Last April 10 was definitely a long and tiring day for me. I woke up early because I took the entrance exam in LPU Batangas. The exam was not that hard that's why I found it easy to ace it! :) That day was also the start of enrollment for incoming freshmen students. My mom said that since we're already there why not I get enrolled right after. I was thinking during that time na "Gora na ang Dentistry. Keri naman ang 6 years ano? :(((. Give-up na ang Med-Tech?". Okay. I'll go for it! I know that after these years doctor na din ako sa wakas! Yes! =))) Sarap ng feeling. We went to the College of Dentistry office and was entertained by the Dean's secretary. I was curious then and asked her kung ilan ang graduates na Dentistry students this year. She said "5". OhmyGod! 5? I was alarmed. By that time nag fifill-up na ako ng forms. Wala ng bawian 'to. Okay, 5. Siguro naman after six years kasama ako sa gagraduates, diba? I know I can do this! I also asked her kung ilan na kaming naka enroll na Dentistry students. She said I was the 11th. OmyGod for the second time. WHAT?! and I asked her again, "Ilan po ang taga- SBC?" She said "Ikaw pa lang". For real?! I really need to adjust to the new environment. Good thing I already have one friend and also my classmate named Justine who's also a Dentistry student. Hayy, buti na lang. :) I guess Dentistry students will make it a group of 30 plus students, hopefully. :) Cross your fingers with me? 

After the enrollment we went to Mons' Dedication day. It was like Parents' Night plus Awards Night. I was inspired by the speeches of the Cum Laude graduates and Top-notchers of the CAMP ( College of Allied Medical Professions). Standing ovation for them. I was inspired to get a title when I graduate in College but I know it is not easy and will never be easy for a Dentistry student.
with one of my close friends, Yram. I saw her during the enrollment. Though she'll take up the course Medical Laboratory Science we'll still manage to bond together because we were enrolled in the same school.
I borrowed this sash from my cousin who just graduated as a Medical laboratory scientist earlier. I thought before that this will be my future. Since I was a kid whenever someone asks me what I want when I grow up
I'll tell them I want to be a DOCTOR someday. Why? Because I want to cure my own sickness. Even when I was in my third year HS, I already planned that when I go to college I'll take up Medical Laboratory Science as my pre-med course. When I was in 4th year, everything changed. Everyone influenced me especially my relatives. I have a tita who's a dentist. She told me to take up the course Dentistry because none of her 3 children took it and nobody will replace her. I was like, huh? You're giving me your job? I realized after that conversation that "why not grab the opportunity? It's a blessing!" My mom told me that it's a good sign and chance. I told myself that I guess I should grab it! Though I won't be the doctor I thought I would be, at least I will be a doctor I deserve to be. I should grab it and be thankful for God has given me a choice that I would never regret for He has better plans for me.
with the real owner of the sash and title, Ate Monique. Congrats! :)


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