Hey guysss! It's been weeks since I last posted here. I'm sorry for the long hiatus. I've been so so busy and stressed with school :( that I needed to focus and allocate more time in doing school stuffs. But anyway, before I get into more SERIOUS school stuffs (yes, there's more serious and harder part huhu) I want to share with you a review of my recent order online. 

Aside from clothes- dresses, bags, shoes you name it, I'm now also fond of ordering consumer electronics. I think my boyfriend influenced me the most when it comes to things like this. I recently ordered a LED Bluetooth Speaker from Gearbest. I was quite hesitant at first because it's my first time to order from them and the product itself may not justify the descriptions written. 

Packaging. So here's my order, AEC BQ- 615 PRO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. I got it after almost a month that I placed my order. I don't know what took it so long to arrive but it doesn't matter to me since I know that they don't have their warehouse in the Philippines and it requires international shipping. The package arrived in a simple packaging which consists of a speaker and 2 cords- one for charging and the other one as a connector. The speaker looks so simple- about a size of an iPad mini (1 inch smaller, I guess) and in color white. I liked the minimal and clean look.

Because I was so intrigued to hear songs from the speaker I immediately connected the speaker to my phone and iPad. This speaker is surprisingly one of the best bluetooth speaker that I have now. The sound quality is superb as it doesn't break even if I put it in its loudest. The battery life is also long. I'm always using it for 7 hours straight (YES! I'm that addict) everyday and I only charge it when it's showing warning signs of low battery. The LED lights are also entertaining. This speaker honestly surpassed my expectations. I mean for $25, the product is really cheap for a quality worth $50!

I told him to sing for me over the phone! His voice was heard all over the room because of the speakers hahaha! 
This speaker matched the wireless microphone that Paulo gave me for Valentine's! Cutieee

If you're looking for a bluetooth speaker of good quality I highly recommend you to buy this product. Thank you Gearbest for the speaker! I also suggest you to visit their fashion site at https://stylebest.gearbest.com/