Event 3: Family Dinner

Last Saturday night we had our family dinner which was a celebration for our graduation. But before I go to the  details let me show you first what I ended up wearing. 

In just a day I was able to mixed and match 4 clothes to make a 3 complete outfit. As you can see during the  first event here (which happened during the morning) I wore a skirt and a floral top. During the afternoon I changed my skirt into pants because I cannot commute wearing a skirt. XD And lastly during our family dinner I wore again the skirt that I've used during my bro's graduation and paired it with an abstract summer top. That was the first time I used my round sunnies. That was only my 2nd pair because I don't usually wear one. I edited the pictures to make it more of a summer look. I can say that SUMMER had just started. Ang init na po. Superrr. And I can't bear it.  

Top: Borrowed from Mons :)
Skirt: From Singapore
Bag: Grad gift from Lola
Sunnies: Charlie 

Last Saturday night we had our family dinner (including my grandparents and tito&titas) at Tree House  Restaurant for my brother and I's graduation celebration. That was my first time in that place and I can say that it's really cozy and pretty. The foods were delicious and I highly recommend you that place if you want to have your family or barkada outings. 

Didn't chose our foods here. We chose our foods from the menu itself. :)
Ohhh lala. My favorite among all the foods served. :">

I really love that day. Though I experienced a very hectic schedule (woke up at 4:30 am and arrived home at 11:00 pm) I'm still very thankful that I had accomplished so many things. I now know on what it feels like to work like a real busy blogger even just for once. :) 


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