Hi guys! It's almost a month of school works already and I'm getting used to all the stress. Haha! Anyway, to make this post school rant and stress free let me share you some of the beauty products that I got in the mail earlier this month. I'm no beauty blogger but I guess when you enter the world of blogging you have to be versatile and accept all the opportunities in front of you. I started as a personal blogger then fashion then travel. Who knows? Maybe this is the start of my beauty blogging career! :) To start with, I was contacted by BornPrettyStore to review some of their beauty products and gladly accepted the offer. My views and opinion of the products are 100% honest and unbiased. 
First things first is the Matte moisturizing waterproof lip gloss. I ordered a nude colored lip gloss and was so excited to try it after I received it. The packaging was okay as it was properly sealed. When I opened the box and tried it for myself, I was disappointed that it didn't appeared nude like in the website. It's more of an orange. Not only that, it creates cracks on my lips and it doesn't give justice to its website description. 
Matte Velvet lipstick. I ordered two from them. One which is in purple color and one in pink. First, I love the packaging. It's cute and looks luxurious for its price. As of the quality, it's one thing I would recommend you, guys. The purple lipstick is honestly my current favorite. It's true to its color, lasts for 5-6 hours and true to its matte description. For the second item, I really don't know why I got a red one. It was supposed to be pink because I ordered a pink one. But for some reason, I love the quality of this matte red lipstick same as the purple one. It's long lasting and true to its matte description too. This will for sure be overused in night outs and events! Overall, I'm satisfied with these 2 ordered lipsticks and I would probably order and try the other colors for myself too! :)
That's it! Hope you liked my first entry in beauty blogging. Haha! You can have a 10% discount for any purchase when you use my coupon code, SHAAT10. Let's stay connected through twitter (@Shairaaaaa) and instagram (@shairangelique) for blog updates! :) 

I miss summer! I miss the sun, the beach, the sea, the stress-free life! As much as I wanted to see the sun shining again our classes were suspended early this morning because of heavy rainfall. Let's go back to reality. Classes started last week and the expenses for dental materials already stressed me out. It's really expensive to go to dental school but I'll work really hard to be successful in this profession. So far, I'm enjoying the moment as a second year dental proper and hopefully it gets better and more exciting on the coming days and weeks. Looking forward to a  memorable and one for the books semester! :)
Outfit. This pair of pants that I'm wearing is my wardrobe favorite. It's something I'll choose to wear in any random hang-outs or galas with friends. I paired it with a black top and I like how it complemented each other. To top everything, my favorite piece in this outfit would be my bag from Newchic. It's spacious enough to fit all the essentials plus it's durable. Isn't the design cute too? :)
Bag from Newchic
I want you to meet my sassy friend, Mai. She's just new to blogging and it would be a great pleasure if you check out her blog :)
Let's stay connected through twitter (@Shairaaaaa) and instagram (@shairangelique) for blog updates! :) 
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