Summer Days Part 1

My summer officially started last March 28, 2014. I realized na maaga pa pala ako nag summer unlike my other friends. :) Anyway, I have 72 days of SUMMER and here's the list of the things I did for the first 23 days. 

Summer Day 2 (March 29): The day I started eating again ice crusher foods. I can eat a scramble, halo-halo , buko shake and an ice cream in a one whole day. It's just so hot in the Philippines!!!
Summer Day 3 (March 30): As usual, we spent the whole day at my lola's place. It's family day though. 
Summer Day 5 (April 1): Spent the first day of April with my college friends. I had my injection first and right after spent the rest of the day FOOD TRIPPING! Super lakas nila kumain especially Terry. Grabe! hahaha! 
I miss my High School friends. :(
Summer Day 9 (April 5): A day full of errands. The morning was spent at QC for my monthly check-up. Headed to Espana right after for my cousin's NMAT screening. Afterwards went to Rob. Manila for some gala. The main highlight of the day was seeing Daniel Padilla unexpectedly at the basement parking of the mall. I was starstruck and my eyes were all glued on him. He was with a lot of body guards yet still my cousins and I followed him. We were surprised to see and find out a crazyyy jam packed mall show after following him. Hahahaha. 
Summer Day 10 (April 6): And again, Sunday=Family Day. Spent again the whole day at my grandparent's place where we leave the place full and stuffed! Haha. I love it that they always have so many foods. 

Summer Day 12 (April 8): It was indeed an EPIC day for all of us! The day started not really good (the bus we rode to Lipa had a problem at the middle of the trip + we waited for 5 hours in the mall before we were fetched in going to the venue in Laguna) but the good thing though was that it ended a BLAST! Foods + endless random funny stories shared + thousands of group selfies + night swimming + pillow fights and room party at 1 am = ONE EPIC CRAZY NIGHT LIFE. I'm so happy I got an invite and was able to take part at my close friend's debut. I'm sure she had the best night of her life and I'm happy I'm part of it! :)
Colored my nails PINK for the start of SUMMER 2014!
Summer Day 15 (April 11) Had a good time spending one whole day with my HS friend. We got our yearbooks first and headed to the mall after to watch Diary ng Panget the movie! *I just have to post this picture even if I look so messy. Hahahaha. Looks like I just woke up and got out from my bed. :P Credits to Faye for the picture. :)
Summer Day 21 (April 17) Totally Summer feels. At least I'm not bored anyway :) We spent out Holy Thursday at my grandparents' again. I really love that place. We went to Monte Maria for a visit and after wards went by the sea shore to enjoy the view. 
Summer Day 23 (April 19) We attended our cousins 2nd Birthday at Shakey's Lipa. I had a good time talking to my cousin, Erika, about a lot of random stuffs. Hoping to bond with her again soon after her summer classes. By the way, our outfit matched during that day. Pink & white pastels! :)

How are you doing so far? I hope you're enjoying your summer! :)


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  1. Great to see that you've been so busy and having a good time!

  2. Hi,

    Lovely post! Lurvv your blog..looks amazing! <3

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  3. I see that you spent amazing time and had a lot of fun! You look so lovely!

  4. All the photos are lovely, you always look so happy and adorable!!! xxoo

  5. You look so beautiful in all these pics!
    Julie |

  6. seem lots of fun, dear :)

  7. ahhh, love halo halo - it's my weakness :\
    And love those circle sunglasses you're wearing, so cute!


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  9. hi sis! just found you blog :) you're from lipa? love the photos :) looks like you have a very busy yet fun summer :) keep in touch!

  10. Wow! Ang haba ng post haha. But I had a great time reading through your summer experiences so far and looking at all the photos. Buti ka pa, parang ang saya ng summer mo! Mine has been quite boring lol. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Lovely post and pics! You are so beautiful!
    I'm really happy that you are enjoying your summer and i can't wait to mines starts haha!
    Looking cute, kisses.

  12. Ugh, you're making me crave summer so badly! Such great photos! And I love those sunglasses!

  13. Your summer days are so fun! I haven't enjoyed my holiday yet, been struggling with the thesis. Cant wait for summer!


  14. wow what an eventful summer! glad that you are enjoying every bit of it and my daughter's jealous you get to see Daniel Padilla

    Delightful Ideas

  15. I want summer days like yours too!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you xx