Macau: Day 2 Parisian Feels

Paris is not a dream destination for me. It never is, but not until now. 5 years ago Parisian was built and opened in Macau. It instantly became a popular tourist destination because of the Eiffel Tower replica that was built in the middle of Cotai Strip. I’ve seen it during my research before we went there. I didn’t had much expectations because I’ve seen one before when we went to Windows of the World in Shenzhen. When I saw it in actual everything changed. It became my favorite and actually the highlight of my trip. 
Parisian Macau is one of the newest 5-star themed hotel in the country. Napa wow ako in all aspects. The ceiling, the mall inside, the designer shops, the shows, but most especially the tower! The tower is a replica of the Eiffel tower in Paris and its size is only half of the original size of the one in France. I insisted to explore the tower even if its pricey ($120 i think) so we can experience the fullness of Macau in our short trip. The 7th floor is where this shot was taken. It’s where the elevator going to the topmost is located. There were also lovelocks in the area and picture taking spots like the one in the first picture.
Looking at the right is the Studio City. It's one of the newest addition at the Cotai Strip. We weren't able to visit the place due to lack of time but their newest attraction is the Figure of 8 Ferris Wheel! :)
The tower is around 162-meter tall and the view up above is just breath taking. What more kung nasa Paris na ako! When I was at the top I realized how memorable it would be if I would experience being at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s going to be surreal for sure. It’s when I started dreaming of going to Paris with the same group I was with in Macau- with my family, my ninang and ninong and my boyfriend! 
Outfit. I love my outfit for Day 2! It's one of those pieces that I got for Malaysia. Every time I'm going to have my pictures taken I intentionally remove my jacket to emphasize my dress. Tiis ganda lang kahit malamig basta for the blog! Haha! Anyway, I got this white dress from Shein. This dress has a thick material except for the sleeves. It's comfy to wear and very stylish. You can either wear it in a formal occasion by pairing it with heels or dress down and wear sneakers like I did. :) If you're planning to purchase any items from Shein you can use my coupon code 1Qshaira for an added 15% off on orders $60 and above. It's valid from January until March.  
For now, this Parisian feels in Macau has been one of my motivation to study harder and even work harder when I already have my dream job. I’m going to bring my family in Paris soon when I have already the means from being a doctor.

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  1. Wow, it's crazy how they just recreated pieces of Paris! I wasn't expecting that at all. The other building though is actually even better, so impressive! Paris is much better though, it's of course more 'real' here. You can feel the History behind every building. You should definitely visit one day :)

    Julia x
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  2. This is incredible, what a brilliant place. Your photos are gorgeous x

  3. Ang ganda bat hindi ako kasama :)

  4. This is such an insane idea! I love it but I didn't even know that it existed! Those ceilings are gorgeous and I love your outfit.

    Have a great weekend! :)

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  5. The photos says it all, such lovely moment and time with lovely people.

  6. OMG Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world Love the Macau replica so gorgeous xoxo Cris

  7. Amazing replica! Loved this wonderful pictures Shaira, I highly recommend you to visit Paris once in your life, is such a beautiful city and it has a special charm! Have a nice weekend!

  8. Kasaya :)

  9. That is a gorgeous hotel! It looks like Paris itself!