Happy 45th Birthday to the BEST MOM!

I wasn't able to prepare accordingly before my mom's birthday. All that happened during my mom's day was on the spot :) I'm really fond of surprises and I thought of surprising my mom on her birthday. Her real plan was not to celebrate her birthday anymore since we were not complete for that day because she has a work, I was in school the whole afternoon and my brothers were in the mall with their friends. I cannot agree that the day would pass just like an ordinary Saturday. NO WAY! It's her 45th Birthday! Good thing we were dismissed in school earlier than the expected time. I rushed and went to Red Ribbon to buy 2 cakes; one from my brothers and one from me. I arrived at home at around 4 pm and the good thing was that my brothers were already there and my mom was still at work. We had the time to prepare for the setting and everything we needed. I asked my brothers help to move the chairs in one corner and help me transfer the dinner table beside the piano. I looked for a nice table cloth and at the same time reused my Sweet 16th birthday banner. I prepared the table (set the foods & put some decorations) and brought out the additional things that I bought like party poppers and colorful masks. My mother had just arrived on time when everything's in order. She brought with her foods from Red Ribbon also. She was really surprised on what she saw. I saw in her eyes that she was really happy about what we did. 

The birthday girl. Looks like in her teenage years. hehehe :)))
My sexy tita :))) 

Tenennn... 0 savings :( :))) It's okay if I need to save money again. What matters is I was able to make everyone happy especially my mom.


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