Fashion Weekend

Starting this first semester I consider my Friday a weekend already. I've got no classes every Friday that's why I spend half of my day from Monday-Thursday in school. Yes, I know it's tiring because I've got a whole day schedule but in return I've got to enjoy and spend a 3-day weekend though! :) Still fair and nice school sched. :)

Still not late to post this right? Last week I woke up early just like the time when I have classes. We went early to Manila for Mons' check-up. After the check-up we had the site hunting at Filinvest I&II for Ica's major project. I love road trips especially when I'm with my family. It's funny that while we were travelling in Quezon City for Ica's site visit, we spotted Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga on the street for The Voice Philippines. Haha. The place wasn't that crowded yet we didn't mind stopping by. We were in a hurry during that time because the clouds were getting darker and drops of rain were falling already. 

After all the errands I suggested that if we could come and visit SM Megamall. Good thing the people agreed though it was raining so hard and we were caught by a heavy traffic along Edsa. :(

Because it was evening already I was only permitted to go to my chosen boutiques. My cousin and I quickly went to FOREVER21 and MANGO to see and try new stuffs in store. It's good that I have my savings for the first two weeks because at least I've got to buy stuffs for myself again. Zero balance :( Minsan lang to and besides I bought what I really want and need for the longest time. I promise that this shopping thing will be updated again after 3 months! Say no to temptations!!! Say no to shopping???  

If you're a reader of my blog you know that the least apparel that I can likely have in my closet are shoes. I feel hopeless finding the perfect pair because of my American size feet. Don't you just know how lucky I was when I found these pair of Parisian heels that perfectly suits my feet.  I never felt hopeless again. I tried it though I don't have any plan of buying it. OMG! When I finally tried it I felt like a boss and had my mini fashion show in the department store. Haha. 5'8 + 6-inch heels= All eyes on me! I definitely wouldn't like to take off those shoes and just walked 'till my feet hurt. But even if I beg my mom to buy me those heels she won't. Haaayy. Someday!!! I'm gonna save my money or could you just give it to me? ;)

How about you guys. How was your weekend? :)


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