Last Day in Shenzhen and Hong Kong

During the morning we have all the time to shop for pasalubongs in Shenzhen, China. We went to a shopping place ( I don't know the name :( ) and I guess that's the most famous there because even though it's still early many Chinese and tourists flock there to shop and dine. The place is really meant for shoppers that's why I belong there. The place offers different clothes which are "in" right now. I love how the place looks because it looks like as if we were in Times Square, New York during that time. How I wish I could go there.

While the oldies were having their shopping we joined the crowd in playing the fruit slicer game. HAHAHA. We were all entertained. I hope there's something like this in the Philippines. It's really cute. ;) Spot ME!

After the shopping we went back to the hotel to pack-up our things. We had our mini pictorial first before we leave the hotel.

Mama with cousins
at the hotel's lobby. Thanks Green Tree Hotel :)

We took a bus in going to HK airport but before that we first went to the HK immigration. We arrived at the airport at around 4 pm. I took my outfit shots too in HK International Airport. Credits to my fashion sis&cousin Mimi for taking my outfit pictures.

How did we survived our 8 hours stay in the airport? Well, we did enjoyed lots of things. 

1. Posing beside foreigners. HAHAHA. Eto talaga. Super nakakaloka kami nina Mimi at Mama. Photobomb level 100001. I cannot post all the pictures here. Sobrang dami po :)))

2. EAT! :D
Blueberry and Banana muffins for dinner.

3. Take pictures and roam around.
So there's a shooting happening. I hope I was captured and featured in Hong Kong tvs. HAHAHA =))

After we were checked-in picture taking wasn't still over! I saw this sign and didn't have second thoughts in posing and taking picture in it.

The pictures say it all. Thank you so much Hong Kong. I love you. I will definitely go back there if I have again my savings.


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