Shopping Weekend

Last Saturday and Sunday we went to Manila to have our shopping for the upcoming events this March. My mom, Ate Rica, Ninang Kriset and I first went to Makati at around 8 already in the evening. The only place where we've roamed around was in Forever21. Seriously, it was already closing time and I still haven't decided what to buy. ^_^ I need to be wise enough in buying clothes since I only have limited money. I've tried many dresses but this very simple black bodycon knee length dress got my attention. I swear it's very simple that you'll never think I would wear something like that for Parent's Night. Anyway we were instructed to wear any smart casual attire if ever we'll be changing clothes after the performances. I bought it because I think it's classy. I also bought some accessories in F21 to complete my look. The only problem is that I still don't have shoes :( I really have a hard time looking for one. :"((( I think the only shoe stores that will solve my problem are Payless and Parisian Plus. I can be a model of Parisian Plus since almost all my shoes were bought there. Hahaha.

After our F21 shopping we've headed to The Fort where Mercato is located to have our late dinner. It was like a bazaar of foods which opens at 11 pm. Seriously, this was the first time I'd went to a place like this and all I can say is "WOW, FOOD FLOOD". "HEAVENNN!" I wasn't able to decide at once what foods to eat because there were so many choices. We were like having our midnight picnic while watching a football practice. We've arrived home at 1 am already. It was really a FUN day for me. Piggin' out after that day. 

Before sleeping I remembered my classmate's text message wherein I need to take a picture of myself 20 years from now. Deadline was the day after, 10 am. Omygosh. How will I be able to take a picture of myself as a dentist if I don't have any costume? I have a lab gown but I don't have it with me. What I did was that I  got some clothes from my Ninang's closet and mix & match some clothes. They said I looked like a business woman in my attire but then think of it as a dentist's casual attire, okay?! :)))

The next day we spent the whole day at Robinsons Place Manila. We were also able to find great clothes for the other events. There was this event for cosplayers. I enjoyed watching their looks and how passionate they are in portraying their favorite characters. I like their wigs also. :> 
Treated mom at her favorite fast food chain when she was in her college years. Reminiscing. :)

I hope you did have a great weekend my dear readers! Till my next blog post :)


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