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A super late post of my Holy Week 2013. I guess it is better to post this late than never, right?
I usually spend our Holy Week with the whole family including our relatives at my grand parents place. We sleep there for a day or two to have some family bonding and of course a time of meditation and reflection together.

Just a simple thought and realization:

Ang ganda pala talaga sa bukid namin. =))) I remembered before when I was a kid, I usually spend my whole summer in our bukid. It is where I experienced the simplest life when all I need to think is when will I swim, or when will I play or even when will I hike with my cousins. Naabutan ko pa yung time na the only means of transportation from the city to our bukid was a boat. It takes us 2 hours to reach the city from our bukid. I also remembered those times when the whole barrio doesn't have electric current nor lights. It's really hard especially at night.
As time passes by our place was being discovered and industrialized. Many people whether local or foreigners buy lots in our barrio. The biggest attraction that was built in our place was Monte Maria. It is where Fr. Suarez usually go to have his healing masses every Sundays. But Monte Maria was transferred now in Tagaytay. Beaches and resorts have dominate the place too. In fact my grandparents are living beside my tito/lolo's resort. There were many beautiful resorts in our place which until now has been continuing to develop and one of which is my Tito Danny's Kamantigue Resort.

Tingloy. I just love the view at the Monte Maria building rooftop. 
Look at my hair :) Thank you sun for making me experience this colored hair thing which my mom doesn't want me to have :(
Relatives and siblings! Look at them as they search and catch seashells and jellyfishes. 
Sheep by the beach. 

I guess I'm lucky enough to spend most of my summer days relaxing by the beach and watching the sun rise and sun set not far from home.

How was your summer? So far so good? :)


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