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I spent my Tuesday and Wednesday at our bukid where my grand parents from my mother side live.

It has been a routine for us to go to my father's place every fiesta. We spent the whole day there eating and watching celebrities. During the day before the fiesta there's this pageant called Mutya ng Solidbaybay wherein contestants from each barangay along the Solidbaybay compete. After every round of the competition there comes a special number. The celebrity guest who was invited to perform was Neil Coleta. He's more handsome now than the last time I saw him last January during the Batangas City fiesta.

It was really hot the whole afternoon during the fiesta itself 'cause there were so many people plus there's no electric current. I had the chance to watch the basketball game of the celebrities versus the residents of Ilijan. Derek Ramsay was one of the players and he even made my afternoon hotter! He left early because he still have a show in Tagaytay. I didn't finished the game 'cause it's really hot and crowded. I went straight to my tita's place and found out that right after the game the celebrities will be having their merienda there. Lucky me. ;)
12- Carlos Agassi; 4-Andrew Schimmer; 11-Derek Ramsey ;)
These people I'm with had been a part of the showbiz industry before. I don't know if they still do today.   Maybe they had been popular then but I didn't had the chance to watch them because they weren't included in my generation. =))) Left: Andrew Schimmer. I've searched a little bg about him and just knew that he was an indie film actor and a sexy actor. Kfine. Hahaha. He looks really wasted in the picture so as me.  Middle: I don't know him seriously. Mehehe. Sorry :( Right: Mike Magat. I've searched about him too and knew that he was a sexy actor then but now he's focused in his career as a band singer. 

Do you recognize their faces? If yes then we belong in the same generation. :))) These people above had been part of my daily routine as I see them act in some of the tv shows I watch. Left: Carlos Agassi. I was always afraid of him every time he acts on tv 'cause he's always a villain in tv shows. He's not as bad as I thought because he's approachable and funny. He even asked my tita if he can take home some watermelons  and mangoes. ;) Middle: Eric Fructuoso. I guess he looks familiar to you as you catch a glimpse of him in the prime time bida serye "Apoy sa Dagat" every evening in Channel 2. Right: Wendell Ramos. I watched him accidentally once in TV5 show "Kidlat" which was also starred by Derek Ramsey when my grand parents changed the channel just to watch Willie Revillame's show. Hahaha. I never thought I would see him in person accidentally too. He's approachable and talkative too 'cause he had a convo with me and my tita too. 

While I was eating with the celebrities I was beside this woman and at that moment I was thinking if she's one of them or not. Her face was somewhat familiar and was pretty enough to prove that she's an artist too. My tita appeared and said "Shaira, pahiram ng camera mo. Pipicturan ko kayo ng magandang babaeg katabi mo". And so I smiled and thanked her. After the celebrities left I asked my tita who she was and said the girl beside me was one of the Sexbomb dancers, Jacky Rivas. She was there because her husband was one of the celebrity players (I don't know who) and she was 6 months pregnant. Still pretty! 

During the night there were still many shows. We had the access to the back stage like VIPs because my mom's friend is the director of the whole event in the fiesta. There were gay comedians from the comedy bars, there's also this family acrobatic group from PGT who made our night really mind blowing, magicians, bands and many more.

The sexy Showtime dancers and the gay comedians from the comedy bar. I'm sure you know why I put a comic sticker there. Hahaha. 
At the stage itself while watching the Family Aerial Acrobats :) Look how many people watched the event! 
The most awaited guest for the night was the gorgeous Cristine Reyes. Her look in personal isn't different on tv. She sang 2 songs only then left the place.

I really enjoyed the 2-day event! I felt lucky enough to see and interact with famous people again.


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