Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas Pageant 2013

Last night I attended the Bb. Lungsod ng Batangas Pageant at Batangas Coliseum together with my family. It is celebrated yearly a day before the town fiesta. 20 gorgeous ladies from the different parts of Batangas City competed for the title. 

Our night wouldn't be complete without the presence of the invited special guests from ABS-CBN network who made us all entertained and happy!
Kakay Bautista. She's the first one to show up. I love her voice and I love how humorous she was last night!
LUV U cast. OMYGOSH! CJ NAVATO was so HANDSOME! <3 I remebered Zayn Malik because of him.
Niel Coleta. I didn't expect that he's so handsome in person. He has a resemblance of Coco Martin :"> I love his voice too. When he went down the stage, OMYGOSH! I was screaming so hard that all the politicians beside me were all laughing. I had a close enclosure with him. As in super close. HAHAHA. He stood infront of me. I just didn't get to have a picture with him because I was holding the camera and no one can take a picture of us. (I should have let the politicians hold the camera and take pictures of me with the artists. HAHAHA. XD)
 Julia Montes. I was mesmerized by the beauty of Julia Montes when she appeared on stage. She is so tall, so white and so gorgeous! Among all the woman artists that I saw, She was the most gorgeous and stunning. I love how she acted on stage. 
Angeline Quinto. This lady made us all proud because of her golden voice. She sang 3 high pitched songs and received a standing ovation from the audience. She went down the stage too but went in the other side. 
Maja Salvador. Pretty Maja! She went down the stage too and went running in the direction to where we were. She hugged me as if we were long lost sisters. HAHAHA. I had a picture with her but not in our camera.  
Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria. The endless shouting of the people began when they appeared on stage. I shouted a lot too and again the politicians beside me laughed at me again. I was shouting "SIR CHIEF!" :"> I love his voice too! 
Coco Martin. And finally the long wait is OVER! The loudest screams I heard in my entire life! "COCO MARTIN!!!" OH GOD! He looks younger and 10 times more handsome in person. When he started singing OMYGOSH, I think I lost my voice screaming his name. =))) When Julia Montes appeared again on stage with Coco, Grabe sobra akong kinikilig kahit hanggang ngayon! :))) When they were still on stage I asked my tito if he could accompany me at the backstage. We went there and luckily I was able to see both of them and we were very very close to each other. The only persons in the backstage were Coco and Julia, me, my tito, my brother and a bouncer. I told Coco if I can have a picture with him and he said "YES" but the bouncer didn't allow them. At least I was able to see and talk to both of them. Feels like Heaven :">

What an experience. I want to be in the VIP section again next year with all the politicians sitting beside me and next time I'll bring my own photographer! =)


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