That feeling of excitement you get whenever you think that SCHOOL’S FINALLY OVER and it’s time to WELCOME SUMMER
Who can relate? I know you are especially all the other students there like me! This calls for a celebration. Haha. Final exams are over, Sleepless nights because of studying are over, endless reporting is over, nervous and fright for quizzes in Chem are over, PHILO paper is over, SCHOOL is OVER! Waahhh! Hahaha. 
Okay so much for that! Haha. I think this outfit is the best starter for a Summer post. Do you agree? I actually wore this during my mom's birthday few weeks ago. Since it was celebrated at our bukid I opted to wear something summer appropriate and I came up with this look. But I guess the people's first impression was not what I really expected. It's more of a Chichay look for them! Haha. Any thoughts about this look? 
I'll surely miss my friends who made my second sem a blast! Hahaha. #Justine #Lady #Lourenz #Kurt #AJ #Darrel #Jejomar :D See you on the 5th and 10th.
Top from Forever21, Skirt from Ericka Pampii (gift last Christmas), Necklace from Camille Co-BU5
What are your plans this Summer 2014? I do have many random plans for Summer and I can't wait to share those with you during my next posts! :) I bet you'll be surprised and it'll surely make you laugh. My classmates did! Haha. 

Pictures taken at El Centro Beach Resort.


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  1. I can totally relate to your feelings of happiness now that school is finally over! My sleepless nights are gone and I couldn't be more excited haha <3
    As for your look, I really love it! I think it's very summer-appropriate and the print on your skirt is so beautiful.


  2. Yes Yes Kylie!!! You're so sweet! What are your plans this summer? :) Let's meet in BU7! :)