Bloggers United 5

I can't believe it that I'm really blogging about Bloggers United. It was my first time and I never thought I would make it there. :) 

The 5th installment of Bloggers United just happened last Saturday, June 1 at SMX Convention Center Function Hall 3. 

For those who doesn't know what BU is, Bloggers United is a team dedicated to delivering breakthroughs in the metro’s blogging community. It is an event wherein you can meet your favorite bloggers and buy the items they will be selling whether pre-loved or brand new.
Bloggers Map :) This seriously helped me a lot.
Instgram pictures before I leave for BU. Got our tickets before the event at SM Batangas cinema so that we'll not mind falling in line outside. We went in like VIPs :) 
Some items which I found cute. Nameplates and flower crowns <3
Backstage access! Lol. After roaming around the place I got tired and went at the backstage to sit and took some selfies. :P
A collage of my pictures and my cousins with the bloggers we saw.
Enciso sisters selling at their booth. The sweetest among all.
Some of the popular bloggers who went to sell their items.

Above all those pictures here are my FAVORITES! My solo pictures with the bloggers!!! :)

First picture was with Alyssa Lapid. I saw her heading to Kryz's booth that's why I had the chance to have a picture with her. I also dropped by Cheyser Pedregosa's booth and was able to ace cute accessories plus a picture of us!
First picture was with Ms. Aisa Ipac who was one of the organizers of BU5. While we were walking I accidentally bumped into her and tadaaa, picture! Haha :)) The second picture was with Ms. Lissa Kahayon who happened to be very busy during that time unpackaging some of her stuffs to sell.
First picture with Ms. Bestie Konisis. I've known her for being one of my fans while I was still starting in lookbook. I never thought she would be there in BU5. Second picture was with*ohms* I forgot her name -_- Sorry. I'll just update this when I remember. :)
Dropped by Ms. Dani Baretto's booth. :) To those who doesn't know her she's the sister of Julia Baretto! Omygod, fan girl mode. Haha. Though I doesn't have a picture with Julia at least I have a picture (2x) with her sister. :P 
Together with Dani was her boyfriend, Mikyle Quizon who was selling also some of his stuffs. Opposite Dani and Mikyle's booth was the celebrity blogger Ms. Maggie Wilson. Gosh, she's effin gorgeous!  
Even though I wasn't able to make it in the Candy Style Awards last May 10 I was able to see these 2 candy style stars! :) Ms. Danika Navarro and Ms. Reese Lansangan.
with the gorgeous celebrity blogger Ms. Nicole Andersson. I easily spotted her because of her hair! :)) I love it 'cause she's approachable and really charming. 

with the gorgeous Ms. Verniece Enciso. The first picture was taken at Kryz's booth when she happened to passed by while the second was at her booth after I bought some stuffs. We looked so close at the second picture. Haha. 
Do you know her? :) she's no other than Ms. Vern Enciso. Together with her sister, I saw her passed by at Kryz's booth. I'm felt so lucky!!! She's prettier in person, I swear and she was the sweetest for we even chatted a little after I had a picture with her. I was just confused with her voice and Verniece's because their voices sound similar. Haha. 
Honestly after I got in the function hall the first booth I went to was Kryz Uy's. Luckily I saw her in her booth! She was with her boyfriend who was there to help and support her. So sweet! :"> I didn't have any second thoughts and instantly had a picture with her plus her boyfriend. She's undeniably one of my favorite! 
The last blogger who came and I've waited for so long was Ms. Camille Co. She was cornered by her fans when she came in. I pity her for that. Anyway, she's one of my favorite blogger aside from Vern and Kryz. I never thought she was that humorous in person. Haha. She's so sweet with her fans. Our picture justifies it! I'm happy to meet, see and talk to her. 
Last but not the least and my favorite picture among all, my picture with my fashion icon and favorite blogger, Ms. Laureen Uy! As I was waiting for her and Camille Co at the backstage while taking some selfies, I didn't realized that she passed by our way and headed to her booth. When I went out, her place was already crowded, as in really crowded that a stampede might happen. By that time I felt hopeless to have a picture with her. She went out after a few minutes and again went in. During this time I was able to have a picture with her. Actually I had two. The first one was only taken through iPad (which I used also to take almost all the pictures with the other bloggers) and it's blurry! Laureen asked if the picture was already okay and I said it was blurred. For the second time we had our picture together. This time I used my camera for a better result. I love her for being concerned, thoughtful and approachable. She's not just a top blogger and a celebrity but also an inspiration to many.  

with my cousins plus Ate Kamille at BU5! BU5 was a blast and a memorable one! This was the first blogger event that I attended and hopefully, I'll make it again at BU6. I'm so thankful to my cousins who made everything possible and came with me. I still remembered what Ate Kamille said after BU5, "Shaira tara sa Candy Fair!". Candy Fair on September, Yay! I love it :) I'm looking forward to that event. Good thing I have a nice schedule for my first sem. Did I just said "Sem". I'm a college student alreadyyy! :)
After I got home I opened my twitter and instagram and saw my classmates tweets and comments! I didn't knew that the camera which I accidentally smiled was Laureen's. Spot me in the picture! Hahahappyyy!

Bloggers United was a really nice experience. I've got to interact with the famous bloggers I see in the internet and of course buy some of the stuffs they are selling. 

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did in attending the event. Till next BU! :)


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