A Week of Celebration

First Birthday Celebrant: My cutie patootie cousin Nathan. His party started at 1:00 but still we were late and went at 2:00 pm because I have a busy mom. Though I'm already in my teenage years I still enjoyed the kiddie party. I have lots of pictures with Jollibee but I just can't post it all here. Haha. A separate outfit post here: Pastels and Prints  

April 31 was just another day of planning and preparing for Ica's Debut.
May 1 was an extra special day with my co-bloggers, Rica and Patrice. Here's a post about our raid- Closet Raid at Rica's

Second Birthday celebrant: My kuya Aerolle. A simple family dinner with some relatives was held then proceeded at mall after. I still don't have any gift for him. Anyway I know what he wants and I'll just buy it if I already have the money. All my savings were now gone because of the Super Sale this May 3-5. I'm really happy with what I bought. No regrets. Haha ;) I love seeing the word SALE! <3
Third Birthday celebrant: My big sister Ate Monique. And because that day was the first day of SM's Super Sale I stayed there for 6 hours. From 3 pm 'til the closing time I was there with my brothers! On the first day of Sale my budget was broke already. I am more of a Sale Shopper! Hihihi. We celebrated Mon's birthday and had our dinner at Kenny Rogers and Yellow Cab with the whole fam plus some relatives.  
Fourth Birthday celebrant: My young looking Lola Moning! :) My day started when my cousin and I went at SM for the 2nd day of Sale. I went with her because she'll be buying something for her debut ;) I got broke again 'cause this dress caught my eye and it just screams "BUY ME". While we were at the Department Store I saw my HS classmate and close friend Lorenze. We had some chit chat and he told me I looked sexier now. Hahahaha. I'm flattered as always! Thanks! While there were still many upcoming events that will happen this May I took advantage of the Sale and bought gifts for the birthday celebrants and of course my mom and tita for Mother's Day. I'm really thoughtful when it comes to giving presents to the persons who are super close to my heart. <3 

We had our dinner with the whole fam plus some relatives again at Prince's Cafe and Restaurant in celebration of my lola's 71st birthday. The birthday celebrant requested me to sing for her and I just can't say  no. :) 
'Le foods during the celebrations. I really don't know why Lorenze told me I looked sexier if I was able to eat all these foods for the whole week. 

I'm now off to an important yet super exciting event. Wish me luck guys! 'Tis my first time! 
Happy Sunday everyone!


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