A week ago I had a spontaneous road trip with my boyfriend and high school batch mate, Charlotte. I've been feeling a little bit stressed lately that I felt the need to take a break from from all the worries that I have. Good thing that Charlotte messaged me and kept on insisting that we should go on a road trip to Antipolo. But since it was gloomy and a little bit raining we decided to go on a whole day road trip tp Tagaytay. It's the most convenient place we usually go to everytime we want to relax and discover new places to try and visit. :) 
We had our brunch at Cafe Voila. It's one of the highest rated restaurant in Tagaytay by Zomato. I love the ambiance of the place. It's relaxing, "very millenial", and colorful. They have a wide variety of foods in their menu but we weren't able to eat our preferred order which is their best selling chicken satay because it's too early for it and the only thing that they offer during that time were breakfast meals :(  I consider the menu pricey but if ever you happen to pass by the place, you can check this restaurant! Give their chicken and pork adobo breakfast meal a try! :) A breakfast meal would cost you around Php 350-400 per serving. 
After eating brunch we went in Crosswinds to unwind. Paulo and Charlotte surely had a great time there. The place is relaxing because the only thing that we could hear is the sound of nature. The place has the perfect ambiance to emote! (May wind effect pa! Haha!)
After Crosswinds we decided to go to People's Park. Before we even continued walking to the main gate we've decided not to continue already because the place is too crowded. We decided to go to the Korean Temple in Silang Cavite instead but when we got there, the care takers didn't allowed us to enter because it was already privately owned. :( If you could just see Paulo's reaction during that time! Winner e sa super panghihinayang! Haha! Cute ng love ko! We then decided to go to the city and have our lunch at Bag of Beans but when we got there the place was really crowded. :( We headed to Twin Lakes to to try our luck but we ended up at 7/11 and bought sandwiches and snacks that suffice our hungry tummies. Haha! Super changes, sorry! :( Haha!
My Tagaytay trips aren't complete if I didn't visit Caleruega church. That day was pretty special because I'm with Charlotte who's a first timer in the place and of course, Paulo.
Before going home we had our early dinner at Sa Pinggan in Lemery, Batangas. I purposely wanted to try out this place because I've been reading a lot of good reviews. They also have a variety of foods from their menu with affordable prices. The foods tasted all good especially the sweet and sour fish fillet. :) 
I really hope I can go for another trip or even more trips in the coming weeks! Have a great day guys! :)


Hey guys! The past few months had been stressful in school. I thought I wouldn’t be that type of student who’ll binge on what they call “stress-eating” because for the past years I think I’ve lost my appetite after I started losing weight. But, that’s only my thoughts when I wasn’t stressed yet. I realized how eating, at some point, suffice my stressful state. My body is not responsible for it but my emotions. I swear, I eat because I’m sad or I’m stressed. With that, I realized that I eventually started gaining weight. :(  

Image from Curious Mind Magazine

I’ve been thinking of going back to working out and going on a strict diet again. I have thoughts of going back to the gym or maybe just a zumba or some workout sessions here in our house but one of my friends advised me to try yoga. I haven’t tried yoga but it seems interesting. My friend told me that I will not loose much weight unlike in sweating it all out in the gym but it’ll help in my muscle endurance and challenge my strength in balancing and flexing. It’s also a sort of meditation and relaxation wherein it helps release anxiety and depression.

I guess I really have to try yoga but before anything else I need to prepare first my yoga outfit! First things first, yoga pants. I have some preferences in choosing yoga pants just like how I choose my outfits. First, I want it to be comfortable and super stretchy. What are yoga pants if you cannot stretch and move in it properly? Next is I want it to be thick and sturdy enough so that there will be no broken stitches or holes after I use it consecutively. Third, I want high waisted yoga pants as it covers my tummy and the things that need to be covered. I’m used to wearing high waisted pants. Fourth is the design, of course. I’m really particular my look every time I start to workout or go to the gym. I always buy pieces that I know will look good on me because in that way, I become more motivated to workout. Haha! :)

For those of you who wants to try doing yoga just like me and plans on buying some yoga pants, send me an update and tell me your thoughts about the pants that you bought! :) See you in my next posts!


Of course, with every season, there are new fashion essentials. For those who want to look good now and want to wear the latest trend-setting styles, these are a few of the many items you should add to your wardrobe today.

1. A belted trouser – This is not only distinct in its own way but will help you look your best in formal or casual settings. They are form-fitting, can dress up easily for work, or you can dress down for a day out as well.

2. Button-up shirt – Not just any button-up shirt, go with colour blocking. Choose shirts which interact, which can be manipulated for your outfit, and can easily be transitioned for day or evening wear.

3. The chunky sneaker – Yes, they can work well for a day on the town, for a nice summer afternoon when you don’t want to dress up, or even lunch with friends. White, black, or anything in between, you can pair them up with any outfit for an afternoon.

4. The midi dress – It provides full coverage without overdoing it. Floral print, single or multi-colour, or layered options are available. Perfect or the transition from winter to spring, and into the summer months ahead.

5. An oversized hoodie – Yes, there are still a few days it’ll be chilly out. With the right hoodie you can cover up, keep it casual, and easily pair up your favorite pair of skinny jeans, white tee, and your favorite sneakers. A great way to keep things casual, all while looking your best in the process.

If you like to look your best, no matter what you are doing or where you are going you need the right clothing and essentials. These are some staples for your wardrobe, as we transition into the summer season ahead. All of the above essentials are available from online catalogues. If you are interested in purchasing some of these products then I would recommend using a catalogue comparison site.

Outfit. I've always been fascinated by cute summer dresses with cute details and bright colors. When I saw this dress from Zaful I know I have to get it for my beach trip. The color is just too bright and cute for a summer outfit plus I'm currently loving yellow. The cute asymmetrical ruffle detail in the front and back made it more feminine while the "not-so-deep" bare front and back made it more classy and sultry. The length of this dress is just perfect for a little conservative touch. Overall, this dress is a perfect summer dress whether you're going on road trips or beach trips. :)

If you have thoughts of purchasing this, you can get it for an additional 10% off by using the code: ZFNancy upon checkout. :)
Plunging Neck Ruffled Belted Floral Dress // $18.99 
Talking about the beach trip that I went to... Last month I went to Stilts in Calatagan Batangas for a day tour beach trip with Paulo's family. I've seen and heard a lot of good feedbacks and comments about the beach but I haven't been to that place prior to our trip. It was a pretty 2 hour drive from Batangas City to Calatagan. When we got there the first thing that caught my attention is the big number of bougainvillea flowers that Stilts have. It's literally everywhere- from the parking area down to the beach area! It makes the whole place attractive and charming to the guests eyes. There were also 2 equally huge pools near the entrance and the beach and of course everyone's reason for visiting Stilts- the famous Maldives-inspired floating cottages. I don't know how much a one night stay costs but I'm sure it's expensive. Haha! :) 
Everything in Stilts is beautiful but the pure white sand of the beach is my favorite. It reminds me of Alona beach in Panglao, Bohol. Ang ganda!!!  I didn't cared anymore if I'll get a sunburn or what (HAHA). I just loved the beach and I spent most of my time in the sandbar. :)
Thank you Tita Bhabes for sponsoring the whole trip! See you next year po :)

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