Unang Hirit, the morning show of GMA network, went to visit and feature one of the most sought after resort in Pagkilatan Batangas City last May 2, 2017. Isola Vista Beach Resort is not just known for its 3 infinity pools but also a home to many water activities in Batangas. :)
Thank you Tito Donn Ramos and Kuya Michael for doing our makeup. :)
Aside from the beautiful view and location of the resort the other things that people could enjoy while staying in Isola Vista are their different activities. Unang Hirit purposely came to Isola Vista to feature their different water activities like the banana boat , flyfish, deck tube, pedal boat and crazy UFO rides. They also offer coral watching valued at Php 150 per head that the guests will surely enjoy.
I was lucky enough to try the different rides of  Isola Vista together with my co talents, yellow batch of Performing Arts Office and the host of the morning show, Hiro Peralta.  
I tried the fly fish for the first time. It doesn't look extreme when you look at it but when you try it, it really fly!!! Be ready because the fly fish will lift up, turn sideways, glide and shake! You have to hold tight on the handles to avoid being thrown away or if you can't manage already you can just let go since you're wearing a life vest for safety purposes. It's valued at 300 pesos per head and it can accommodate 4-6 persons. I highly recommend it! :)

Another ride that is highly recommended is the deck tube ride. For me it's the most extreme ride because you have to be in a prone position while being pulled by the speedboat in the fastest way. It's even thrilling if there are big waves! It's valued at 300 per head and it can accommodate 2 persons each. I assure you it's worth every penny! :)
The most popular ride and most in demand is the banana boat. They have it in two: the 5-seater and the 14-seater. If you want a more thrilling experience I suggest you to go after the 5-seater since it's speedier and it has a higher chance of  over turning! :) The 5-seater is valued at 250 per head while the 14-seater is valued at 200 per head. :)
Lastly is the Crazy UFO ride. This ride is perfect for families who'd like to enjoy the view like just watching a tv show while sitting on a moving, sliding and even jumping sofa. It's relaxing but can be a crazy and wild ride too especially for people who are in for a good time. It can accommodate 5 persons and valued at 250 pesos per head
The resort has many instagramable spots too. Look at this one! Haha! :)

Thank you Isola Vista for a great experience! You can make reservations by calling 0909-320-2324 or 0926-398-8028. You may also visit their facebook page for more details.

 Entrance fee is Php 175 for adults, Php 125 for kids and seniors and Php 100 for PWD. 

Isola Vista Beach Resort
Brgy. Pagkilatan, Batangas City


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  1. It looks like all of you had so much fun!

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  2. Wow. It looks so much fun! I'm jealous. It's getting really hot here in California. I wish I can play in the water soon.


  3. Amazing!

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