Movie shooting

I didn't expect that my Sunday would be this extra-ordinary. I haven't been to any shooting or tapings before and this is my first time. 

My lola called me this morning and told me to go to our bukid because there's a shooting happening there. When I heard it I didn't know if I would believe  it or not. Shooting? In our bukid? Seriously?! And so we went there and find out what was really happening there. KABOOM! My lola wasn't joking! It's true! There's an Indie Film being shot there. When I went to my tito's resort to watch the shooting I was yelling at my brothers and so I heard someone shouted "Ineng, wag maingay!" so I was like. "Sorry po! v^_^v Nakakahiya ^_^ It was their take 5 na pala. HAHAHA. Sorry po talaga!

I met some artists from ABS-CBN and GMA networks. I had the chance to have a picture with them and of course communicate and be friend with them. 

 with the gorgeous Trina Legaspi. It's so nice to be with her. She's so kind in the set. I still cannot believe it that she was the girl I was watching in the kiddie gag show Goin Bulilit who always acts the nanay role before. She so sexy now! 
 with Eliza Pineda. She's so pretty and small in person. I was shocked when I learned that she was already 17 years old. She's older than me! She looks  so young! 
 with this guy! I think his name is Renz. At first I was so too shy to approach him but after I had a picture with him, gosh! whenever our paths cross he smile and winks at me. hahaha. :"> Catch him at Walang Tulugan every Sunday at 12 am :)

Another unforgettable day for us! :)


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