St. Bridget College Centennial Celebration Day 1

Everything that happened yesterday was a BLAST! I didn't expect that the first day of our school's Centennial celebration would be that GREAT! I really enjoyed a lot though until now I still experience body ache. Let me tell you what happened through the pictures and videos...

By 6 in the morning I was already in school for the preparation of the Centennial Mass. Our section was at the farthest place from the stage. The good thing about it was that we didn't easily felt the sun's heat during the morning compared to the one's in the front part. There were so alumni priests and nuns who hosted the mass. Aside from them famous alumni appeared and  also attended the mass such as the current politicians of Batangas. Bigatin talaga ang graduates ng SBC. hahaha.
A video I took after the Centennial Mass. All I can say is "WOW!" I really don't know why it has a low quality here :(
Our breath taking opening performance. I really enjoyed our performance especially that we were surrounded by so many people! Thanks to my mom who took some shots while we were performing! She has a very good eye sight! She still spotted me though we were so crowded in the field. I'm so proud that I'm part of the Centennial batch and I started my schooling here. I'm a proud Bridgetine for 12 years already! 
Centennial Groove! I love this dance! <3
My biggest contribution to Faye's life: This pose! lol. Pageant pose, fierce look, what else? :)))
(c) Yram. School buddies!
took this picture while watching the Octopus ride. I really want to try it but I think I will have anxiety disorder after. lol
After we had our lunch, we've decided to try a ride. We picked The Viking. It was a big boat which can accomodate 16 plus persons. I think it was my 5th time to try this because it is my favorite ride whenever we go to Enchanted Kingdom. I tried to be in the farthest seat once in Anchors Away in EK. I will never forget that day because I nearly died of nervous and heart attack! Imagine how big Anchor's Away is compared to the ones in our school! I tried to be in the second farthest seat yesterday with Maycy and Patrice. When the boat started to sway I was already shouting. HAHAHA. When it swayed to it's highest level GOSH! I thought I would die again! That feeling you get when the viking is at it's highest level and you feel like your butt is 5cm away from the seat! GOSH! You feel like you'll fall to the machines under the viking! After 3 years of not riding a viking, I experienced once again the goosebumps brought by this ride. Hope to try this again sometime but not this year. HAHA. 
 Saw this BULAK stand at Bulak Exhibit! SBC's mascot. Fluffy cotton.
I look so happy here! =) Picture taking before the evening program starts. 
 (c) Yram. 

The evening program was started by the speeches and talks done by the invited guest speakers. I was really inspired by the story of Atty. Ferdinand Juan. Aside from him, we were all stunned by the beauty of the other guest speaker who is Bianca Gonzales. She's morena and that's what made her pretty. I love how she speaks and I love her profession too! :) After the speeches and talks the Alumni dancers rocked our night! WOW! They were so professional! The lighting of 100 torches took place during the last part of the program! So beautiful! I'm proud to say that I'm a true blooded Bridgetine! The first day ended after we danced the Centennial Groove. Luceat Lux Vestra! 

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