Arlyssa Rica turned 18


The most awaited day has come. The 18th Birthday of my cousin, Ate Rica, took place last May 12 at La Corazon Resort at Dumuclay Batangas. It started at around 6 pm already and ended at 10 in the evening.

While the venue was being set-up...
Birthday cake from the caterer itself
The blessing of the foods. Bustillo family with the my brother, the escort.
A close up picture with my youngest and cutest cousin, Nathan. 
18 Roses. I'm glad I've met Ica's High School friends from Dubai and College friends from MAPUA. 
18 Candles and Wishes
I'm included in the 18 presents! :) The MC made a twist. Instead of giving Ica a birthday wish I sang a one line song of "Oppa Gangnam Style" instead. I'm feeling sexy here. Hihihi
18 Presents
My gift for Ica. Animal print hat. The first time I saw this hat I instantly fell inlove with it. I thought of buying it for myslf but instead I bought it as a gift for my cousin. I'm really planning to give her something feather-yyy because she obviously like those. She even borrows almost all my feather accessories. Hahaha. I thought of giving her a hat because next to feathers I remember her through wearing hats. Whenever we're in the mall and she saw a hat she wore it with confidence all over the place but doesn't have any plan of buying it. Hahaha. And so I gave her one. I think she liked my gift. I love you Ica! :)
Sisterets. Childhood frenemies. Fashion lovers. I love you to infinity and beyond.
With Ericka :)
Better late than never, I want to greet a Happy Mother's Day to my mom, lola and titas! :) Happy Mother's Day too to all the mothers out there! 

I'm really happy Ica's debut was a success. After all our hardworks in arranging this debut (from the pictorial which I served as her proud stylist, the all around venue and caterer hunting, arrangement of the 18 thingyy programs, rush invitations and the souvenirs) for less than 3 weeks it went fun, crazy, and a memorable one for the debutante herself, the family, and friends.

Attending and of course arranging a debut like this made me want more to have my own debut in the future( next year). Arranging the whole debut is the busiest part yet the  the most fulfilling one. It's the time where everyone becomes excited. 

PS. I'm so sorry if I am 4 days absent in blogging. I missed it! :) Anyway, I have lots of stories to tell you though! Keep in touch! Thanks for reading!


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