First Bloggers Photoshoot

Finally, sharing with you the pictures during our FIRST EVER BLOGGERS PHOTOSHOOT.
We actually had 2 different themes for the photoshoot. 
Timeless Black and White. 
One of my favorite shot. What I love about black and white photography is that it emphasizes something that appears lifeless to the naked eye. It tells a graphic story clearly and it's state of being simple and plain connotes a classic fineness like a work of art. The setting and the outfit still made a big impact in this black and white photo. They both complimented with each other resulting to an effortless classy and elegant portrait. 
This is actually a short video I made which documented our photo shoot for the black and white theme. I hope you like it! :) 
Play it in HD for better viewing :) 

Bloggers Theme. I was surprised when I found out that this will be one of the theme for our photoshoot. We were tasked to bring some clothes which will justify our trademark as bloggers in the fashion industry. If you're a reader of my blog maybe you'll know what I brought in the shoot! :)
Personal Style. As a fashion blogger I can describe my style as the preppy, sweet and young one. Pastel and neutral colors will never go out of style and will always be the staple colors in my closet. But of course, I'd like to try out different styles like mix and matching alot of stuffs. It's always the right choice of things that make an outfit look balanced and organized. 

Fashion Inspiration. I do actually have many fashion inspirations when it comes to my looks. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Julia Montes, local bloggers such as Camille CoLaureen Uy and Vern Enciso and international bloggers like Iga Wysocka and Flavia Desgranges van der Linden are my top inspirations and mentors in the fashion industry.  
FIERCE.Though we were used in doing such pose we still had a hard time since we're doing it together and the one who was instructing us was a professional photographer. It was kinda awkward at first but it improved after we were given instructions on how to properly and effectively do the fierce look.
One of the best thing about pictures is that we can make some stories through imagining the scenes portrayed in it. I love it how our photographer captured this as if me and my co-bloggers were starring in a chick flick movie. ;)
This photo is actually one of the BTS pictures. As you can see I was holding a tissue and sweating all out because of the series of shoots that happened. I just love how the picture appeared. Rica's sweetness caught in action! Hahaha. 
This is my favorite photo of the three of us. It was actually a candid shot. I will always be lucky to have them as my blogger besties. I can't imagine what my life could be if I didn't meet them and I didn't discover blogging. Maybe it's kinda boring and nothing will keep me busy. Maybe I won't discover my love for fashion and my love in making long essays. Hahaha ;)  
Till the next photoshoot my loves!

Photos and Make-Up by: Apz Delos Reyes Pasumbal


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