Summer turned Spring Break: Hong Kong Day 1

As what I've said in my previous blog post I wore two completely different outfits for that day. During the afternoon I never thought of changing my outfit until our first tour guide told us that the clothes we were wearing aren't enough to make us warm and comfy when we go to the Sky Terrace because it was around 15 degrees there. The good thing was that I brought some extra clothes. The top that I used was very suitable for that kind of weather. Though I didn't wore jacket, I felt warm and at the same time cozy because of its long sleeves. I also wore shorts but wait! I can’t only wear shorts that time because like what I’ve said, it’s freezing cold. I wore tights with it. YES! I was inspired by the Enciso sisters to wear tights. HAHA =))) If scarf was a food during that time, it will always be the main dish. Thanks to my umpi who gave me this as her grad gift. Lastly, I wore my sneakers which made it easy for me to roam around and take good pictures.

Top: Freeway c/o Robinsons Manila
Shorts: Philosophy 
Tights: SM Department Store
Scarf: SM Department Store
Shoes: Keds

Upon arriving at Hong Kong International Airport we were welcomed by our first tourist guide. Knowing that we don't have any scheduled tour for that day, the tourist guide offered us some optional trips that we can avail for that day. We availed the most famous and best buy tour which was "The Peak" tour. It includes 4 itineraries which I will tell you later. The good thing about availing the tour was that we don't need to fall in line because after we arrived there the train was already waiting for us and we rode like VIPs. 

First itinerary include the "Peak Tram ride". Our ride was very worth it. To give you a little information the Peak Tram served millions of people for over 120 years already that's why it is known to be the oldest means of transportation in HK. (learned this from our tour guide =)) The ride gave us goosebumps especially when we sight see that the building were getting smaller and smaller. OMYGOD! This is it! We're at the top! 

When we reached The Peak Tower our tour guide gave us the tickets for our second tourist destination, Madame Tussauds. This was my favorite of all! I was able to see and meet famous personalities that I never thought I would do. My favorite was Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga and every fashion blogger's icon, Audrey Hepburn. 

 with Cecilia Cheung. Pretty lass.
 with Uncle Bruce Lee
 with Sandra Ng :)
 with Angelina Jolie. Stunning Beauty!
 with the Kung Fu star, Michelle Yeoh
 with Kate Middleton :"> Pretty!
 And finally! The long wait is over! I saw him!!! He's more than enough! ROBERT PATTINSON!
 with Li Bingbing. Stunning! 
 with Audrey Hepburn. You'll always be my favorite fashion icon.
 Marilyn Monroe seemed so happy here. So classy.
  I remembered when my classmate wrote in my notebook during our retreat. "If I was a celebrity who would I be?" He said "You'll definitely be Yao Ming because of your height!" OKAY! I didn't waste any chance to have a picture with him. He's really TALL!
 with the famous Madonna :)
 Lady Gaga you're the reason why I'm really happy that night! HAHAHA :)))
with Beatles! Ate Kamille :P

After the Madamme Tussauds we went to the Sky Terrace. What a view! I hope my everyday view would be like that.What I love about the Sky Terrace was not only the view of the city lights in the evening but also the cold temperature. The Hong Kong buildings and island became a miniature because we were at the highest point in Hong Kong. I'm really thankful to our tourist guide for reminding us what to wear. It was around 15 degrees when we went there and it's really cold. 

The last but not the least destination that we went was the famous LADIES MARKET located in Mong Kok which opens at 9 pm and closes at 2 am. If you're a shopaholic then this is the BEST place for you. You can find cheap clothes as well as branded clothes in this place. I had a great time here because I was able to buy something for myself. I was able to buy this "thing" that I can't find a suitable size in the Philippines. Yey! :)

Our first day ended here. In my 3 days stay in HK this was definitely the most memorable for me. We went back to the hotel at around 12 am already. =))) I still had a mini pictorial with my cousins/ roommates because the view from our hotel was just breath taking and a good spot for pictorials. Maybe I'll post those pictures someday here on my blog. Anyway, those pictures were only for FUN. HAHAHA. I really love my cousins. :)


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