Whenever I can't sleep during midnight I usually get my laptop and browse my tumblr blog. I know I can find something new from it and those things really amaze me. One tumblr blog that caught my attention is Little Reasons To Smile. I got fond of browsing till I realized I almost saw half of the page of it. Anyway I grabbed some pictures which I can totally relate and compiled it to share it with you. 

This first set of pictures are about fashion. The first column is all about "How I Wish I Have/Can" while the second one was the pictures I can totally relate with. :)
First Column: 1.) Keep Calm Hoodies. where can I buy one? 2.) Non-Budget Shopping Spree. When will this happen? Maybe uhmmm, if I already have a stable job and of course my sponsors. Haha. 3.) Having a closet full of shoes. When oh when? What store can I go which sells a lot of different size 42 fashion shoes? 4.) Long dresses. Someday I'm gonna wear lots! 5.) Shopping at Victoria's Secret. What mall in the Philippines have a branch of Victoria's Secret? Please, tell me.

Second Column: 1.) Loose Tops. I love wearing loose tops whenever I run for errands and lazy days. 2.) Buying accessories in multi-packs. I love buying assorted accessories and thinking of the perfect outfits wherein I could wear those. 3.) Picking out your outfits the night before. Every Saturday I make it a point that during the evening I am able to ready an outfit for the next day. :) But then when I try it in the next morning I don't get satisfied with the outcome that's why the plan changes. 4.) Getting a new pair of sandals. I easily get happy after buying a new pair because at least I have again a new sandals to use. It sucks that I only have 3 different pairs which continually evolve in all my outfit posts. -_- 5.) Wearing tons of accessories. Yes, call me OA but I do wear piles of accessories. Sometimes I wear 2 necklaces and 5 different bracelets to complete an outfit. Learned it from Laureen Uy! ;)

Things I'm Missing. First Column: 1.) Going out to lunch withe friends. This pertains to my HS friends. I spent almost 4 years of y life having lunch with them. I miss them so much. 2.) Photoshoots with friends. Either crazy or formal photoshoots I missed it both. 3.) Sharing secrets with my best friend. Ohh, I still share A LOT of my secrets with my best friend. Haha. I love her too bits not to tell her any of my secrets. 4.) Giving your journal to your friend. I remembered when I was in 4th year I used to give my journal to my bff for her to read all the stuffs I wrote there. She replies and leaves some funny comments :P. I miss her.

Things I wish we can do together. Second Column: 1.) Sleepovers! Noreen and Faye! WHEN? :( It's okay if I'll bring my own food, pillows, bed and everything! Just for the sake of being with both of you for a sleepless night full of stories and girly stuffs. :P 2.) Having a girls night out. When I turn 18, Let's just see... 3.) Traveling the world with your best friend. I kept a promise with my bffs. Soon when we are already professionals <3

And before I end this post, I just want to share with you this picture I also got from tumblr which reminded me of my fashion bffs. Me being the tallest, Rica at the middle and Patrice at the left side. I miss you. Hoping to see and hang-out with you soon.

I hope I made you smile through this post. You learned a lot from me today. Haha. Ciao! :)

Last Tuesday our section planned to wear our school uniform. Yes, it was my first time and I was really excited. I remembered before when I fitted this exact uniform during my second year HS. I had a picture once and told myself that after 2 years I will be wearing the exact uniform. It's funny how Fate made a way because after a year LPU changed this med-tech's uniform to a different one and made this uniform for the Pre-Dental students. Yes! I am really destined to wear this uniform. I'm not questioning what I've been into now and what I'm living into now because all I know is that I'm loving the moment and I'm currently enjoying it. I know I did made a right choice to take this up and I'll get to where I want someday, somehow.

And because it was our first time to wear our uniforms, we did take some photos while the professor was out. 
I told them to be fierce for this photo but it seemed that only Papx and I followed.
Your future dentists gone wild. 

Starting this first semester I consider my Friday a weekend already. I've got no classes every Friday that's why I spend half of my day from Monday-Thursday in school. Yes, I know it's tiring because I've got a whole day schedule but in return I've got to enjoy and spend a 3-day weekend though! :) Still fair and nice school sched. :)

Still not late to post this right? Last week I woke up early just like the time when I have classes. We went early to Manila for Mons' check-up. After the check-up we had the site hunting at Filinvest I&II for Ica's major project. I love road trips especially when I'm with my family. It's funny that while we were travelling in Quezon City for Ica's site visit, we spotted Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga on the street for The Voice Philippines. Haha. The place wasn't that crowded yet we didn't mind stopping by. We were in a hurry during that time because the clouds were getting darker and drops of rain were falling already. 

After all the errands I suggested that if we could come and visit SM Megamall. Good thing the people agreed though it was raining so hard and we were caught by a heavy traffic along Edsa. :(

Because it was evening already I was only permitted to go to my chosen boutiques. My cousin and I quickly went to FOREVER21 and MANGO to see and try new stuffs in store. It's good that I have my savings for the first two weeks because at least I've got to buy stuffs for myself again. Zero balance :( Minsan lang to and besides I bought what I really want and need for the longest time. I promise that this shopping thing will be updated again after 3 months! Say no to temptations!!! Say no to shopping???  

If you're a reader of my blog you know that the least apparel that I can likely have in my closet are shoes. I feel hopeless finding the perfect pair because of my American size feet. Don't you just know how lucky I was when I found these pair of Parisian heels that perfectly suits my feet.  I never felt hopeless again. I tried it though I don't have any plan of buying it. OMG! When I finally tried it I felt like a boss and had my mini fashion show in the department store. Haha. 5'8 + 6-inch heels= All eyes on me! I definitely wouldn't like to take off those shoes and just walked 'till my feet hurt. But even if I beg my mom to buy me those heels she won't. Haaayy. Someday!!! I'm gonna save my money or could you just give it to me? ;)

How about you guys. How was your weekend? :)

After 6 days of not blogging, wee, I've got to blog again. Hahaha. Sorry if my school schedule won't allow me. :( I started blogging this during our break last Monday and I was able to publish this only now. I can't multi-task but I'm trying to update you about a new fashion post of mine. :)
Another statement/ eye catcher outfit of the day! Every detail was praised and noticed.
I didn't really plan to wear an outfit like this last Sunday. Actually, I have already something in mind to wear but when I tried the combinations I'm not satisfied with the outcome. :( Anyway, I dug in my closet again and thought of wearing this dress which I had only wore once during my 15th Birthday. It still fits me! Yay.
To add some spice I used this gorg summer vest which I was able to ace last week. When I was about to pay at the counter with my first week baon savings, my mom walked in and paid it for me instead! Me so happy :) That's the reason why I love shopping with my mom. 
Fringe necklace from my favorite bloggers, Vern and Verniece!
Dress from Max, Summer Vest from MLZ, Bag and Shoes from Parisian Shoes and Bags and Fringe necklace from BU5 (Vern&Verniece's)

Just a short story. While we were roaming around the mall last week, my sibling, cousins and I spotted the Showtime Kalokalikes! HAHAHA. Jinkee&Manny Pacquiao, Robin Padilla and Christopher De Leon kalokalikes were there. For the Win Faces!!! :)))

How was your week guys? :) So far so good? Hope you had a great one too! Toodles! :)


Hi guise! :) I just finished my first week in COLLEGE! :) It's really nice that I've started another journey in my life. I'm really happy that at least I'm starting to study and work for my future profession. As I've experienced in my first week, I realized that College is really far different from High School. College is more MATURE and should be taken SERIOUSLY. But I guess the first week should always begin a little bit FUN just like what I did.

Until now I'm still bothered and thinking about the course I did took. As I've said before this course isn't really my plan at all. I just made up my mind to take this when I was in my 4th year 4th grading. The only things that I know is that my course choice is NO BIG JOKE because it's really expensive, hard to pass (especially when my profs explained us the grading system) and will take 6 years before I graduate. How long is that! But in my first week I guess I can now officially say that I'm starting to love my course choice. I'm starting to love Dentistry. I got excited whenever I think of the good possibilities that can happen after I graduate and pass the board exam. I will put up my own clinic and color it dark blue and pink. Haha! 

When I was attending my classes this week I realized that I'm really lucky I'm a Bridgetine. I am happy that I was handled by great 4th year HS teachers who did their best in preparing us in our college years. I miss them already. :(

Anyway back to the story my first week went fine. I'm happy I was able to be friend with almost all my block mates. They were all easy and fun to be with. I didn't expect that I have block mates who came from far places. Our first and second days were meant for orientations. We met awesome teachers. And again, It made me realize how lucky I was to be oriented by my HS teachers about College life. 

This is what I wore to our first day. I opted for a simple look. It's a must for a first day.

This is what I wore to our second day.

This is what I wore to our third day.

Just to focus on my third day, My third day is the official start of class discussions. Okay so here is the real COLLEGE LIFE. Based on my schedule I'll be spending 2 hours for each minor subjects while 5 hours for my majors for the first semester. Ughh. Well, patience is a virtue, right? I need to cope up with my new environment. I experienced last Thursdaythe most unexpected and least thing that can happen to me. Lol. I know I'm in College already and there are lots of it in here but I didn't expected that in my first week it'll happen to me "agad". Seriously! Anyway, the funniest thing that happened to me took place during our experiment in Physics lab. I don't really need to narrate the whole story here. The best thing was that everyone in the class laughed because of my illusion. :)

These were our looks during our break time. We're free and lookin' happy! HAHA. During our break we usually go to our favorite hang-out place, SHL Library. I've got to update my profiles because I have an access to free wi-fi.
In contrast, this is how we look during our lecture and experiment in Physics lab. We had our own different worlds. Some prefer sleeping, while others prefer chatting and taking selfies. Hahaha. But of course we still participate in our class. We just need to take a break even just for a minute to forget the stress brought about by this straight 5-hour subject. 

I hoped you did enjoy too your first or maybe second week in school! :)

Finally this video diary is out! It took me almost 12 hours (seriously) to upload this on youtube. 
Anyway here are the videos I compiled during our First day in Hong Kong
Hope you'll like it! Enjoy watching! :) 

PS. Feel free to change the quality if you want. You better play it in 360p or in HD (but it will slow the connection) for better results . 


                        Summer turned Spring Break: Hong Kong Day 1

I can't believe it that I'm really blogging about Bloggers United. It was my first time and I never thought I would make it there. :) 

The 5th installment of Bloggers United just happened last Saturday, June 1 at SMX Convention Center Function Hall 3. 

For those who doesn't know what BU is, Bloggers United is a team dedicated to delivering breakthroughs in the metro’s blogging community. It is an event wherein you can meet your favorite bloggers and buy the items they will be selling whether pre-loved or brand new.
Bloggers Map :) This seriously helped me a lot.
Instgram pictures before I leave for BU. Got our tickets before the event at SM Batangas cinema so that we'll not mind falling in line outside. We went in like VIPs :) 
Some items which I found cute. Nameplates and flower crowns <3
Backstage access! Lol. After roaming around the place I got tired and went at the backstage to sit and took some selfies. :P
A collage of my pictures and my cousins with the bloggers we saw.
Enciso sisters selling at their booth. The sweetest among all.
Some of the popular bloggers who went to sell their items.

Above all those pictures here are my FAVORITES! My solo pictures with the bloggers!!! :)

First picture was with Alyssa Lapid. I saw her heading to Kryz's booth that's why I had the chance to have a picture with her. I also dropped by Cheyser Pedregosa's booth and was able to ace cute accessories plus a picture of us!
First picture was with Ms. Aisa Ipac who was one of the organizers of BU5. While we were walking I accidentally bumped into her and tadaaa, picture! Haha :)) The second picture was with Ms. Lissa Kahayon who happened to be very busy during that time unpackaging some of her stuffs to sell.
First picture with Ms. Bestie Konisis. I've known her for being one of my fans while I was still starting in lookbook. I never thought she would be there in BU5. Second picture was with*ohms* I forgot her name -_- Sorry. I'll just update this when I remember. :)
Dropped by Ms. Dani Baretto's booth. :) To those who doesn't know her she's the sister of Julia Baretto! Omygod, fan girl mode. Haha. Though I doesn't have a picture with Julia at least I have a picture (2x) with her sister. :P 
Together with Dani was her boyfriend, Mikyle Quizon who was selling also some of his stuffs. Opposite Dani and Mikyle's booth was the celebrity blogger Ms. Maggie Wilson. Gosh, she's effin gorgeous!  
Even though I wasn't able to make it in the Candy Style Awards last May 10 I was able to see these 2 candy style stars! :) Ms. Danika Navarro and Ms. Reese Lansangan.
with the gorgeous celebrity blogger Ms. Nicole Andersson. I easily spotted her because of her hair! :)) I love it 'cause she's approachable and really charming. 

with the gorgeous Ms. Verniece Enciso. The first picture was taken at Kryz's booth when she happened to passed by while the second was at her booth after I bought some stuffs. We looked so close at the second picture. Haha. 
Do you know her? :) she's no other than Ms. Vern Enciso. Together with her sister, I saw her passed by at Kryz's booth. I'm felt so lucky!!! She's prettier in person, I swear and she was the sweetest for we even chatted a little after I had a picture with her. I was just confused with her voice and Verniece's because their voices sound similar. Haha. 
Honestly after I got in the function hall the first booth I went to was Kryz Uy's. Luckily I saw her in her booth! She was with her boyfriend who was there to help and support her. So sweet! :"> I didn't have any second thoughts and instantly had a picture with her plus her boyfriend. She's undeniably one of my favorite! 
The last blogger who came and I've waited for so long was Ms. Camille Co. She was cornered by her fans when she came in. I pity her for that. Anyway, she's one of my favorite blogger aside from Vern and Kryz. I never thought she was that humorous in person. Haha. She's so sweet with her fans. Our picture justifies it! I'm happy to meet, see and talk to her. 
Last but not the least and my favorite picture among all, my picture with my fashion icon and favorite blogger, Ms. Laureen Uy! As I was waiting for her and Camille Co at the backstage while taking some selfies, I didn't realized that she passed by our way and headed to her booth. When I went out, her place was already crowded, as in really crowded that a stampede might happen. By that time I felt hopeless to have a picture with her. She went out after a few minutes and again went in. During this time I was able to have a picture with her. Actually I had two. The first one was only taken through iPad (which I used also to take almost all the pictures with the other bloggers) and it's blurry! Laureen asked if the picture was already okay and I said it was blurred. For the second time we had our picture together. This time I used my camera for a better result. I love her for being concerned, thoughtful and approachable. She's not just a top blogger and a celebrity but also an inspiration to many.  

with my cousins plus Ate Kamille at BU5! BU5 was a blast and a memorable one! This was the first blogger event that I attended and hopefully, I'll make it again at BU6. I'm so thankful to my cousins who made everything possible and came with me. I still remembered what Ate Kamille said after BU5, "Shaira tara sa Candy Fair!". Candy Fair on September, Yay! I love it :) I'm looking forward to that event. Good thing I have a nice schedule for my first sem. Did I just said "Sem". I'm a college student alreadyyy! :)
After I got home I opened my twitter and instagram and saw my classmates tweets and comments! I didn't knew that the camera which I accidentally smiled was Laureen's. Spot me in the picture! Hahahappyyy!

Bloggers United was a really nice experience. I've got to interact with the famous bloggers I see in the internet and of course buy some of the stuffs they are selling. 

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did in attending the event. Till next BU! :)