to try some Dropship Clothes, you may click the link or personally head on to their website. They're currently having a Big Sale! Don't miss it out! :)