Heyyyy yooo!!! Hellooo bloooogg! I missed you big time! My life has been pretty busy lately. Uhm, I mean very busy!!! Since school started I already felt the pressure and responsibilities of being a Ms. Dentistry and a junior clinician in practice. Having started my journey as a student role model entails bigger responsibilities that I have to face soon. I'm going to experience again one of the many firsts in my life and it would be probably one of the biggest challenge and highlight of my year. I've doubted myself so many times but I still pushed it through because I'm holding on to those little reasons why I should not give this up. As for my studies, I'm still trying to figure out on how to balance studying for the lectures and working on my clinical requirements. Clinics can be tough. I learned to discipline myself  and practice proper time management- wake up at 5am, leave at pass 6 and arrive at 6:30 am just to be an early bird to reserve and get a nice dental chair. Not only that, I used to set up my things early and it's no joke to juggle and run from the locker room going back to the dental dispensary. Although clinic hours can be really tiring, it makes everything bearable and fulfilling after seeing the big smiles on my patients face after every procedure. Ang saya sa feeling. :) They keep coming back and tells me how thankful they are because of what I did. 
Outfit: I don't really wear polo top or dress but this one caught my attention while browsing Zaful's online site. This cute bunny dress is the perfect dress to wear on Sundays, date days and just casual days while running errands. It's comfy and breezy and at the same time stylish and kinda conservative looking. I got my tote bag from Zaful too. If you have noticed I usually buy small bags because it's easier to carry around and it match with outfits. But, on the other hand, small bags can't accommodate everything that I used to bring whenever I go out and I need a bigger tote bag to put in all the essentials that I have. This bag is spacious enough to carry everything even the mini bag that I used to bring anywhere. Haha! :)

Dress and Bag from Zaful
Guys, wish me all the luck!!! :) See ya on my next posts!