Welcome 2014

WELCOME 2014! :) Here's to another year of growing and changing, of living and loving! 
I guess napasobra ang talon ng kapatid ko this new year. Many people complain about my height. I mean every time they'll ask me if i still want to be taller i would say yes. It's my last year to be taller okay, i'll be turning 18 already! :) But i guess sometimes my friends are right, they have a point. They're warning me that if i still wish to be taller i might have a hard time looking for my... okay i won't mention it. Hahahaha. 
I missed this. I wasn't able to light my own because i was uploading a picture or maybe taking my own pictures inside or probably greeting everyone a Happy New Year in facebook. Hahaha
Have you noticed the color we were wearing? During New Year's Eve i checked the lucky colors that we should wear for the entry of 2014. It was mentioned there that the most favorable colors would be brown, green, black and blue while the least favorable are white, red, orange and purple. We thought of wearing the color brown but then as we browsed our closets we found out that most of us don't have brown clothes. We then shifted to color blue instead. :) 
I love this picture of us. I'm happy i started my year right with my extended family including my grandparents and relatives from Dubai. I'm hoping that next new year i'll get to celebrate my New Year with my whole family already. :)
Let's get back to reality! New Year is over and School is taking over! 3 months from now it will be SUMMER again. Can't wait for it. Hahaha. But before that, of course, there will be lots of events first that will be happening!!! I won't mention any of those because it is for you to find out through my next upcoming posts. 

*Excuse me for this very late post! I hope you understand. :D


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  1. Looks like your time was well-spent with family! I also can't wait for summer. Midterms ko now and I'm dying haha.


  2. Kylie, yup! :) I really can't wait. To many plans this summer <3 Anyway, good luck on your midterms. Mine will be next week already. Haha :)