Hi! :) This week had been so unpredictable for me. Just like what I wish for always many unexpected things happened, both good and bad. In spite of all those things that came about I still chose to face those positively and with a smiling face. Here are some of the most random things that definitely made my week.
1. Knock knock jokes- This may sound weird but knock knock jokes really made my boring days fun! :P 
2. Gala within the campus- This week was a week of adventure inside the campus. During vacant periods and even during classes (We usually do this whenever we're really sleepy and bored with the lessons especially during laboratory periods. Shhh...) my friend and I make sure to roam around the campus like transferring from one building to another just to see if we will be able to spot and see someone or something interesting. :P Lol. 
3. Texting- I seriously can't believe that I would include this on the top list of the things that made my week. I'm not a fan of texting (and i never will) but since i have the funniest and coolest text mates and friends I found myself texting for like hours and smiling all alone while reading their sometimes annoying yet still funny, and sweet text messages. Yung feeling na yung texts na nila yung alarm clock ko. Hahaha :) Sana hindi lang 'to for now para naman everyday may pakinabang ang phone ko at hindi lowbat. :P
4.  People appreciating me for who I am- sounds dramatic and emotional (lol) but still thankful for the nice compliments, words and confessions that I recently received and discovered from my friends and even from my blog readers. It meant a lot to me. :)  Nakakatuwa na nakakahiya na nakakaflatter. Basta. Hahaha. 
*Especially sa platinum album ko way back when I was in Grade 3. (If you know what I mean) Hahahahaha. :P
5. Friends- My friends were actually the main reason behind my great week. Elem friends, High School friends and of course my College friends all-in! :D I'm really lucky to have met them in my life. Cheesy but true :P Looking forward to more galas and fun times with them.
Leaving you this smile for the whole week! :D

Last January 15 we attended a jam packed and eventful night in celebration of the Feast of Batangas City. It was the Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas Pageant Night 2014 which was held at Batangas City Coliseum. It got a lot better this year because the judges were really pros, the invited artists were unexpected and lastly I have the best seat to watch the whole program and see all the artists face to face. :) 
Neggy from GGV.
Billy Crawford. For the second time I saw Billy again perform live. He never fails to make me scream his name (even though I'm beside the Vice Mayor and the City Councilors). Haha
Jhong Hilario. Definitely the best performer of the night! He is indeed a Sample King.
Ella Cruz and Paul Salas.
Arjo Atayde. <3 I never thought that he is actually a pro when it comes to singing and dancing. It made me even more like him.
There's actually a story behind this picture. I went to the comfort room at the backstage in between the performances of the contestants so that I wouldn't be able to miss the prod numbers of the artists. I was with Ms. Claudette Ambida, Ms. Alyssa Cruz and Ms. Aileen Montalbo. When we went out of the comfort room I saw the Star Magic artists invading the place. There were Michelle Vito and Jane Oineza taking selfies, Paul Salas practicing for his dance prod with Ella Cruz and Francis Magundayao and there's ARJO ATAYDE! I was really starstruck when I saw him! His 2 dimples were so cute! Hahaha. I tried to make an eye contact until he finally noticed me. He said "Hi!" and I was like, OMYGOD! "Hello! :D". As we were walking back to our seats I realized that I cannot miss the chance of having a picture with Arjo. I asked Ate Claudette if she can do a favor for me- if she can take a picture of me and Arjo. And so we went back and tadaa,  Here it is! :) I don't care if I look fat here, as long as I got to have a picture with Arjo, I'm happy and contented. ;)
Jane Oineza, Michelle Vito and Francis Magundayao
Xian Lim and Kim Chiu. The most awaited artists of the night. 
I actually never thought that Xian Lim is real different in person than when I see and watch him in big screens. Seriously, he's 10x more handsome in person. <3

Xian went down the stage two times. During the first I was only able to shake hands with him. The councilors beside me told me if I wanted to have a picture with him. Of course, who wouldn't want, right? They told me that if he went down the stage again they would call him and take a picture of me and Xian. I was like, you guys are so supportive. :') Fortunately Xian went down again the stage and went into our direction. One of the councilors called him and so he went really near us and approached me with open arms! Omygod :D Feeling ko talaga that night was meant for me. Hahaha.
I can't imagine myself too because for the first time in my life this happened to me! I hugged an artist. lol. The best thing though was that he was so approachable and kind. We even have a picture together. He completed my night. <3
I just watched "Bride for Rent"earlier and i still can't believe I hugged the hottest man behind that big screen. <3 
Super thank you to these councilors who made my night one of a kind. Thanks to Councilor Lazarte for giving me the courage to hug Xian Lim plus his wife took a photo us; Councilor Ambida for accompanying me and having my photo taken with Arjo Atayde; and of course to my tito, Councilor Gerry Dela Roca, for the VIP ticket. 

Before I end this post I want to congratulate all the winners. :)
4th Runner Up- Ms. Kristel Tumbaga
3rd Runner Up- Ms. Ranzel Zaraspe
2nd Runner Up- Ms. Gem Gutierrez
1st Runner Up- Ms. Tricia Rivera
Congratulations Ms. Dana Sabillo for winning the crown and the title "Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas 2014". 

WELCOME 2014! :) Here's to another year of growing and changing, of living and loving! 
I guess napasobra ang talon ng kapatid ko this new year. Many people complain about my height. I mean every time they'll ask me if i still want to be taller i would say yes. It's my last year to be taller okay, i'll be turning 18 already! :) But i guess sometimes my friends are right, they have a point. They're warning me that if i still wish to be taller i might have a hard time looking for my... okay i won't mention it. Hahahaha. 
I missed this. I wasn't able to light my own because i was uploading a picture or maybe taking my own pictures inside or probably greeting everyone a Happy New Year in facebook. Hahaha
Have you noticed the color we were wearing? During New Year's Eve i checked the lucky colors that we should wear for the entry of 2014. It was mentioned there that the most favorable colors would be brown, green, black and blue while the least favorable are white, red, orange and purple. We thought of wearing the color brown but then as we browsed our closets we found out that most of us don't have brown clothes. We then shifted to color blue instead. :) 
I love this picture of us. I'm happy i started my year right with my extended family including my grandparents and relatives from Dubai. I'm hoping that next new year i'll get to celebrate my New Year with my whole family already. :)
Let's get back to reality! New Year is over and School is taking over! 3 months from now it will be SUMMER again. Can't wait for it. Hahaha. But before that, of course, there will be lots of events first that will be happening!!! I won't mention any of those because it is for you to find out through my next upcoming posts. 

*Excuse me for this very late post! I hope you understand. :D


It's been a long time already since i shared something like this here on my blog. Anyway, here are some of the quotes that made me smile (because i can totally relate to) and i hope would make you too. 

Try not to skip any quote especially the long ones because you might miss alot. :P
1. I can totally relate with the first one especially if i'm thinking of blogging what i'll wear. It's so hard to find the best clothes and play with mix and matching because of having the same set of clothes in the closet. If you're a blogger too i know you can relate!! :)
2. I found this cute and cheesy. :P Haha
1. Got this from instagram and i totally agree with the statement. Being gwapo is just a bonus point that's why don't consider first the looks and instead try to consider first his thoughts and moves and of course his SENSE of HUMOR. :) 
2. Got this also from instagram and made me laugh really hard. If i'm not mistaken i got these 2 statements from the same person. :) cto.
How i wish this is true. :)
1. Would you believe that i still consulted dear google for this? :)) Haha.
2. <3
Does this mean that i'am beautiful and sexy? Just kidding! :) No hate please! Hahaha.
1. THIS IS SO ME! Can you relate with me too? :P
2. Agree! :)
And finally the meme quote that never gets old and will continue to make me laugh every time i'll read this. Even my guy friends laughed real hard after seeing this because they can totally relate too every time someone reject them. </3 Hahaha.  

I hope you're now leaving my blog with a smile on your face. <3