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In case you're a reader of my blog you'll know that I published a hanging post during my Shenzhen tour last April. I told there that I want to make it extra special and post it during the remaining last weeks of summer. And as promised here it is! :)

Last April during our Shenzhen tour we visited a tourist spot named "Window of the World". It is an amusement park which showcases the different tourist spots all over the globe. This spot was undeniably one of my favorite! Because it was too big (bigger than Disneyland, i think?) we weren't able to go to the other side because we were given a limited time only. The bus might leave us! Anyway, every place and time was worth it. I love it how Window of the World made me feel as if I was able to go to the countries I wished I was right now!

An outfit photo first before anything else :)

Before I went to Hong Kong and Shenzhen I checked first what the weather would be like for those couple of days. I just found out that lowest temperature that it can reach during the day of Spring is approximately 20 degrees Celsius while 15 degrees Celsius during the night. I told myself that one of the most essential piece that I need to bring during our trip are tights! I have no tights in my closet since I don't buy one. Anyway I wouldn't be able to use those herein the Philippines. Those are only suitable for cold temperatures which will make one feel warmer and comfortable. Before we leave for Hong Kong Ate Mons, my cousin, sent me this black tights as her graduation gift. Lucky me! 

Look at the scarf! I used it right after I bought it. It is just irresistable! ;) Like what I've said before this scarf is magical! It can be transformed into many styles that I want. It is not just a plain scarf because it can be turned into a dress, sweater, or anything that I want as long as the scarf can handle it. Of course I don't want to pressure it. 

So let's start the tour. Let me be you tourist guide for today's blog :)
So where do you think I am? I'm still at the entrance. Lol. I just love the columns which made me feel like I was in Greece or in any ancient time.
Everyone's favorite and my favorite! The Eiffel Tower. Who says I won't make it to the Eiffel? Hahaha. Kidding! I was really amazed when I saw this standing so tall at the middle of the park. I felt like I was really in Paris. Of course I need to take so many shots so that I can freely choose what I like. The Eiffel has elevators to take us to the peak but we didn't managed to fall in line since we only have a limited time to roam around the place.

Roman Holiday Plaza

Arc de triomphe Paris. This spot is one of my favorite. In fact I took some of my outfit shots there. I love its vintage yet classy look. Very unique.
Don't you just love the view? It was really refreshing there. SPRING! :)
Cologne Cathedral, Germany. 
Miniature version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy :)
Wew. I missed this. How I wish I could be back there again. So colorful.
Windmill Country
Country of the World Flowers, Netherlands. 
I was the only brave one in our group who had my picture taken standing here. I was almost got caught by the guard. Hahaha. Living young and free! :P
A place somewhere in Paris.
London's telephone booth. Thisss! I still have a good eyesight because I spotted this! One of London's trade mark. I wasn't able to have a picture with the London Bridge and Big Ben because the places were crowded. We don't have enough time to fall in line.
Sydney Opera House, Australia
Look at mom! She's like an astronaut floating! 
Sphinx and Urquiza Pyramids, Egypt. Is there a thing called Spring in Egypt? :)
Guess who I'm with. I don't know either. Hahaha.
Abu Burrough Temple
Japanese Garden
Monorails all around Shenzhen
Louvre Museum like. Window of the World experience was really worth it!
And for the last stop before I proceeded to the bus, I took a pose outside America Wind Street showcasing San Francisco's town houses! 

These were just 5% of all the photos I've taken during our tour in Window of the World. When will my next trip take me? Let's just find out. ;) 


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