First Week of College


Hi guise! :) I just finished my first week in COLLEGE! :) It's really nice that I've started another journey in my life. I'm really happy that at least I'm starting to study and work for my future profession. As I've experienced in my first week, I realized that College is really far different from High School. College is more MATURE and should be taken SERIOUSLY. But I guess the first week should always begin a little bit FUN just like what I did.

Until now I'm still bothered and thinking about the course I did took. As I've said before this course isn't really my plan at all. I just made up my mind to take this when I was in my 4th year 4th grading. The only things that I know is that my course choice is NO BIG JOKE because it's really expensive, hard to pass (especially when my profs explained us the grading system) and will take 6 years before I graduate. How long is that! But in my first week I guess I can now officially say that I'm starting to love my course choice. I'm starting to love Dentistry. I got excited whenever I think of the good possibilities that can happen after I graduate and pass the board exam. I will put up my own clinic and color it dark blue and pink. Haha! 

When I was attending my classes this week I realized that I'm really lucky I'm a Bridgetine. I am happy that I was handled by great 4th year HS teachers who did their best in preparing us in our college years. I miss them already. :(

Anyway back to the story my first week went fine. I'm happy I was able to be friend with almost all my block mates. They were all easy and fun to be with. I didn't expect that I have block mates who came from far places. Our first and second days were meant for orientations. We met awesome teachers. And again, It made me realize how lucky I was to be oriented by my HS teachers about College life. 

This is what I wore to our first day. I opted for a simple look. It's a must for a first day.

This is what I wore to our second day.

This is what I wore to our third day.

Just to focus on my third day, My third day is the official start of class discussions. Okay so here is the real COLLEGE LIFE. Based on my schedule I'll be spending 2 hours for each minor subjects while 5 hours for my majors for the first semester. Ughh. Well, patience is a virtue, right? I need to cope up with my new environment. I experienced last Thursdaythe most unexpected and least thing that can happen to me. Lol. I know I'm in College already and there are lots of it in here but I didn't expected that in my first week it'll happen to me "agad". Seriously! Anyway, the funniest thing that happened to me took place during our experiment in Physics lab. I don't really need to narrate the whole story here. The best thing was that everyone in the class laughed because of my illusion. :)

These were our looks during our break time. We're free and lookin' happy! HAHA. During our break we usually go to our favorite hang-out place, SHL Library. I've got to update my profiles because I have an access to free wi-fi.
In contrast, this is how we look during our lecture and experiment in Physics lab. We had our own different worlds. Some prefer sleeping, while others prefer chatting and taking selfies. Hahaha. But of course we still participate in our class. We just need to take a break even just for a minute to forget the stress brought about by this straight 5-hour subject. 

I hoped you did enjoy too your first or maybe second week in school! :)


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