Closet Raid at Rica's

Finally! Yes, finally I am now blogging my first ever closet raid experience. I'm with my not-just-former classmates but I'm with my fashion besties. After planning this closet raid since December finally we were able to do it. Hahaha. Hindi kasi mag match ang schedules namin. Thank you Rica for hosting the first closet raid.

What I really love about the experience was that we were able to have our photoshoot ( which was my long time wish) and I'm happy that my first group photoshoot happened with them. It's really good that I belong to this circle of friends where we won't get tired of talking about fashion stuffs and the like. Ang saya lang. Kahit buong araw siguro kami mag-usap about fashion related topics hindi pa rin kami mauubusan ng pag-uusapan sa sunod na araw. That's what I loved about them. We have the same passion. We dream of following the foot steps of the famous fashion bloggers.

Our look before the raid. 

First outfit change: Actually we don't have a theme for our outfits here. Kung ano yung unang makita, GO! :))
More of a SUMMER look. 

Second outfit change: Now we had set a theme for these looks. Go Green theme.
Don't you just love our looks here! Braver, Bolder and FIERCER!
My favorite among all the outfit shots! 

Third outfit change: Candy style awards inspired "Prom Pretty" attire.
My lb sisters went crazy after this shot. They said "Ang gandaaa promise"
At dahil naubusan na ako ng pose...Patrice&Rica: "Tingin sa shoes".

Last outfit change: Denim
Our last group picture for the day. We're true blue Candy Girls. We can't wait to be featured in the Candy Magazine!

Thank God Rica and I have almost the same body size. I repeat, ALMOST! Hahaha. I fear that Rica's clothes might not fit me. Good thing she has lose tops, bodycon skirt and a stretchable dress that saved me! I also want to acknowledge her universal 5 inch heels which the three of us used.

Next raid will be at Patrice's and I'm excited for it! ;)


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