Lately I've been seeing and hearing a lot of  negative rants and words from a lot of people especially in the social network sites. 

For today's post I thought of sharing with you my secret to a positive and happy life. It doesn't mean that I don't encounter problems, I'm human lol, but I make it a point to think of all these positive thoughts that motivates me all throughout the day... 
1. Today is an awesome day. Life has its ups and downs. Life isn't perfect and there’s no way it will be. Seize the day and you will begin attracting awesome things to come your way.
2. I will do everything today until my best wasn't good enough. I can handle more than I think I can. Think of what/who inspires you. Think of your goals. Believe that you can. It's more fulfilling to think that "I did it and even though it didn't turned out great, at least i tried" than live your whole life full of "what-ifs" because you didn't. If you've come this far, go farther. Do your best and when you've given your all, God will do the rest. :)
3. I will see the good in everything and everyone. Stop comparing and start doing. If you knew that your crush has a bf already, think that maybe  the guy is not meant for you. Wait for the right one. He's probably just that person you used to sit next in class or the guy you used to pass through across the corridor. Haha! Cheer up :)
4. I am calm and relaxed. It’s up to you on how you will handle all the flaws life has for you. You may take it as your strength which will motivate you to be better or may either take it as your weakness which will destroy and corrupt you for the worst. You'll be happier if you stop stressing about the little things. Keep calm and just let things happen! Go with the flow. After all, Life goes on…  

5. Everything always happens for a reason. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive of what could go right. One day you'll look back and say "Oh, Now it all makes sense." Remember: if you're at your worst now, you will for sure be at the top sooner or later. He's just preparing everything for your grand entrance! :) 

Outfit Details
Top: Splash
Skirt: Sharagano
Necklace: H&M 
Gladiators: Parisian (gift from Ate Kamille)
Bag: YADU (gift from Nicole)

Hope you find a little motivation and encouragement from this post! :) 


Hi guys! Christmas is already coming!!! I know everyone's excited about it. It's that time of the year again to decorate our houses with Christmas decorations and buy some gifts for our friends and families! To help you with all your decorating dilemmas and exciting shopping of gifts here are some of the Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts suggestions I picked from Bedding Inn

I was browsing through the site of Bedding Inn until I came across the section of Christmas wall arts and Christmas Wall Stickers. I personally thought that it can be one of the best decoration you can put this season. It will surely give an instant glow in your rooms.

Aside from those Christmas decorations here are also some of the Christmas gift ideas I picked. These are some of the cutest items I personally like from their site. Perfect gift ideas which you can give to your friends and special someone. It will surely make them smile and feel special.

Wishing you all a great day! :) 


2 weeks ago I had a photo shoot for my cousin's entries for her final exam in Photography. The chosen theme was Dramatic Angel and she asked me if I could model for her since she thinks that I fit the character of an angel. We shoot these photos in our parents' home town because out of all the shooting places we listed it seemed like it is the perfect place to shoot all of these. I couldn't be more proud of her photography skills because she took these photos like a real professional. 

As promised here are some of the photos she took. :) I hope you'll like it!

These are some of the pictures my cousin sent me for the exhibit. I love the results. The pictures look very timeless and dramatic. We made it! 

This whole photo shoot wouldn't turn out this great and be possible without the photographer, my cousin- Aimee Bustillo. :) Thanks for making me your model for this photo shoot. I'm looking forward to more fun shoots and times with you my little sister! Belated Happy 18th Birthday. :) I love you!
Photographer: Aimee Bustillo
Industrial Design student- University of Santo Tomas


My sembreak went by fast and I still have a hang-over!!! I'm happy that my sembreak wasn't boring at all. I barely stayed inside the house because there were many events I was invited to plus catch-ups with my friends and cousins I seldom see. Believe it or not, I gained 3 kilos the whole sembreak. Huhu! 
When I'm not outside, my days were basically spent updating and arranging photos for my blog and watching movies. But there's one thing I'm happy about and it's that I'm back to reading again! :) These 2 chick flicks are my favorite pieces. The first one was featured here while the second one was a late birthday gift from my Ninang. :)
Here are some of the gifts that I received during my 18th Birthday <3 There were still late birthday gifts that were given that I wasn't able to include here. I can't believe I had received these number of bags because I'm not a bag collector and I only have few bags (a backpack, shoulder bag and tote bag which I take turn in using in school) and a couple of clutches. Now, I have lots to choose from! Thanks for the tops, skirts and dresses, as well as the accessories, shoes and perfumes but most especially to the girl who exerted an effort in sketching my picture. <3 Thank You. 
An all black outfit for an elegant look.
The two debuts I attended. I'm with my college friends in the first picture while I'm with my high school friends in the second. It feels good to be reunited again!
Aside from attending debuts I also attended several children parties during the last weeks of sembreak with my family. You know now why I gained so much weight. I always find myself going back to the sweets section. I can't help but munch and munch a lot of sweets lately. 
A simple and comfy outfit for a long day. 
Dressing up every Halloween has been a tradition for us every year already. These are just  some of our photo ops before we had our trick or treat. You can view the complete details of my outfit here. Btw, I did my make-up here!! Haha. 
Before school started, my cousins and I still  managed to go to the city. We had a long, fun and loud roadtrip! I'm going to miss this. Huhu! Good thing we were still able to do it before our schedules don't permit us. Anyway we dropped by Mega mall to visit the first branch of H&M here in PH. It was so huge (with 3 floors)! The line in the cashiers and fitting rooms were crazyyy! 
I'm currently in love with neutral pieces and I find myself wearing lots of it lately. White, black and nude are just easy to style and complement with. 
Here's to one of the highlight of my sembreak, our photoshoot. I promised to post this next but the photographer advised not to first until all the pictures were submitted this week. But I promise it will be up next to this one. :)

I hope you all had a great sembreak experience! :) 


I've never tried wearing a white dress before because I believed the thought that white dress makes me look fatter while in contrary, black dress makes me look slimmer. Did you get my point? But since I was tasked to wear a white outfit for a photo shoot (which I will share in my next post) I tried to look for a white dress that will suit my body frame. Good thing though, after fitting a lot of dresses and looking for almost 20 shops, I found the perfect dress! I loved the fit on me :) I realized that sometimes what you think of something isn't always true, like my perspective of white dresses. You have to give it a try first to be able to find out if it suits you or not.
I paired my white dress with a pair of heels for an elegant look. You know how much I love wearing heels even though I am already tall because it makes me more confident. I guess it's true that tall people won't be satisfied at once and will eventually want to be taller! Haha. 

I am happy because recently, I've came across an online shop named ZALORA Philippines and got addicted browsing its collections. My favorite section among all would be the women sandals, especially the Heels. Another thing is that I always check out Zalora's accessories collection-- from necklaces, bangles and pendants down to bracelets and rings. I'm definitely ordering from them. 
Hope you're all having a great week so far! :)