Third Day in Shenzhen, China

Last April 3  we woke up really early for our Shenzhen, China trip. Have you been to that place? :) We took a train in going there and it took us only 45 minutes to arrive from HK terminal to Shenzhen terminal. If in Hong Kong you can still see a mixture of different tourists, in Shenzhen you will definitely see all Chinese faces. Wow! I told myself during that time that we really need to adjust in the environment even just for a day. All of the people speak mandarin and we cannot understand each other. :( Good thing we have a Chinese tourist guide who speaks in English but we also had a hard time understanding his English. HAHAHA :)) 

He gave us a city tour first and brought us to the different museums etc in Shenzhen. My favorite stop was at the silk museum where I've got to buy this statement "scarf" which I can only find in Shenzhen. At first I saw this scarf as an ordinary scarf worn by the manikin until this Chinese girl asked me to try and model the scarf infront of the other tourists. I was really amazed on how this scarf works. It's really comfy and  you can style in any styles you want. I didn't have any second thoughts in buying one. 

After that we had a lunch at a Chinese restaurant (sorry i don't know the name) where we were offered different Chinese foods. What I loved about it was that there's RICE. 

After that we went outside to have our picture taking at park beside. I love the environment. It's really clean and different. Good thing it's SPRING there and I totally loved the weather.

mono rail in Shenzhen

During the afternoon we had our tour around the world. I really want to emphasize that tour because it's one of a kind and extra special. I'll make a new post for it maybe on the last week of Summer. Moving on, after that tour we headed to the hotel named Green Tree Inn. The room is more bigger and more beautiful but still I felt more comfortable and "at home" in Rambler Garden Hotel in Hong Kong. During the evening we walked and went to the stores and malls near the hotel. Oh Gosh! It's really cold. Colder than we were in Hong Kong. I think it's 16 degrees by then. If only I could bring the weather in China as pasalubong here in the Philippines, I would really do. 

Thanks again guise for reading! Have a Blessed Sunday everyone! :) 


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