I do believe in a MAGICAL place.

Finally I've got the time now to blog this. EVERYONE's favorite whether you're young or feeling young :))) our last but not the least tour for the second day, DISNEYLAND! I really enjoyed our whole Disneyland tour but the only thing that I hate about that day was that, it rained :( At kung bakit naman noong nasa Disneyland pa. Pwede namang noong nasa Jewelry store na lang. =))) Anyway, I already knew that it will rain because I checked the weather forecast before we leave the hotel. Going back, we first headed to the Main station to ride the Disney train. We were able to roam around the whole park for just 15 minutes, I think? :) Of course we cannot just wait for the rain to stop! What we did was that be bought a Disneyland raincoat. =) Hehe. Elementray days. Feels so young. 

The first ride that we tried was the boat ride in the Small World. Though the line was really long, the boat ride was worth the wait. It was really meant for young people. I love the dolls inside.
Tenen! Look how magical their kingdom is! I really enjoyed sight seeing and taking pictures all the views inside. Just like what Vern said, this ride "totally brought out again the 7 year old kid in me". Though I am already in my teenage year, I was still amazed of all the dolls inside. It made me want to collect again barbies and dolls. =)))

After that we went to the Toy Story Land. My cousins rode the Parachute Drop. I didn't go with them because I was afraid. HAHAHA :)))  Instead I had my picture taking in the Toy Story Land with my mom as the photographer. That was the time that the rain finally stopped. YES! :D Raincoat removed! :) I saw Woody but the line was too long to have a picture with him :( 
Mom didn't included the Y. Instead of "ANDY" it turned out to be "AND" :( "AND--Y"
Notice the little kid wearing a red Chinese costume. She's really cute! :) 

Next stop was the Fantasy Land :) This time I spotted again another Disney character but the line was too long to have a picture with her :( Anyway the good thing was that though I wasn't able to be near her I had the chance to have our picture. =)))
Tenen! It's Tinker Bell! :) She's petite and pretty! I love how she poses in pictures. 
Welcome to my castle! :) How I wish I could be a real princess even just for a day. 

Our next stop was at Tomorrow Land! :) I was able to ride a kiddie ride here with my cousins. Nakakahiya nga kasi nga the rides were intended for kids only. While we were in the line many people were looking at us because we're already teenagers and we still want to ride that kind of ride. Hihihi. The best part of it was that I still screamed though the ride wasn't scary at all. You know me. I'm fond of screaming! lol
I look so small here. :3
While we were in the line. Look at those parents with their kids. Look at us! A group of 4 teenagers who were so excited to try this ride. HAHAHA :)))
Look how HAPPY I was during that time. HAHAHA :))) 
Imitating Lightning Buzz's pose. Did I do it right? :))

After our Tomorrow Land adventure we headed to the Main Street Station. It was already evening during that time. The Main Street Station by then was filled with lights. The place was so pretty.

I was able to buy souvenirs for myself and for my brothers at the Main Street souvenir shop. I guess that's the biggest souvenir shop in Disneyland.

When I saw this man holding the balloons I asked him if I could take a picture with it. Good thing he agreed. And YES! I remembered my favorite fashion bloggers who went to Hong Kong Disneyland. They all have a picture with these balloons. HAHAHA :))) 

My mom, tito and tita (in short the oldies) don't want to watch the fireworks display because they were too tired the whole day. They want to rest in the tour bus outside Disneyland and there's still a 2-hour wait before the fireworks display. My cousins and I complained and argued with them! That's my most awaited part and we'll just be leaving like that? IT's a HELL NO! Good thing there are vacant seats in the park wherein the oldies can seat. While waiting for the fireworks display, I together with my cousins headed to the bakery and pastry area to buy some foods for us and for the oldies. HAHA :)))

While waiting our group was divided into two. Ica's group went again to the souvenir shop for more shopping of pasalubongs while my group (with Kuya Inan and Mimi) had our picture taking again and again plus rode the last tour of the Disney train. =) We went also to the different museums in Disneyland. I guess my group didn't felt bored at all while waiting for the fireworks display :)

And finally the long wait is over! The "DISNEY in the STARS" was so magical. The whole thing was so sweet, fantastic and jaw dropping.  I will never forget the most magical night of my life. Thank you Disney land for making me realize that nothing can ever replace the BEST memories of my CHILDHOOD. 
I hope I can go back here soon. :"> 


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