Hey guys! How are you all doing? I'm already back to school just last week and I'm feeling stressed already. Haha! All thanks to this blog and to you my readers and sponsors for being my happy pill and stress relievers. Anyway, today's post is an introduction to a new website named Aamandadress.
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And just like that, my 4 weeks vacation has finally ended. Hello second sem! :) Hello majors, hello defense, hello patients! I don't know what makes me so excited in going back to school well in fact, this semester will be the start of our most memorable toxic days in college. The schedule is somewhat unbearable because it's from Monday to Friday starting from 7 in the morning and ends already in the evening either 7, 8 or even 9 on Fridays! I'm not complaining though because I can feel that one whole day will still not be enough to finish a certain requirement because I just hate bringing home projects or having loads of back works to do. As long as I can, I want to finish a certain work in the least amount of time given. Going to back to the main point of this post, I was able to score some goodies just recently during my vacation. Let me show you some of it. 
Trendy Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Fashion Beauty Eye Makeup.  This was kindly sent to me by BornPrettystore. This is actually a 2 in 1 product. It consists of a pencil and liquid eyeliner. I tried using the pencil but it doesn't really work nicely. As for the eyeliner, it's not long lasting but it's just appropriate for a minimal every day look. If I'll rate this product, it's going to be 3/5.
Natural Curly Thick Mascara Waterproof I'm not really a fan of mascaras and I only have 2 plus this one so I'm not really familiar with mascaras. When I opened it, it's kind of dry but when I applied it, I loved the result. It somewhat added volume to my lashes plus has this thickening effect. It's safe to say that it's worth it for its cheap price & I'm currently using on a daily basis. 
Winter Vintage Long Band Felt Fedora. You know how much I love wearing and collecting different hats. When I saw this fedora from Rosegal's site, I fell in love with it and knew that I want to have it! The package where this hat belong was actually the fastest I received from international shipping. Another fedora has been added to my collection!!! Thanks Rosegal! :) 
Punk Style Faux Gem Water Drop ChokerI'm not really a fan of chokers but chose to give it a try and ordered two different pieces all from Rosegal too. I love how it can instantly make a look effortlessly edgy. :)
Stylish Solid Color Choker.
You can have a 10% discount for any purchase from BornPretty when you use my coupon code, SHAAT10
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Hey guys! December is nearly coming and there's no excuse now when it comes to making wish lists. I already have my first consisting of my favorite shoes from Zaful. If you would love to get yours too you can use Zaful coupons to get discounts or read Zaful reviews to have a guide in the items that you'll be purchasing. Happy Shopping! :) 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
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Giveaway ends at Nov. 31
Public Time: Dec.1-3

Congratulations to all the winners! :)


It's 11:13 pm as of now and I still have lots of energy here so I thought of sharing something different on the blog. My mind was preoccupied by a lot of things lately- my future, my career, my family, all those what ifs and buts- and if I have a pen and a paper now, a pad wouldn't be enough to contain all my thoughts and musings at the moment. These random thoughts of mine lead me to think of composing a letter to my self  containing the goals and things that I'm looking forward to achieve in the future. So tadaaa, here's a letter to my 30 year old self. It's a decade from now! :)
Dear 30 year old self,

Wow, you're in your thirties now! How does it feel like being 30? You probably feel so grown up right now! Haha. For sure you're managing a clinic of your own and brought back a lot of smiles to your patients. If you're not just an orthodontist, you've perhaps achieved your dream of becoming a maxillofacial surgeon by now. I hope you get to experience being a professor too from the college you graduated in because I know that teaching is one of your childhood dream, right? I hope you find fulfillment in your practice and still feel motivated every single day that you work. Maybe, during weekends, when you're off from being a dentist, you manage to attend and host events and still run your blog like what you've always wanted to do. It has probably evolved from style blogging to life, style and mommy blogging. Could you imagine that? Haha! I'll be really proud if you still manage to do all of it in spite of your busy schedule.

You've probably went to Europe with your family already, or party with friends in Bali, or even spent your first winter Christmas in Japan. Have you? You deserve all of those travels because I know that you worked so hard to pay for all of it. How about your mom? Have you bought a brand new car for her? I hope so because she deserves it more than you do, I guess. Haha! I hope your brothers are also doing better in their professions as a seafarer and architect. I know you and your mom worked hard together to send the two of them in college.

If you got really lucky, you probably have your special someone right beside you. Oh well, I'm sure you've been through a heartbreak over a guy whom you went gaga to, you might have been pained deeply but never turned into a bitter one and been through a lot in love but never decided to give up. What's important is whom you're with at the moment and the one who chose and fought a lot of circumstances just to be with you. I hope you're happily married now and fulfilling all the relationship goals you've made up in your head when you were in your twenties. I know you had lots! :) Perhaps you've started to build a small business together and is planning of settling down in your own house. If you've got even luckier, you probably have one kid by now and would still have 2 or 3 more in the near future. Just don't exceed those numbers, okay! I hope you get to manage the household well and knows how to cook already. Don't just serve your kids with fried eggs and hotdogs. Learn to experiment. Haha! I hope you get to raise your kids the way mom raised you.

I'm sure you're happy and somewhat fulfilled with whatever you have in life right now. I know, you still want to achieve a lot of things other than those mentioned, travel to a lot of different places you wished to go, and influence a lot of people through your story but I hope that in some way, you're happy after reading this letter I  gave you with the hopes that everything I have written is right. I'm sorry if I've been weak and fragile at times. Sorry if I'm frightened most of the time and dwell on all the what ifs and buts. But thank you. Thank you for never giving up and still pushing yourself even if life could be really hard at times. Thank you for taking a step forward and learning to take risks and grab chances. Thank you for welcoming change. I know all these struggles brought you up and honed you to be the best version of yourself. You deserve all of these things. Head up high, Shaira! There's still a long way to go! :)

Your 20 year old self
Special thanks to Rosegal for sending me over this cute and comfy off shoulder top. It actually comes with a choker but I decided not to wear it because it will not match the casual outfit that I put on a lazy day of errands. Thanks to my college friend, Von, for my handy bag. I'm actually overusing it already. Haha :)
Top from Rosegal, Pants from Aeropostale, Sandals from Something Borrowed, Bag from SM Accessories

Hey guys! It's time for another Shein wish list again! :) Here are some of the pieces that I've been eyeing in their site.
Multicolor Plaid Long Sleeve Pencil Dress // Navy Faux Suede Fringe Coat With Embroidered Tape Detail
Blue Ripped Cuffed Overall Jeans // Khaki Pockets Overall Jumpsuit
Silver Metal Pleated Skirt // Blue Asymmetric Button Front Slit Pencil Denim Skirt
Green Pointy Striped Studded Stiletto Heels // Apricot Faux Suede Point Toe Faux Fur Cuff Heels
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Before I came up with the whole post, I first stared at these pictures for about 5 minutes. My mind is completely a blank space and I don't know what to write. Just then, I went back to view the pictures again and remembered the struggles before these shots were taken. It gave me an idea to write the experiences and the truths about what bloggers, like me, really do. I hope you'll understand and appreciate us more after reading this. :)
1. It's not what you always think it is. I don't just sit pretty. It takes a lot of effort before I construct a post. I am my own stylist + P.A. + photographer (in the absence of my brother. Hi tripod!) + beauty, fashion and lifestyle writer + editor + art director. Yes, I do all of that. I'm also one of those bloggers who wants to achieve the instagram feed goals (and I know, not only bloggers are guilty about this haha) so please understand us when we're being too O.C. whenever we take some shots of the simplest things like the food we eat, or the clothes we wear and the views that we see. Although I'm tired of  managing everything most of the time, there's never a single moment that I thought of giving up my blog. It is actually my stress reliever and my happy place whenever I'm being slowly fed up by school.
2. La la la Topics. This is one of the many struggles I encounter every time I blog. I spend most of my days in front of my laptop thinking of what topics to discuss in the blog. It's hard not to have an inspiration or let me say, have no emotions (at the moment) at all. Haha! I think it's way better and beneficial for the blog if I'm feeling sad because my brain functions well during those times and I've got a lot of relateable stories to write (lol) or either construct a million #hugot quotes for you. I always make it a point not to waste your precious time here in my little space so I make sure to make my posts interesting and worth reading. 
3. What about Sponsorships? A lot of people ask me what do I get from blogging. First of all I created this blog for a personal purpose driven by passion and commitment. I didn't expected that a number of people would give attention to it and visit it in a daily basis (knowing that I don't share it in any of my social accounts before). I remembered the time when someone contacted me for a collaboration which happened to be my first! I didn't expect that I could get some perks and freebies out of this passion. I'm not a full time blogger though since I still go to school and have more priorities that this one but every time I have free time, I make sure to update it and answer emails. To answer this question and to be honest with you, I don't get much from blogging unlike the other bloggers in the industry. I'm not famous and I don't have as many sponsors as others have. I can't even consider myself having 10% of the fame of the Enciso sisters or even Laureen Uy but I'm happy that I'm following their steps. So far, I'm thankful to the brands who keeps on coming back for collaborations with me whether it may be for sponsored posts or clothes. *kilig* In some way, I am able to sustain my lifestyle like wearing and shopping for the clothes that I want for free and travelling to places using the money that I earned from blogging. (I'm talking about my recent Palawan & Boracay trips). I promised myself that all my savings from blogging would be for travelling purposes. I find fulfillment that everytime I travel, all the expenses (from airfares, hotel accommodations down to the pocket money) comes from my hard earned money through blogging. By the way, thank you Shein for sending me this beautiful maxi dress. I really love it!
4. Meeting Deadlines. Although I don't have a boss whom I work for, there are certain brands I work with that give deadlines as to when the post shall be published. It's quite hard to juggle things in between especially if you have other works to do. But, the good thing about it is that, it taught me to be responsible enough to balance work, passion and school. 
5. What happens when we shoot photos? This is my favorite thing about blogging and the one that I always look forward to every time I receive new clothes for free. It is during these times that I have the authority to pose and act like a model. Haha! There are actually so many struggles and stories before I took all these pictures in the blog. First things first, be prepared with the stares. Posing in the middle of the crowd is no joke. Awkward kaya but I'm already used to it. Mas nahihiya pa yung photographer ko kesa sakin. Haha! A lot of people will stare and talk behind your back. Some will laugh and some will be impressed. I consider both a compliment. :) Second, bring a patient photographer. Almost all my shots here in the blog were taken by my youngest brother. There were times before when we took around 50 shots for one pose only just to capture the angle that I want. Imagine how annoyed my brother was! Haha! Third, be with a supportive team. I'm lucky I have mine consisting of my mom and brothers. In short, my family. My mom drives me to my desired shooting places, my youngest brother takes my pictures and my other brother brings my things. :)
6. Investment. One of the biggest investment that I put in blogging is my time. Running a blog is no joke. You have to learn the basics like encoding using HTMLs, editing pictures, thinking of possible topics and content, shoot pictures. In short you have to be creative. I'm not really the artsy type and editing pictures is not my forte. But when it comes to words, expect that I can write anything and everything under the sun as long as it is related to the topic. :P Not only your time should be invested but also a camera that can take nice pictures. I'm talking about a digital or SLR camera and not a phone camera. I think everyone has already his/her own because it's considered an essential these days. For those who are asking, I'm using a Nikon DSLR. :)
7. Meeting expectations. This is probably the most challenging part of being a blogger. When you're known for being a blogger, a lot of people expect from you. I know most people have this mindset. They expect you to be beautiful and properly groomed all the time. They expect you to follow the latest trend. They expect you to be witty and smart. They expect you to be almost perfect, which shouldn't be. I'm not a beauty queen nor a tv personality nor a doll. I'm not any of those. I'm just a simple human being who's trying to express myself and share my ideas in this little space of mine. I don't think, we bloggers, are entitled to meet everyone's expectations. Some people think of blogging as a competition among the other bloggers but for me, I consider it as a competition with myself alone. I look up to so many bloggers in the industry who inspires me to do better and to be just like them in the future. Blogging actually opened a lot of opportunities and ideas for me and made me realize that I'm missing a lot if I continue to stay in my comfort zone.   
8. It's still a long way to go. I've never imagined myself doing this full time because I'm more focused on preparing and working hard for my chosen career in the future as a dentist. I don't even know how I still manage to update my blog in the middle of my busy dent life but I'm pretty sure that I love what I'm doing and I'll find no excuse to quit this. I guess, my affair with blogging will never end even if I'm already 40 and have a family of my own. I still have my secret dream of ticking my goals as a blogger. The writer in me won't stop me from achieving my dreams in this passion that always excites me and introduces me to a world of new possibilities. 
If you're planning to start your own blog, I hope this post didn't let you down and, instead, inspired you to take the leap in expressing yourself to the world. I'm sure your voice needs to be heard just like mine and I hope, you'll find satisfaction and contentment through it. :)

PS. Thank you again Shein for my maxi dress. You can check this dress out by clicking this link or you can visit their site for more choices. 


Prom month is just around the corner. Have you guys started searching for your prom dress? If you still haven't made up your minds, I'm sure this post will help you. Modabridal offers a lot of sultry and elegant prom dresses uk that you can choose from. If you're a lover and fan of princesses and fairies just like me, you'll surely love the dresses that they have in store. These are just some of my favorite pieces and I hope you get to check out their site, www.modabridal.co.uk , for more pictures and details.
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If you're following me on instagram and snapchat you probably watched the live snaps I took last Saturday during the Teencon event. It was actually the first Teencon event hosted by Candy magazine that was held at SMX Convention Center in MOA. Since then, I've been a collector and reader of Candy magazines already and planned so many times (even way back high school!) to go to Candy fairs but, unfortunately, my student schedule doesn't permit me to. :( The moment I heard Candymag is having their event again, I checked my schedule and found that I'm on a short vacation by then. Yay!
Although I'm already 20, I wasn't bothered that I may be old for the event. I still want to experience to go to an event hosted by Candymag before I switch to runways and high-end fashion shows. I'm already expecting a lot of fan girls flocking the hall and of course, those candy cuties. Haha! When we arrived we were greeted by a lot of food booths, stalls of famous instagram shops selling different clothes and accessories, pop-up booths of the event's major sponsors and work shops. The place was jampacked by a lot of young adults like us who just want to be surrounded by good food, good music, good friends and great show. That day was basically meant for making new acquaintances, for partying and enjoying one whole stress-free day. :)
This was my favorite part!!! DJ Rammy got us dancing to the beat. The last time I danced my heart out was probably last Dent Night 2016. Ahhh, I miss it and the people I were with during that night! :( Haha
My cousin and I tried having our hair colored in #StandoutPantene booth. They only used chalk hair colors but I liked the result (especially when I air dried it) although it made my hair dry and frizzy. It's not permanent anyway. 
All thanks to my cousins who went with me to Teencon.  I love you, girls! Till our next event together. *hugs*
Here's my no makeup makeup look before I go to the event. I did my makeup with the help of my cousin, Ica. I love it :) 
Thank you Candymag for throwing an amazing event! Just what I always say, I will always and forever stay young at heart. Here's a video made by my cousin/ blogger bestie, Aimee Bustillo. Check it out! :)